Adoption Application

Adoption Application

Our cats and kittens are rescued from high kill shelters, and we operate solely through donations and fundraising. The adoption fees do not even begin to cover the expense of the actual care we have provided to every cat or kitten.

Alternatively, you may download the Adoption Application complete and email to

We do everything in our power to be sure this cat or kitten is healthy, and it has been tested, wormed, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and seen by our veterinarian as often as necessary, but since this is a shelter animal, we cannot guarantee that all possible problems have shown up, and we can’t guarantee the long-term health of the cat. Type your name below and date if you understand and can accept this.
List all of the people that live in your house and will interact with your adopted cat.

Routine veterinary care can easily cost a minimum of $200-$300 a year for routine care in addition to possible emergencies and illnesses. This is a LONG TERM financial commitment (possibly 20 years) Are you financially able and willing to make this commitment as well as pay the required adoption fee? Please tell us how you feel about this obligation:
Cats have a natural instinct to exercise and extend their claws. How do you plan to keep your cat from scratching places you don’t want him or her to scratch? (Check 1 or more and provide any comments you feel are warranted)

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! WITHOUT COMPLETE AND CORRECT INFORMATION WE CANNOT COMPLETE THE APPLICATION! *We do vet checks on all applicants. We feel strongly and annual exams are neccessary and will be calling your vet to confirm that your current pets are UTD on vaccinations and confirm that you have a relationship with the practice.* Please list the name of your current veterinarian. If you do not have a current vet, please list the name of a vet you have used in the past. (The name of the practice is necessary if it is out of state). By providing the name of your vet, you are giving us permission to contact them and ask for this information. (If your animal is under a different name, please provide this name.) If we cannot confirm that your pet is UTD on vaccinations and a client of the practice listed, you may be denied.
Please provide the name and phone number of 2 references below that know you as a pet owner. Do not include relatives.

We process applications in the order that we receive them. Once a cat or kitten has an application, it is “on hold” until that application is processed and either approved or denied. We choose the BEST home for our rescued cats and kittens, and we hope that is your home! Purr Partners reserves the right to refuse any adoption for any reason stated or unstated. Thank you for being interested in a rescued kitty! They are the best!