Fabulous Females Promo

Fabulous Female Felines!

Through Christmas Eve all our Fabulous Adult Female Felines have reduced Adoption Fees* of only $50!

Click here to complete the adoption application and be pre-approved to take your fabulous feline home at the next adoptathon.

*Adult cats only, specialty breeds excluded.  

Read more about each of these kitties here.

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt an Adult Cat

10. Older cats are calmer.
9. Their personalities are well developed and a good match is easier to make.
8. There’s no question as to how big they will get.
7. They are less likely to get into mischief around the house.
6. They need less attention than young kittens, but can still be quite playful.
5. They still make strong bonds with their new families.
4. Many don’t mind if they are left alone while you are at work or school.
3. Cats often live 15 or even 20 years, so an 8 year old cat is only middle-aged and has many years of affection left to give.
2. These wonderful loving kitties deserve a second chance.
And the #1 reason to adopt an adult cat is…kittens aren’t kittens forever!