Found a stray?

Help! I’ve Found a Stray!

Purr Partners operates a little differently from most rescues. Our mission is to save cats and kittens in the greatest jeopardy of losing their lives, and so every week, we visit local high kill shelters that regularly euthanize large numbers of cats and kittens. We try to work in shelters where few rescue groups are active. We are a series of foster homes of average people who love cats and have made a commitment to work to save those who would otherwise have no hope, so our space is always limited.

We realize that many people find cats and kittens as strays and want to do the right thing to help them, and so we receive hundreds of calls and emails a week. It is heartbreaking for us to have to say, “No, we can’t help. We have no room.” But, since everyone in our group houses these animals in their own homes, most times we are full, and since we operate through donations, we have limited funds.

However, if you are willing to become a temporary foster for us, we can help you place the strays you have found. It is a joint commitment on your part and on our part. If this sounds like something you are willing to do, please download and complete the application, then scan it in and email it back to us as an attachment, or you can  mail to Purr Partners, P.O.Box 905, Youngsville, NC 27596, and someone will contact you to discuss this further.  Before making this decision, please read the guidelines for this program.

If you are not interested in this option, please check out other rescue groups in the area. You should be aware that most cats and kittens surrendered to shelters are euthanized due to space concerns especially during kitten season (April to November).

Thank you for caring about these cats and kittens.