COVID-19 Updates

**As of March 25th, we have removed all of our cats from PetSmarts in anticipation of further Stay-at-Home orders being issued.  Please stay tuned to our home page as we figure everything out during these unprecedented times.  When our operations at PetSmart do resume, we will proceed with the additional precautions listed below for as long as the COVID-19 virus remains a concern.**

In light of the current concerns of the COVID-19 virus, Purr Partners will be taking some added precautions at our adoptathons scheduled for this weekend at the Wake Forest PetSmart and the Six Forks PetSmart. We will be there on our regular schedule (unless a change is necessitated) from 11:30am – 3:00pm both Saturday and Sunday.

If you are planning to come by and see our cats and kittens for adoption – and we hope you will – we ask several things of you:

  1. Please do not touch the cages, the windows of the inside cages, or attempt to pet the cats through the cages. Touch as little as possible in the adoption area!
  2. Only people who plan to adopt will be allowed to meet the cats or kittens in the inside rooms.
  3. Please use the available hand wipes before you enter the room to meet a cat or kitten and when you exit.
  4. If you, or a family member is ill or have traveled internationally to Europe or Asia in the last two weeks, please do not come. This is for your safety and the safety of our volunteers as well as other shoppers in PetSmart.
  5. Don’t be alarmed or offended when you see us constantly wiping down everything – cages, tables, doorknobs, etc. We are trying to do our part to keep everybody safe!

Thank you for supporting us and all the kitties we rescue! We can’t do it without you!