Sponsor a Cat

Sponsor a Cat

Want to make a BIG difference for a cat, but you just can’t adopt right now?  Become a sponsor!  We really need sponsors for our special needs kitties, and they would love to know someone cares about them even if they are still waiting for their forever home.  Check out these wonderful and so deserving special needs furry felines:

Garfield:  This boy came to us from the shelter in very bad shape, but he’s doing wonderful!  He has a heart murmur and is diabetic, and his expenses include insulin, regular vet checks for BG regulation, and special food.  His expenses are around $80 a month.

Darby:  You wouldn’t even know she was a special needs girl except for the one tablet a day she must take, and the yearly blood work.  Darby has epilepsy, but it is controlled with one tablet a day of phenobarbital.  Once a year, she needs blood work to be sure her liver is tolerating the medication, but she has had no trouble at all.  Her expenses are about $25 a month.

And then we have our Sanctuary Cats.  These are cats that we have pulled from shelters, and for whatever reason, they are not adoptable.  But because we make a lifetime commitment to them, they will continue to be loved and cared for – by their fosters.  When we pull a cat or kitten, we never know what the issues are, but once we have them, they are safe.  But, they need sponsors!  Consider:

Twyla:  Twyla is a gorgeous Siamese girl that we got as a 2 week old kitten.  She was adopted but returned because she is unable to control her bowels.  After years of tests and vet visits, her foster mom has her on a special diet that requires several expensive ingredients.  She is still not 100%, but she is doing much better, and we will continue to try to make sure she is healthy and happy.  Her expenses are about $40 a month.

Bigger Tigger:  This big, sweet boy was pulled from a shelter years ago.  He is declawed in front, and Tigger is not great with the litter box.  He is also diabetic, has some kidney issues, and cardiomyopathy.  He is on insulin, special foods, Enalapril for his heart and his kidneys, and has frequent vet visits for BG regulation and heart and kidney check ups.  His expenses are about $90 a month.

Every cat and kitten costs us about $50 a month to support – food, litter, vet expenses, medications, etc.  The costs you see above are over and above this $50.  Please sponsor one of our very deserving cats or kittens, or make a recurring monthly donation.  It would be much appreciated – and 100% of it goes to directly to the care of our cats and kittens.