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Adoptable Cats & Kittens
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DSH, Black, Female
DOB 2/14/18
Nightshade is a sweet and loving young cat. She loves to sit on the screened porch and watch the birds and squirrels and nap in the sunshine. She also loves to be picked up for some snuggles. She always greets her foster family at the front door when they come home. As sweet and playful as she is, Nightshade is a total diva and would much prefer being an only kitty in the house.


DSH, Gray Tabby, Female
DOB 5/11/17
Olivia is so precious.  She was turned in to a high kill shelter with four of her own babies and one orphan that the shelter had put in with her to nurse.  She was such a good momma, and she took care of the orphan as if he were her own.  All of her babies are older now, and it’s time for Momma Olivia to find a forever home of her own.  She is a quiet, gentle girl who loves to be petted.  She gets along with other cats and kittens and is not overly demanding.  She’d just like a home where she can have a soft bed to curl up in, a window to look out of, and someone to love her.  Could that home be yours?

DSH, White, Male
DOB 7/15/18
Deaf and Special Diet
This boy takes your breath away not only because he’s gorgeous but because he’s so sweet and loving.  He is truly a wonderful cat with a heart of gold.  Opus is great with other cats —  friendly, out-going, playful, and very accepting.  He is just as awesome with people, super social, loving and wants to be with you all the time.  With his silky white coat, beautiful multi-colored eyes, and his pink ears and nose, he’s a definite attention getter!

Opus is deaf, but it doesn’t hamper him in any way.  He does need a home that is quieter since lots of animals and small children would most likely stress him out.  Older children would be fine, and since he loves other cats, a playful and buddy would be perfect. He would most likely do well with a friendly, gentle dog.

Opus is being fostered at the Raleigh Cat Clinic and has been monitored and treated there for the last year to establish what diet he can eat to stop him from suffering from chronic diarrhea.  After much trial and error, the ONLY food he can eat is FancyFeast Ocean Whitefish and eats 4-5 cans daily.  On this food he holds his weight, his stool is normal and he is perfectly healthy.  Be warned that if he gets any other type of food/treats his diarrhea will start all over again.  In addition, Opus comes with a year of free veterinary care from Raleigh Cat Clinic.

If you are looking for a wonderful companion and lover-boy, this one could be for you!  He’s sure to be the prettiest decoration in your home as well as the thing that makes you smile each day and fills you with joy.

DSH, Dilute Tortie, Female
DOB 4/1/18
I think you are looking for ME-ow. I am a very sweet natured, loving girl and being loved on is my favorite activity. My foster mom says I’m beautiful with a rainbow of colors. I need to mention that I am considered blind although I do get around quite well with some limitations. My foster mom always talks to me and approaches me slowly and gently so as not to surprise me too much and I love rubs and pets from her. As I become confident with my surroundings I might want to cuddle with you on the couch as I’ve tried and enjoyed the experience a time or two in my foster home. I’m working on getting used to being picked up although it’s spatially disorienting at first I’m a brave girl. Oh, and I do like to play with rolling balls and feather wands, see me in action!

 I promise not to jump on tables and counters since I can’t tell where they are anyway. At first, I was afraid to jump on the couch, but when I figure out the height of the couch, I was able to do it! Stairs aren’t a problem for me either. Just so you know I’m looking for a forever home that is safe and comfortable for a blind cat:
– only friendly other cats I can learn to like with a gradual introduction
– an uncluttered house where the furniture does not decide to move its self around and become confusing to navigate
– without frequent loud, scary noises and commotions that dogs and children create.
After some time with my new human and forever home I know that Ill adjust and learn my way around and be your loving forever companion if you give me the opportunity. Id love to meet you. A note from Petula’s foster mom: Petula is a wonderful, wonder kitty and needs a person who is kind and gentle. Someone that will be patient with her and let her come to be in her own time, a person that can give her attention, love, and encouragement. Petula will be a loving and endearing part of your family. Approved adopters are invited to meet Petula at her foster family’s home.

DSH, Black, Female

DOB 3/17/19
Rae was the runt of the litter but she has made up for it with love and hugs.  She loves to sleep on her foster mom’s lap and receive lots of attention.  Once she is rested she is ready to go and play with the other kitties.  She has no problem climbing the cat trees, hiding in tunnels or under the dresser so that she can jump out and tackle the other cats.  She is fearless, but fun and is a total joy to have in your home.

DSH, Black & White Tuxedo, Female
DOB 3/19/19
Snuggling, exploring, playing and entertaining are my talents. I love to play, anytime, anywhere. Entertain the kids, I’m your girl. There is nothing more exciting than someone dangling a rod toy. Like a gymnast I fly to swoop in and catch the toy. If everyone is busy, I can also entertain myself. I have fast little feet that will chase a ball across the floor with the skill of a soccer player. After some fun, I adore snuggling in a warm lap. I also love to eat! If you are looking for a playful, warm-hearted kitten, who likes other cats, dogs, and kids to play with, then look no further. We’re a match!

DMH/Maine Coon X, Tabby with White, Female
DOB 3/30/19
Rapunzel is a playful and confident little girl who loves to chase and pounce with her kitty friends. Rapunzel also enjoys climbing the cat trees, chasing her toy mice and rolling balls around the room. When she is tired of playing she will go to her foster mom for a little rest and then off to play again. Her antics will bring laughter to any home.

DSH, Black, Female
DOB 3/17/19
Ravenna is a lively little girl who loves to run up and down the cat tree, play chase and play with anything else that looks like fun!  She enjoys tumbling games with the other kitties and then likes to climb up on her foster mom’s lap and take a nap. Ravenna will bring joy to any home.



DSH, Silver Tabby with White, Male
DOB 6/20/17
Remus began his life as a feral kitten in Durham, but his lucky day was when he became a Purr Partners kitty.  He has always been more cautious than his siblings, but he is slowly coming around to believe that people are to be trusted.  Remus may be a little cautious around people, but he just LOVES other cats or kittens.  He would make a great companion kitty to another cat who is lonely and needs a friend.  Remus likes nothing better to curl up with a buddy either on the bed or at the top of a cat tree.  Remus loves to be petted, but it has to be on his own terms.  His greatest joy in life, though, is to have a kitty friend to run and play with, possibly do a little mutual grooming, and then snuggle up for a nap.

DSH, Gray Tabby, Male

DOB 3/17/19
Retro is a mischievous little boy, who loves to pounce on his kitten friends and then run back and sit on his foster mom’s lap before the other cats can catch him.  He enjoys climbing the cat trees, chasing toys around the room and playing with the other kitties.  When he is tired he seeks out a lap for a quick nap and then he is ready to play.  He is a joy and will bring smiles to any home.

DSH, Dilute Torti, Female
DOB 3/19/19
Fancy, fun, affectionate kitten, that’s me. I am a pretty girl dressed in colorful silver fur accented with apricot and white. As soon as I see you, I will run to you purring a greeting. Please scoop me up into your arms for lots of cuddles and hugs. After some cuddle and lap time, I would love to play. Rod toys, small balls to chase or play mice to fetch and carry about are my favorites. I like gentle children, dogs and other kitties. Friendly, sweet and affectionate makes me a great choice for any family looking for a laid back, cuddly kitten. Let me show you how much I can love you.

DSH, Dilute Tortie, Female

DOB 4/26/18
Rosemary was pulled from the shelter with 5 babies.  She was a very attentive mom, but now she is looking for her own home.  Rosemary loves people and enjoys getting lots of attention from them.  She likes to play with the toys scattered around her foster home and especially likes the balls and the plastic springs.  She does do some talking and when you come home she will tell you all about her day.  Rosemary would love to be a part of your family!

DSH, Buff Tabby, Male
DOB 3/17/19
Ruckus is an energetic, playful and all around fun guy.  He loves to play with all the toys in his foster home, play in the cat trees, chase the other kitties and sit on his foster mom.  He has lots of love to give and will be a wonderful addition to your home.


DSH, Black, Female

DOB 8/29/16
Rue is a friendly girl with lots to say!  She has an opinion about everything and loves loves loves attention. As you can see she has striking eyes and shiny black fur and along with her great personality she makes a delightful kitty.  Rue would love to have a home of her own and hopes that she will get her forever home soon as she has lots of love to give a very special person.

DSH, Cinnamon Tabby, Female
DOB 9/23/17
Rylee is a regal, pretty princess at first glance. You will see her watching her fostermates from afar, too prim and proper to be bothered with messing up her fur.  But, turn your head and Rylee will pounce on an unsuspecting kitty or be swatting at their tail when they walk by! Rylee is a fierce little competitor when she is in the fray, so don’t let her sweet innocent expression fool you into thinking that she is not a tough cookie! Take some time to meet Rylee and you too will fall in love with her sweet personality.

DMH, Black, Male

DOB 7/28/18
Salvatore, like most kittens, wants to play, play, play. He wants to run with his siblings playing chase, and rolling the balls around and just enjoying all that life has to offer.  Salvatore has a great disposition, is inquisitive and would love to be a member of your family.  

DSH, Dilute Calico, Female

DOB 3/20/14
Sangria has been in foster care her whole life. Her mother was rescued by Purr Partners and promptly gave birth to 5 kittens. Sangria is the only one left.  She was the shyest out of her litter and remains reclusive with people. She gets along, well, with other cats and has been with other cats her whole life. She is a beautiful, unique looking girl with vivid green eyes who has, quietly, been overlooked due to her timid nature. We think that Sangria would do best with someone that has experience working with shy cats or a patient person who is willing to work with her and accept her for who she is. We never give up on a cat, so, if you are that exceptional owner, who can appreciate beauty through the imperfections, please contact us about possibly adding Sangria to your home. She’d also be a good companion for a lonely cat.

DSH, Black & White, Male

DOB 8/16/18
Scotty came into rescue when he was turned in to a high kill shelter, and his back legs did not work very well.  After going to our vet, it was determined that with age and exercise his legs would more than likely heal on their own, and so they have.  Scotty gets around fine now, and no one would know that he had any trouble when he was little.  Scotty loves other kitties and will play and cuddle with them.  He is a little cautious when he is first picked up, but will then settle in and start to purr.  He loves feathers and climbing to the top of the trees in his room.  He’s a very sweet boy and don’t you just love his eye patch!

DSH, White w/Tabby, Male
DOB 3/13/19
True to my name, I am an explorer and I will find my way into your heart! I am a sweetheart who wants only two things: your attention, and a place to lounge nearby. I am a versatile little man, allowing me to be your perfect companion (even more fun if there’s a small human, another cat, or a dog in the mix!). Bring me home and see how quickly I will adapt to my new surroundings!


DLH, Gray, Female

DOB 7/19/13
Shady Lady is a big old sweetheart! Her green eyes are set off by her plush, blue-grey coat. She loves affection on her own terms and doesn’t like to be held. Her favorite hobbies are chasing a ribbon toy, lounging, and sunbathing on the screened porch. Shady Lady is social and will seek out her humans so she can spend time in the same room as them. She sleeps on the foot of her foster mom’s bed. When she’s extra happy, expect head bumps and cheek-to-cheek rubs from this regal lady. As she is a true queen, Shady Lady would do best as an only pet. 

DSH, Black & White Tuxedo, Male

DOB 10/28/17
Shandy – is an amazing cat that is very, very good with young children.   He is very patient and doesn’t run away when they approach him.  He allows kisses and pets and an occasional hug.  When he is ready for a break, he just gets up and quietly walks away.   With his perfect black and white tuxedo, he is a stunning boy.  He has a big personality to go with his looks.  Climbing on the cat tree is a favorite past time for him. He has a steady personality with a  playful side too.   Shandy gets along with kitties of all ages.  Loves toys of any kind.  He is not shy and will always greet you when you come into the room.  He is also an explorer – I don’t think there is an inch of the kitty room that he hasn’t been in.  When he is ready to rest he likes to curl up on the couch or bed with you.  Handsome Shandy would be a great addition to any family – especially one with a playmate human or feline.

DSH, Orange & White, Male
DOB 2/7/19

I am adorable little Skippy. This beautiful orange boy is used to rough play as he has three siblings. He will run around and chase them when they are trying to sleep or play. He likes to be high up and watch what is going on. He loves to snuggle with his siblings and will even help groom them when they are sleeping.


DMH, Black & White Tuxedo, Female
DOB 3/1/18
I’m just going to put it out there – I’m a beautiful young lady! I have luxuriant fur and AMAZING white whiskers. You’d think that might make me a diva – well, maybe a little. But only a little! I’m super affectionate with not one mean bone in my entire body. I will, however, sweet talk other cats into grooming me by ever-so-gently sliding my head under theirs when they’re grooming. I usually get some free grooming that way. I mean, look how beautiful I am, isn’t that what should happen? Not much is known about my first year of life but that’s okay. My real life, my great new life, will start when my forever family takes me home!

DSH Orange Tabby with White, Male

DOB 7/15/15
Chronic Sinusitis
Sunkist is the cutest, silliest, funniest boy who loves to play and entertain. He is quite active and mischievous. He likes toys and loves to chase the broom when you sweep. He gets along very well with other cats. He loves treats. So why has he been in foster care for over a year and a half? In January of 2016, he was just a half-grown kitten pulled from a high kill shelter. He came to us with a severe sinus infection where he was sneezing blood. He was treated with multiple courses of antibiotics but every time he came off of antibiotics, he would start sneezing and eventually would develop sinus and respiratory infections. We tried different antibiotics and extended courses of antibiotics but Sunkist could never stay well for long. He was even seen at the vet school but there has been no cure found for him. His infections are not contagious and are caused by damage in his sinuses from when he was a kitten so he will always be susceptible to infections. He will periodically need antibiotics and steroids. Despite all of this he is a happy boy that would love nothing more than a real home for the first time in his life. He is not a placid lap cat because he is so busy all of the time. He would love a family with older kids or other cats to play with – maybe even a dog! He is stuck in foster care through no fault of his own. We have found homes for cats with many different medical issues before and we know that there is a home out there for Sunkist. Could it be you that will open your heart and home to this deserving boy?

DMH, Grey w/White Tux, Female

DOB 3/1/19
I am not just another beautiful face!  I love everything and everyone.  I purr all the time because I am so happy.  I love to be held, carried, pet, to play, to wrestle and to just look beautiful!  I am a little scared at Petsmart but at home, I am not scared at all.  I love other cats and people.  I would be good with kids and I might be good with dogs but I really don’t know.  I am such a soft kitty and so much love to give. 

DSH, White w/ Calico, Female
DOB 10/1/16
Tapioca is a friendly petite cat with a personality like no other! She walks up to just about anyone just to say hello and will follow you around just for the company. She wags her tail nonstop and chases it like a dog. Although she doesn’t like being held for very long, she loves being anywhere people are. Tapioca gets nervous when she hears dogs, but she’s great with kids and is very affectionate. If you’re looking for a funny loyal cat to spend time with you, Tapioca’s your girl!

DLH, Tortie, Female
DOB 2/8/19
Tassels is a shy but very affectionate girl who’s so grateful to be alive and safe, she soaks up all the pets and snuggles you’ll give her! She was skin and bones when Purr Partners rescued her from the shelter, but she’s doing well in foster care and is just as sweet as can be. Tassels is learning that people can be good and just wants a calm, quiet home of her own with people who will love her for the precious little treasure that she is. She enjoys the company of the other cats in her home but does not have any experience with young children or dogs.

DSH, Silver, Male

DOB 3/1/19
Tesco is a huge love, he only really wants to be held and cuddled.  And once you are done cuddling him he will go to the person closest to you to get cuddles.  He does like to play but he is not overly active.  He really likes ping pong balls and crinkle balls.  Mostly he just wants love.  He has never met another cat he doesn’t love but he has never met a dog so he would need to be tested with a dog.  He would be good with children and anyone else.  As long as you have love to give this kitten is perfect for you!  The best description for him is SWEET!

DSH, Tuxedo, Female

DOB 10/15/18
Tia is a fun loving girl, always ready to play.  Don’t think she doesn’t want her cuddles though.  When she’s happy and purring, you’ll see her kneading the floor while she walks.  Be ready for non-stop fun with this little girl.



DLH, Black & White Tuxedo, Male
DOB 2/12/18
In the relatively short time Toulouse has been alive he has had a very hard time of it.  He was brought in to a high kill shelter after he had been hit by a car, and the shelter manager called Purr Partners to see if we could help.  We got this sweet boy right to our vet and were told that he had a broken pelvis.  The worst and most dangerous injury he had, though, was a huge hernia in his abdomen.  Because of the impact of the car, his bladder and his intestines were outside the abdominal wall and this had to be corrected immediately in order to save his life.  We authorized that surgery, and luckily it was successful.  Then Toulouse had to be on crate rest for six weeks while his pelvis healed.  During this rest period, we discovered that he had fluid in his chest cavity, though the vet did not know why.  It was thought that the impact of the car had led to a lymphatic vessel leaking into his chest, but a trip to a specialty hospital proved this not to be the case.  He has been under the care of a specialist for many months now, and although the amount of fluid is much less, the vets still don’t know why it won’t go away completely.  He is currently on an every-other-day dose of Prednisone, and it is unclear if he will have to take it for the rest of his life or if the fluid will eventually resolve.  

Right now Toulouse acts like a regular cat, running and playing, sleeping on the bed, and asking for pats and rubs.  He does need a home, though, that will monitor his condition with regular checkups which may be more often than yearly.  He needs a family as well that will keep him on his meds if the vet recommends it.  Toulouse gets along with other cats and kittens, and he does very well with the two gentle dogs he lives with.  We don’t know if Toulouse’s lifespan will be normal, or if it may be shortened, but we do know this sweet, sweet boy needs a home and family to love him for whatever time he has.  He is a wonderful kitty who will reward you with his love and devotion.


DSH, Black, Male
DOB 9/18/18
Tuttles came into a high kill shelter as an orphan.  He was a little cautious when he first came into foster care, but he has blossomed in his foster home and loves to be cuddled and petted.  He has become very outgoing, and he gets along great with other cats and kittens.  He will roll around with his kitten foster mates and have a wonderful time.  Tuttles loves to play especially if you shake some feathers so he can chase them.  When he gets tired though, he will usually pick a buddy to cuddle up with and take a nap.  Tuttles is a beautiful black house panther who is looking for his forever home and family, and he hopes very much that it might be yours.

DSH, Brown Tabby, Male
DOB 3/29/19
Tyson is definitely a fighter.  He came to Purr Partners from the shelter only 2 weeks old, hungry and alone.  He has thrived from day one and is the social butterfly of the bunch.  As you can see, Tyson is definitely a “Tabby” with stripes on his back, spots on his belly and the perfect “M” on his forehead.  One of the legends that try to explain where the “M” came from, states that they are frown lines for staring at a mouse hole – waiting for a mouse to appear.  That mouse better stay put – my money will be on Tyson to catch it.   He also exhibits all the personality traits of sweet tabbies – friendly, happy-go-lucky, intelligent, sassy, very affectionate and a wonderful buddy.  He enjoys hanging out on the cat tree and sitting in the window watching the outside world.  He has great manners – loves his scratching post.   Tyson loves his humans and would be a wonderful addition to any household.  He is waiting for his purrfect furever home.

DSH/Manx Mix, Dilute Tortie, Female
DOB 10/15/18
Every kitty that comes into Purr Partners is special, and Viola is no exception! She is a beautiful dilute Tortie Manx mix – no tail! There are many legends surround the origin of this Manx breed. One of the most interesting is that the Manx was napping when Noah called all the animals into the ark. She awakened just as Noah was closing the door of the ark. She made it in the ark just in time but Noah accidentally closed the door on her tail, cutting it off entirely. This would not have happened to sweet Viola – she always seems to be aware of what is going on around her. She never seems to get too upset about anything and is a loving companion that adores being with people. Did you know in ancient times it was considered good luck if a tortie took up residence at your home? It is also said that tortoiseshell cats bring money, have psychic abilities and can see into the future. Viola is waiting to bring good luck and fortune to her furever family!

DLH, Gray Creme, Male

DOB 6/15/18
Wrigley is a fantastic boy who has lots of love to give.  He makes the cutest little noises when you talk to him and will look up at you with those big eyes and sweet face and you will give him anything he wants!  He is fascinated with the toys in his foster home and is learning to play with most of them.  He is gentle, curious and would make a great addition to most any home.

DSH, Gray & White Tuxedo, Male
DOB 05/20/18
Hi, I’m Zeno! Do you have any food for me?! If you do, we can be BEST friends! My foster mommy describes me as a curious and playful kitty. I love walking through her feet wherever she goes. My favorite game is “Tag” from underneath the bed and I love laser pointers and tennis balls! My foster mommy is always trying to hold me, and I’m slowly starting to enjoy it BUT I will always be around for some pets and cuddles. I also make biscuits all day long. I’m getting along great with my foster siblings (a cat and a dog!). I hope you’ll come to meet me and take me to my forever home!