Available Cats & Kittens

Available Cats & Kittens

Here are all our cats and kittens who are ready to find their forever homes.  Please read our Adoption Policies before completing the Adoption Application.  


DSH, Black with White Spot on Chest, Female
DOB 3/1/15
Amber can be quite the cuddler when she wants to be. When you reach down to pet her, she will jump up to meet your hand. In new situations, it can take her a little time to come out of her shell but, once she does, she is a talker! The first few times she visited a PetSmart, she would end up hiding under the blanket or towel, all wrapped up and secure. Now she knows what to expect and greets all those passing by. Amber was born in a home with 3 siblings. Sadly, when she was still a kitten, her previous owner passed away. The owner’s daughters have been working to find good, loving homes for their mother’s cats. Amber lives with one daughter and her cats and dog. Amber gets along very well with other cats, and has been raised with a dog or two.

DSH,  Silver Tabby with White, Female
DOB 9/1/15
Like Little Orphan Annie, our girl is a real optimist. She came to Purr Partners with a severely injured tail that had to be amputated. Throughout the ordeal, she never complained about the pain and took her medicine without objection. All healed now, she’s an affectionate and energetic young adult who’s eager to find out about the good things life has in store, beginning with a home of her own. She shows every indication that she will enjoy being, at least part time, a lap cat. She does still engage in some play-fighting, though, so she’s probably best suited to a home without very young children. Oh, and by the way, her lovely green eyes are mesmerizing.

DMH, Grey, Male
DOB 9/10/17
Archie – with his beautiful grey fur is a stunning boy.  He has a big personality to go with his looks.  Archie and his brother were left at a shelter without their mom.  Tiny, hungry and in need of some tender loving care.  Thankfully Purr Partners was able to get them in the program.  Climbing on the cat tree is a favorite past time for him.  He loves to talk – especially when he is hungry.  Archie gets along with kitties of all ages.  Loves toys of any kind.  He is not shy and will always greet you when you come in the room.  He is also an explorer – I don’t think there is an inch of the kitty room that he hasn’t been in.  When he is ready to rest, loves a lap to curl up on.  Handsome Archie would be a great addition to any family – especially one with a playmate.

DSH, Black Tabby, Male
DOB 9/10/17
Arsenio – what a beautiful boy.  If you look closely at his coat, you will notice that he has stripes.  He is a black tabby – you don’t see them every day.  Arsenio and his brother were left at a shelter without their mom.  Tiny, hungry and in need of some tender loving care.  Thankfully Purr Partners was able to get them in the program. Not only is he handsome, he is very spunky.  Loves loves loves to play with his foster brothers and sister.  He is not afraid of anything.  One of the first greet humans when they come in the room.  Loves laser pointers, balls – toys of any kind.  He gets along well with kitties of all ages – especially if they will play with him.  Once he slows down, his preferred sleeping spot is your chest, the top of the cat tree will do if a human is not available.  Arsenio will be a perfect addition to any family especially one with a playmate.

DMH, Brown Tabby, Male
DOB 6/1/17
Asa gets along with all his foster friends and loves getting attention from his foster mom. He is especially enjoying his young kitten friends and enjoys running and playing chase with them. A kitty wand will keep him entertained for quite a while. He has a wonderful attitude and enjoys everyone. Asa is a great kitten and would love to be a member of your family.

DSH Dilute Calico, Female
DOB 5/1/15
Little Bettina was a tiny kitten rescued by a kind lady and brought to her foster mom. She is very loving, playful and curious and enjoys playing with her other kitten friends. Always ready to explore new surroundings and help out her foster Mom, Bettina is a joy to have around. After a busy day of playing, bird watching on the screen porch and hiding in the big tunnel toy, Bettina is ready to snuggle up with you and purr away into the night, resting up for another exciting day!!!! Come and let Bettina show you how much love and joy she has to share!!!! She’s waiting for you!!!

DSH, Calico, Female
DOB 7/1/17
A foster favorite!  Bubblegum is young enough to play and have fun with you, but old enough to have good litter box and scratching post manners.  A calico that always looks a bit fuzzy like he just woke up, Bubblegum is great with kids, elders, big dogs, and other cats.  Bubblegum is independent enough to be comfortable while you work, but cuddly enough to really welcome you home.  Who doesn’t want a kitten like that?  Come visit him today!

DSH, Female
DOB 5/20/17
Calpurrnia is a sweet gray tabby who came to Purr Partners with her 3 siblings. Calpurrnia has a ton of energy and loves to play with her toy mice. She is incredibly social. As much as she loves to play, she is a huge fan of cuddles as well and has all the lap-cat potential in the world! She and her sister, Calliope, are closely bonded and would ideally go to a home where they can remain together. She likes dogs and other cats. She is good with children (so long as they have experience with cats/kittens or are old enough to understand appropriate pet etiquette).

DSH, Black and White, Male
DOB 1/15
Carson is a beautiful and friendly boy who was rescued at the 11th hour by Purr Partners and brought to his foster mom. Carson is a clown, loving to show how silly he can be and playful.  He loves to spend time out on the big screened porch watching the birds and squirrels playing and chattering to them. He is also a cuddler and loves to give you head butts and lots of rubs to show you how much he loves to be with you. He is also very helpful and will always be ready to lend a “paw” to help you with anything you might be doing. Carson would love to have a family of his own to love and cuddle with, please came and meet him and fall in LOVE!!!

Lynx Point Siamese cross, Female
DOB 7/1/15
Need some spice in your life? Chai is just the little lady to provide it. She’s packed with energy, highly intelligent, and somewhat opinionated. OK, she’s very opinionated, but unlike most Siamese, she’s not particularly vocal about it. She’s a socialite, eagerly greeting human guests while strictly observing the proprieties: limit that early interaction to head and neck scratches, please. Once she knows you well, she MAY sit in your lap or by your side, or allow a full-body massage, but at the time and place of her choosing. She draws the line at anything she considers physical restraint (a line young children are unlikely to observe). She coexists with a houseful of other cats, at times peacefully, at times playfully, at times ready to be done with them all. Perhaps one other feline companion, rather than a houseful, would be more to her taste. We’re not sure how she feels about dogs.
This lovely cat has become a source of joy and amazement in her foster home. Her personality is complex and best suited to a home with cat-savvy adults willing to let Chai be Chai. One other note: She loves to spend time watching wildlife from her foster’s screened porch, so much so that she tries to open the door by leaping up to grab the handle. No success so far, but the smart money’s on Chai.

DSH Black and White, Male
DOB 3/1/12
Charleston is a wonderful boy who gets along with everyone! He loves his other foster friends and even tries to get the kittens to play with him. His favorite toy is a crinkly rabbit that he found and now he likes to carry it around the house. He watches each evening for his foster mom to home so he can show her how much he missed her. Charleston is a youngster at heart and would love to find a family that he can call his own.

DSH, Orange Tabby, Male
DOB 12/1/16
Cheetah is a fun little boy!  He gets along with other cats and loves to have fun, fun, fun.  He is inquisitive, loves his toy mice and rolling balls around the room.  He will sit with you and enjoy your attention.  He would love to find a forever home with someone that would enjoy a sweet kitty!

DSH, Female
DOB 3/8/17
I am Chelsea, a little grey/brown tabby with white paws, bib and face.  When I was rescued I was all by myself and only weighed 13 oz.  I had to be force fed every few hours because I was scared and didn’t want to eat.  After a diet of kitten milk and baby food, I started gaining weight and now I eat regular kitten food.  I was all alone during the 2 week quarantine, but once that was over I was able to join 7 other kittens.  However, my ‘kitty manners’ were lacking and the other kittens avoided or ran from me.  Who knew they wouldn’t like being jumped on and beat up?  With time I have learned how to behave and now they are my close friends.  I have lots of energy, and love to get in trouble.

DSH, Grey and Black Mackerel Tabby, Male
DOB 4/26/15
My name’s Chevy and I’m a good old country cat. Just like my namesake, I’m fast and ruggedly handsome. I’m a sports model ‘cause I like to play; show me feathers, kicker, toy mice, most anything that moves and I’m ready for the game. I’m quite the lover, too. I like to find a soft lap and snuggle up real close for some TV, especially sports or movies that have some animals in them. And in bed — well, that just means more snuggle time and some warm sleeping. I do my bit around the house, keeping up with whatever is going on and helping out by being entertaining. My foster mom says I shouldn’t live with preteen children. I think dogs are OK from a distance, but I haven’t had much experience with them close up. If you are cat savvy and looking for a good-tempered companion, someone to hang out with you, I’m your boy.

DLH, Dilute Torti, Female
DOB 10/18/10
Attractive and elegant, my stylish coat is easy on the eye and soft to the
touch. But pretty is as pretty does, and my beauty is more than fur-deep.
My guilty pleasure is belly rubs, which I adore! I am very people-friendly,
thanks to my kind human mom who cherished me and showered me with love.
Sadly, when she passed away, my whole world fell apart and I found myself in
a scary metal cage in a noisy, smelly shelter, wondering why I was taken
from my safe and familiar home. Girls like me don’t belong in a place like
that! I’ve got many good years ahead of me but I’m not a spring chicken
anymore, and I shudder to think what would have happened if Purr Partners
had not decided at the last minute to add me to the load of kittens they
were picking up that day. I am now eagerly waiting for my second chance at
a happy, forever home.
I would very much like to be an only cat – I do not do well with other cats
in the home, and my foster mom has not seen my reaction to dogs. She does
not know my full background, but my behavior makes her think I lived all or
most of my seven years with someone who had lots of time to spend with me
and only me. I hide from the other adult female kitties at my foster home
and when we do interact, encounters inevitably devolve to hissing and
yowling. After multiple attempts at introduction, she now shelters me from
these upsetting contacts by keeping me safe in her master bedroom/bath area,
but that just leaves me lonely and crying for human companionship and
Please, won’t you consider making a gentle, loving companion like me the
kitty part of your family? I need my own forever home so I can settle into
a relaxed, secure new normal as someone’s special and beloved friend.

DLH, Grey and White, Female
DOB 8/16/17
I’m all decked out in my soft, long fur, my manners are perfect and I’m ready to go home with you to become your best buddy.  Charming, curious, and adorable describes my sweet personality.  As a fun-loving kitten, I enjoy active pursuits such as pouncing on feather or fur toys or chasing laser pointers.  After a little fun, I adore snuggling in a nice warm lap. I am not one to brag, but I know I will be an awesome 4 legged family member that will offer years of loving companionship.  If you provide a great forever home, I will add the love.

DSH, Brown Marble Tabby, Male
DOB 8/16/17
Beautiful, exotic, unique kitten that looks like a marbled Bengal. Corduroy is silky, soft and very adventurous. He adores fun, playing with small toys, climbing kitty trees and exploring.  He is sure to entertain you with his fast, little feet and silly, sweet nature. Petting and being held is also nice.  He is looking for a great forever family with lots of love to give.

DSH, Grey and Brown Tabby, Female
DOB 8/1/17
Meet Daiquiri, a sweet and gentle, grey and brown tabby kitten with huge expressive aqua eyes and unique markings. Daiquiri loves to be held like a baby and snuggle, and she loves belly rubs!  Still a young kitten, so she also loves to romp and play with her brother Darwin and foster-mates, but she mostly likes to be loved on and will purr her delight.  She is litter-box trained, good with other cats and doesn’t mind being around dogs.  All this precious little girl needs is a forever home to call her own. How about yours?!?!

DSH, Buff Tabby, Male
DOB 8/1/17
Say “hello” to Darwin, an adorable buff tabby kitten with fuzzy textured fur.  This handsome fellow loves to be picked up and cuddled, and will reward you with purrs when held – he’s quite the charmer!  A curious little kitty, he likes to explore his surroundings,  and is fond of playing with toys that he can bat at and chase.  Darwin’s foster parent describes him as “social, adventurous, and charming.”  He would likely do great in any home where he would get lots of love and attention. Darwin came to Purr Partners with his sister Daiquiri, he is litter-box trained and does well with other cats and dogs.  Does Darwin sound purr-fect for you? Apply to adopt him today!


DSH, Female
DOB 4/20/13
Destiny, and her twin sister, Harmony, were rescued from a high kill shelter where very few cats make it out and even fewer black cats! Destiny is not sure why they say people say black cats are bad luck – she experienced the best luck ever – a chance to live! And, because she is so appreciative, she wants to share her luck with you. Destiny loves to be held. Cuddling is her all time favorite thing, and she can’t wait to have a family to cuddle with. She is great with other cats, and one of her favorite games is playing in the cat tunnel with her sister. Sleek and glamorous, loving and affectionate, Destiny just might be your destiny!

DSH Black and White Tuxedo, Female
DOB: 3/4/15
Digit is a quiet little girl, except when the games begin. She is in her siblings’ games and always tries to find the angle to win! She loves the little soft balls and if someone steals it, watch out, she will hunt you down to get it back. Like her siblings she is a sweet little girl, who is looking for her forever home.

DSH, Black and White Tuxedo, Male
DOB 9/1/17
Dijon is a cuddly little kitty with a big heart. He loves to play with his brother chasing jingle balls across the floor or flying strings that make him jump. But at the end of the day, he loves to cuddle in your lap and purr. You can’t help but love this little guy.

DSH, Buff and White, Male
DOB 9/1/17
Dooney is the social kitty who gets along with everyone! He starts out shy, but quickly demands that you play with him or scratch his tiny head. Running after toys or wrestling with siblings is how he spends his day when he’s not curled up in his cat bed. He has a lot of love to share with someone who adopts him.

DSH, Orange and White Tabby, Male
DOB 7/31/17
Drambuie is a special soul with the ability to bring a smile to anyone’s face. He has a purr you can’t ignore and the softest fur to snuggle. He also gives the best nose nuzzles to show he loves you. Irresistible!

DSH, Orange and White Tabby, Male
DOB 7/31/17
Durango is the bigger of the brothers and likes to be in charge. He picks the game to play and shows the others how to do it! A typical rough and tumble boy, he does have a softer side and loves to cuddle with you in front of a good movie. An excellent companion for kittens and people alike.

DSH, Buff and White Tabby, Male
DOB 7/28/17
Little buff and white, striped and spotted, Eclipse, is a sweet boy with a gentle disposition — tolerant, friendly and playful.   He is a very smart kitten and  the Cat Fishing app is one of his favorite pass-times!  He also likes to exercise his problem-solving skills with the ball maze, cuddle with his foster friends, and PURR!! He gets along great with other cats and dogs of all ages.  He would make a wonderful addition to any home.  If you give this sweet boy a chance you are sure to fall in love with Eclipse!

DSH, Grey and White, Female
DOB 7/28/17
If you are looking for the purr-fect kitten then you owe it to yourself to meet little Edelweiss.  She is as pretty as the flower she is named after, she has a very pleasant personality and is full of curiosity.  Always running to greet you at the door, very excited about playtime and happy in spirit.   She loves to be held in your arms while napping and enjoys snuggling and sitting with you.  She has a stunning coat of white fur that is spotted with a Taupe and Grey, she is just lovely.   The only girl of the litter, she enjoys playing with her brother and foster mates.  Edelweiss is well socialized as she is fostered with cats and dogs and is looking forward to finding a home of her very own and perhaps bring her brother Eclipse along too?  

DSH, Brown Tabby, Female
DOB 7/3/15
I am a two year old very happy and affectionate kitty! I am entirely friendly and curious!  I love attention and will make a lovely companion for you!  I’m awfully soft and a real purr box!
I am a brown/white/yellow tabby.  Please take me home with you.  I will adore you forever!  Can’t wait for a home to call my own.

DMH, Female
DOB 6/5/17
Fizzy is a busy little girl! She loves to play with her kitty toys (she loves the toy mice best!). She likes to curl up in a cozy spot for a nap. She loves to be held and cuddled and ride around on your shoulder. She also likes to “make biscuits.”on her people and get a belly rub. She’s petite and sweet and isn’t shy about voicing her opinion! Fizzy gets along with cats, dogs and kids. She loves her brother Fonzie and would love to find a forever home with him. Come meet Miss Fizzy today!

DSH, Male
DOB 6/5/17
Fonzie is a super sweet boy! He loves to play but he’d rather be held & cuddled by you. He loves belly rubs and hanging out on the screened porch. He would love to have a kitty playmate to romp with. Fonzie is a very easy kitty – he gets along with male and female cats as well as dogs. He’s great with children, too. Fonzie will make a perfect addition to any home. Come meet him today!

DSH, Black Tabby, Male
DOB 8/1/17
Gabe is a special little boy. Abandoned at just a few weeks old, he and his brothers, Ginseng and Gentry, fought to survive. With love and care they have grown into beautiful, healthy and happy little guys. All three have fuzzy fur, that they don’t seem to be outgrowing.
Gabe is a Momma’s boy. He always wants to be picked up. He was the last to learn to eat on his own because he wanted to be held and fed by someone. Gabe gave us a scare a few times before he got through the critical period and starting thriving. Today he is a playful, loving kitty. Whoever adopts this little guy will be getting a little love bug!

DSH, Silver Tabby, Male
DOB 7/8/17
I have an exotic name, exotic personality and an exotic-looking face.  I’m brave and feisty like my namesake (yes, I know I spell it slightly differently but I’m one of a kind after all!), but that’s where the resemblance ends.  Just think of me as a cuddly, lovable barbarian who takes on my foster mom’s giant adult cats without turning a whisker but still retains my affectionate, playful kitten side.  And did you notice that I’m a gorgeous silver tabby?  You don’t see those every day!  Okay, some people do, but not many!  Look, I’m fun, I’m adventurous, I get along with cats and kittens (no dogs yet, but a barbarian can pretty much handle anything) and I’ve wrapped my foster mom around my little claw.  What else do you need?  I’m the whole package!

DSH, Grey, Male
DOB 8/1/17
Ginseng was rescued with his brothers Gabe and Gentry when they were just a few weeks old. They were a mess and needed a lot of care. All three are now happy, healthy little kittens just waiting for a home.
Ginseng is the biggest of the three and sometimes picks on his brothers. He is very playful and can amuse himself most of the day, but when he gets tired, he likes to be held. If you sit on the floor he will be in your lap in a few seconds.
He gets along with other cats of all ages. He would be a great addition to any family.

Grey and White Tuxedo, Male
DOB 7/8/17
I know that most gladiators are supposed to be the strong, silent types, but, well, I’m not silent.  I’m a talker because I want to be the center of attention in the middle of my own personal coliseum.  Okay, it’s a kitten room and it’s square, not round, but you get the idea!  No, there aren’t any marble columns but there are kitten trees and scratching posts and that’s just as good.  I’m the youngest of the kittens in my coliseum but I crave human attention.  I also love to gallop around, wrestle with the other kitten gladiators in the room (I’m not afraid of bigger kittens!), and when humans are around, I climb into their laps and soak up the attention.  Even gladiators need love sometimes but I will want it all of the time!

DSH, Black, Female
DOB 3/1/17Goldie is a sweet and extremely wonderful black cat. She was named Goldie, because of her beautiful golden eyes. Even though Goldie has only been with her foster family for a few weeks, she is doing very well around children, other cats, and her foster family’s dog!!!
Goldie LOVES toys and LOVES TO RUN! She loves playing with toys, and loves to be petted. She is READY TO GO to her new home! If you will come and visit with our sweet Goldie, we just know that you will want her to be part of your family. ❤

DSH, Female
DOB 3/2/16
Harmony came to our program as a preqnant queen, who had 6 beautiful kittens (all adopted now). She loves to be petted, and will do well in a house with older children and possibly an older dog. She likes our dog, but has an Alpha-kitty temperament when it comes to other cats. She will tolerate other cats, but will refuse their advances to play. Harmony does not love to be picked up, but will come to you and stay with you while you pet her. (She really is VERY loving!) There is now some “kitten” personality in her, as she likes to play with a cloth or paper ball or feathered stick. She did not know how to play when she first came to us!
Harmony will not “bolt” out of the door, but you will still need to be wise about where she is as you come in–she will sometimes be right there to greet you! 🙂
If you have a more “relaxed” household and would love to visit with Harmony, then I know you will love her (as we do) and she will easily make herself at home with you!

DSH, Tortoiseshell, Female
DOB 3/1/13
Haven is a beautiful girl with a loving personality who will purr happily when she’s content.  She loves a sunny windowsill and is looking for a forever family to love her.  If you’re looking for soft, adorable little cuddlebug look no further. Haven is a 4 y/o country girl with a heart of gold.  She was caught in a dog trap in rural NC, and wants nothing more than to curl up next to you at night and purr you to sleep.  During the day, she loves to chase feather toys and bask near a sunny window.  She would do best in a home that is laid back.  She is not good with young children and other cats can make her anxious, so we are looking for a home with no kids under 12 and no more than one other easy going cat.  This little optimist is sure that her forever home is out there and some family is just looking for a sweet girl like her.  So if your children are older and your home is laid back consider this sweetheart.  She is a total romantic and will take your whole heart.

DSH, Grey and White, Female
DOB 6/15/15
This sweet girl suffered in silence while nobody at the high kill shelter even noticed. When Purr Partners rescued her from the shelter she was suffering from several severe infections. In addition to a respiratory infection, Huckleberry had skin infections and abscesses on her feet. Thankfully, we got her to our vet right away because she had a very high fever and had to be hospitalized for several days. We will never know what led to her injuries but we do know she is on the mend now. This precious gal is just happy to be saved and is an absolute angel in her foster home. She is very friendly and affectionate. She is laid back and low maintenance. She gets along with all of the other cats and kittens in her foster home. Please consider giving this deserving kitty a home.

Lilac Point Siamese mix, Female
DOB 7/20/17
Icee came to Purr Partners with her three siblings. Her siblings found their furever homes very quickly; however, Icee’s journey has been a bit different. Shortly after being placed in her foster home, she became very ill and refused to eat. Her weight dropped to a mere 12 oz. After several doses of medication and a lot of care and love from her foster mom, Icee’s health drastically improved. Tiny but mighty is an accurate depiction of Icee’s personality! She is strong willed, curious, and a true adventurer. Icee loves to eat, play “shadow,” and wrestle with her kitten pals!  She is loving and affectionate, so add that to her beauty, and you have an awesome kitten!  Due to her severe upper respiratory as a very young kitten, Icee’s eye will most likely have permanent drainage, but it is minimal and doesn’t affect her.  Like 80% of the cats and kittens in the world, she has chronic herpes, but again, she is healthy and happy and unaffected by this.   This little fighter is searching for her furever family. Will yours be the one?

DSH, Brown Tabby, Female
DOB 5/15/17
Irma Jean is a bundle of energy, a true extrovert eager to explore, to see everything, meet everyone, play with every toy she can. Maybe it was that sense of adventure that got her lost in the first place, a tiny 6-week-old kitten all alone and crying for help from underneath a porch. Today, she is a healthy and happy young lady, eager for more adventures but also fond of a good cuddle with her human. She loves to play with her BFF, Vivian, and hasn’t been at all intimidated by the larger cats in the household. Perhaps we should add that “brown tabby” doesn’t do justice to her unusual markings, a beautiful mix of stripes and spots. Lovely as she is, though, it’s her personality that will win you over.

DSH, Grey and White, Female
DOB 8/19/17
Fancy, fun, friendly kitten, that’s me.  I am a pretty girl dressed in dark grey fur accented with white paws, a white sweater and a small goatee. Being such a sweetheart, I even wear a heart on my nose.  Snuggling, romping, exploring and playing is what I am really good at.  I also love to eat!  After a little playtime I would love to cuddle and fall asleep in your arms.   All snuggling is rewarded with purrs and purrs.  I am a confident kitty that would make a great addition to your family.


DSH, Torti/Tabby, Female
DOB 3/1/09
Julep came from a high kill shelter and settle in right away in her foster home.  She loves attention and being petted, she also enjoys her catnip toys.   Julep is beautiful both inside and out and she would make a great companion for anyone looking for an adult kitty.  She is not high energy but will talk to you if you are not paying attention to her.  Julep is searching for a home that she does not share with another cat.  She would love to be a part of your home.

DSH, Torti, Female
DOB 7/14
Just look at this beauty! Have you ever seen such a gorgeous girl. She is a very unique peach Torti and her personality matches her looks. Jupiter was definitely someone’s inside cat and she would love to continue that role. From her first day as a Purr Partners kitty, she made herself right at home with her foster mom. She loves to be in the same room and if you sit down she will be up on your lap in no time. She also would love it if she could share the bed with you at night! She will give you kisses and touch your face every so often just to make sure you are ok. She is good with other cats, dogs and although she doesn’t live with kids now, her foster mom thinks she would be fine with them. She’s a gentle and sweet girl. Won’t you bring this pretty girl home and give her the forever home she deserves?

DSH, Black and White Tuxedo, Female
DOB 3/17
I’m Kamryn, a little girl, mostly black with white paws and bib, and some cute white spots on my nose! I was very shy when first rescued, but I have really learned how to trust and have become a real sweetheart. I spend my days playing with the other kitties. I especially like when the humans play with me. I like balls with bells, feathers and boxes to hide in. I am very well-behaved, I eat well and have lots of energy. I would do well in a home with kids, other young cats, or a small dog.

DSH, Female
DOB 3/8/17
I’m Kelsy, a super cute and cuddly brown tabby.  I live with 7 other kittens and 4 adults so I know how to get along with other cats of all ages.  I am not shy and I do like to be held and cuddled.  When I first see you or am being held I start purring.  Playing with toys, hiding in boxes and wrestling with the other kittens are my favorite things.  If you are looking for a sweet little girl, I’m the one.  If you would like to meet me when I’m not at Pet Smart, contact Purr Partners and my foster Mom will get in touch with you.  Hope to meet you soon!

DMH, Dilute Torti, Female
DOB 12/20/16
Are you looking for a very pretty female that LOVES to play?  Well, look no further!  I love wands, strings, tunnels, towers, balls and toy mice!  Can I let you in on a secret?  I also enjoy YouTube videos showing birds and squirrels.  Those silly creatures really attract my attention.  Another one of my faves is sleeping in a sunbeam!
Once you have gained my trust, I am even a LAPCAT!!  Amazing really given my rough start to life – yes, I was abused and have even been shot at – so it is understandable that I do best when I can have all of your attention.  I am such a princess that I need to be an only cat.   At times, I can be startled and am a bit scared of being picked up.  For that reason, it is best that I find a home without younger children.  My foster mom isn’t sure how I will do with dogs as she doesn’t have any.  Please consider giving a young lady from the rough side of town a fresh start with a new life.  I look forward to giving you my love and attention.

DSH, Orange and White, Male
DOB 7/25/17
Landon is a cute little boy and when he gazes at you with that adorable little face your heart will melt. He loves to be with his foster mom and playing with his siblings and his friend Asa. Landon and Asa play tug of war with the toy at the end of the wand and just for fun loves to wrestle with the others. He loves to climb the cat tree, roll the balls around the room and then climb on his foster mom and give her some love. Landon is an enjoyable little boy that will have fun in any home!

DSH Black, Female
DOB 6/1/14
“Miss Licks” as she is called by her foster Mom is a lovely, sweet, and playful girl. Miss Licks had a very difficult beginning finding herself in a kill shelter, but happily rescued by Purr Partners. Upon arrival at her foster Mom’s it was quickly noticed that she had a serious and very painful injury to her tail. 2 hours later she was being seen by a Veterinarian who also discovered that she had several bite marks on her hip as well. It appeared that she had been attacked possibly by another cat. She stayed overnight for medical care, then home to her foster Mom for love and healing. Today Miss Licks is a beautiful, sleek, playful girl who loves attention and is always happy to see you. She had been terrified of other kitties but over time and trust she now has many kitty friends she plays with and enjoys time out on the screen porch with. She loves to “wag” her tail when she greets you and give lots of rubs and head butts. Miss Licks is now ready for her next step to find a loving family who will love to be loved by a tail wagging kitty!!!!

DMH, Dilute Torti, Female
DOB 7/25/17
Liliana is a playful little girl and thoroughly loves her little mice. She will carry it around and growl even though no one else is near her. She also enjoys playing chase and climbing up the cat tree. She gets along well with the other foster kitties and will play with anyone that wants to run. She also enjoys sitting with her foster mom and getting some love. Liliana will make a great addition to your family.

DSH, Black and White, Female
DOB 9/1/15
Limerick is a happy and easy going kitty.  She prefers her back and chest scratched and every so often likes a good belly rub.  Her favorite spot is perched up on the kitty tower watching the birds and squirrels outside.  She enjoys the company of the resident cats and loves to play chase.  Limerick is learning to coexist with the resident dog.  If the dog leaves her alone then she leaves the dog alone.  If the dog gets too close, she is fearless and will let the dog know.  Limerick does great with kids and likes to be brushed and fussed over.  She is looking forward to meeting her forever family!

DMH, Orange Tabby, Male
DOB 6/22/17
Loofah is a funky name.  But I’m not a funky kitten, I swear.  I’m a sweet, gentle soul with beautiful soft fur and eyes that could melt your heart in a second.  I’m in a kitten room with a bunch of younger boy kittens who are rambunctious and rowdy and yet I don’t have an impatient second with them.  I’m like a doting big sister even though I’m not very big yet, either.  I love all kinds of attention, cat, kitten or human.  I don’t know what dogs are, though, at least not yet.  I love the cat trees in my kitten room and being able to watch the world outside the windows.  When I want attention, I’ll lay on my foster mom’s lap or lean against her leg and she knows to cuddle me.  I love cuddling!

DSH Silver Tabby, Female
DOB 3/1/15
When Luna was rescued from the high kill shelter and came to live in her foster home, she settled in quickly.  She loves her toys and is great with the computer.  She can type, send emails and even do online shopping!  She loves attention and getting lots of love from her foster mom.  Luna would love to have a home of her own that she does not share with other cats.  Luna would make a great companion and would shower you with love.

DSH, Tabby with White, Female
DOB 6/6/17
Hi there, my name is Macy, and I’m hoping you might like to take me home with you.  I’m a very sweet girl, and whenever you pick me up and cuddle me I will purr and purr in your ear.  I live with a lot of other cats and kittens, and I have such a good time playing with them, and I even tolerate the gentle dogs in my foster home.  I love feathers and balls and fuzzy mice and especially running up and down the stairs in my foster home.  There’s so much for a little kitten like me to play with and investigate, but…yawn…when I get tired my very favorite thing to do is to curl up at the very top of a cat tree and dream of my very own forever home.  I’m hoping that you are looking for a wonderful, sweet little girl like me to be your very own kitty.

DSH, Blue Cream Dilute Tortie, Female
DOB 5/10/17
Maeve was born in the landfill to a feral mom, but when she was trapped, it was clear from the first moment that this little girl had her sights set on better things!  She was scared, but she displayed nothing but interest and affection unlike her brothers who were clearly not cut out for the indoor life!

Maeve seemed to understand that this was her ticket out, so she purred, rolled on her back, gave face rubs, and pretty much stole some hearts!  She was lonely without her brothers, so she was added to other kittens – and now she has a whole new family! Trapped at 8 weeks, Maeve is definitely not the typical feral kitten – she must have been born knowing she wanted a human family, lots of love and cuddles, and to live safely inside a house where she doesn’t have to worry about cars, scary predators, thunderstorms and rain, and all the frightening things that go with living outdoors – she had enough of that!  She just wants to be your princess that rules your heart and your home!  

Maeve is a gentle, sweet girl with the biggest, most most beautiful inquisitive eyes!  She enjoys being held, will climb up in your lap, sit next to you on your desk and purr while you are working.  She  loves to play ping pong soccer across the kitchen floor.  She is very tidy and has excellent litter box skills and not picky where she sleeps as long as she is nearby her humans.

Her best friend is a beautiful Calico cat named Tula Rose, and they love to do everything together – in fact, they would love to be  adopted together too, if her furever family would like to have two beautiful calico girls!  She would do well in any home, preferably one with another cat or kitten to keep her company.   Wouldn’t you love to come home and cuddle with this loving little gal?

Torti, Female
DOB 5/1/14
Margo is a very sweet, but shy cat. She loves to play with other cats and chase them around the house and also loves snuggling with them when she’s tired. Margo is very loving and will roll around on the floor in front of you or walk into your hand when she wants you to pet her. It does take a while to gain her trust though and will require someone patient who understands cat behavior. She’s definitely worth the wait because she is a great cat that will let you know how much she loves you once she realizes she’s home.

DMH, Brown Tabby, Female
DOB 5/1/15
Mariel is a wonderful kitty, she’s absolutely darling!  She’s a small cat, but don’t let that fool you – she’s got a large personality.  She appears to have an opinion on a lot of things, and does not mind letting you know what those opinions are!  She will start talking to you the minute you walk in the room, telling you all about her day, commenting on the weather, the quality of the food you are giving her (and whether or not there needs to be MORE of said food), what toys she likes and which are in need of replacement, and of course the high price of kitty litter.  Once you sit down, though, she will jump on your lap and start purring like crazy and loving on you.  She LOVES people and is not a shy cat, so you will not find her hiding behind the couch – she wants to be out in the open so she can comment on all that is going on, and of course get as much loving as possible!  Her favorite thing is to hang out on the sofa with her favorite person – she just needs to find that special someone.  She’s looking, and promises to be the best kitty ever if given a chance!  She’d make a great addition to any home.

Black, Male
DOB 7/1/17
This beautiful boy is super sweet and loving. He is the first to jump in your lap for naptime and as with all three, starts purring at first touch. The cutest thing he does is suckle on the tip of his tail. When he finds a favorite toy he growls as if conquering his prey. What a cutie, endlessly entertaining.

Black with White Spot on Chest, Male
DOB 7/1/17
It’s beautiful boy is very loving and sweet. Follows you everywhere.

DSH, White with small gray spot on head, Male
DOB 6/14/17
This Moondoggie is NOT a nighttime surfer! *:P tongue He prefers to sleep at night. But during the day, he and his housemates have a great time playing in the tunnel and chasing toy mice all around the place.  He particularly loves his feather wand and likes to carry it with him wherever he goes.  He will bring it to you when he wants you to play with him.  This handsome boy has blossomed into the most cuddly and loving kitty since he arrived at his foster home.  He loves to have a conversation with you and will let you hold him for as long as you will.  He is a great snuggler and his purr machine starts up right away.  He will come and sit at your feet and ask to be picked up, then he will give you kisses and rubs and gently touch your face with his paw.  He is just the sweetest boy his foster mom has ever seen!  Moondoggie is great with all of the other cats, in fact he would love to have another kitty that will let him love them.  He likes the family dog and would also be fine with gentle kids.  Don’t you want to add this beauty to your family?  He will reward you with love and loyalty for many years.

Black and White, Male
DOB 4/20/17
I am a beautiful little black and white spotted kitty (mostly white) rescued from an old Army tool box along with my siblings near Jacksonville, NC. My foster family has taken good care of me until I was ready to go to my forever home. I love to run around and chase toys, and play with my sister Louise, but I also like to be picked up and held. I purr quite loudly when you greet me in the morning. I am very curious, and will check out everything around the room. I also love treats! I can run and jump really high to catch feather toys, and will keep you happy all the time. I am learning to get along with other cats, and small dogs don’t bother me unless they are too rambunctious-then I will just get away from them for a little while.

Dilute Torti, Female
DOB 4/1/17
Mystique is quite the lovebug. Just call for her and she will come up to you telling you all about how she feels. Though she’s not much interested in toys, she will always be down for a session of love. She gets along great with dogs and other cats as long as they mind her personal space, wouldn’t you? She has the sweetest voice and she will make sure you hear it. She would do great in a house with older kids, as I feel smaller children may be too handsy, again personal space! Please consider her as a wonderful addition to just about any home!

DSH, Brown Tabby with White, Female
DOB 7/10/17
Natalia is an outgoing, curious, brown tabby with pretty, white accents who wants to be your new best friend.  She will greet you, follow you about and be your loyal, loving companion.  Her favorite place to be is with you.  Playful and athletic, she’s also ready to play.  She has no trouble keeping up with her brothers playing chase and wrestling. Her favorite toys are balls, play mice, and feather rod toys.  Natalia uses scratchers, and has great litter box manners.   If you are looking for an adorable, playful girl, Natalia is perfect for your family.

Black/Brown Tabby, Female
DOB 6/23/15
Nellie came to Purr Partners with 5 kittens and now she is ready to find her own home – her only requirement is LOVE. She loves to be with her humans and get lots of love and pets. She loves the attention and will in turn purr and roll over and do anything she can think of to draw you to her. She still likes to play with the balls and bat the mice, but your attention is what she craves the most. Nellie will make a great addition to any home.

DSH, Female
DOB 6/25/16
My adorable kittens and I were saved from a rural county shelter. The PurrPartners volunteer went to pick them up and the shelter was going to just euthanize me. Hey! I just turned 1 year old and still have my whole life in front of me! I’m a great catch! I am playful…but not drive-you-crazy playful. I am cuddly, but not co-dependent. I’d be great in a home with other cats or as a solo cat. I’ve had some problems with dogs in the past, so I will not be great in a house with dogs. Could you be my forever home?

DSH, Grey and White, Male
DOB 7/10/17
Sweet, friendly, purr machine, Noodles will be a terrific kitty for one lucky family.  This outgoing, confident kitty will steal your heart with his winning personality and lovely, soulful green eyes.  Noodles is a funny, playful, cuddly explorer.  He adores playing with feather wands, little toy balls and wrestling and chasing his kitten friends. He is the perfect little bundle of furry happiness, sure to entertain you.  Always ready for attention, as soon as he is held the purring begins. Noodles will be sure you are never lonely, and all you have to do is sit down, and he’ll be there.   He likes gentle children, other cats and will be a great addition to your family.

DSH, Grey and White Tabby, Female
DOB 6/1/16
Palisade is a sweetheart! She is a very pretty, petite little girl that loves attention, especially getting scratched on top of her head and under her neck. She loves to be close to you throughout the day, as she rubs against anything warm she can reach, whether it be a hand, a leg, or even a foot. She is good with children and loves to be in the middle of whatever is going on. She loves to sit with you while doing laundry, or watching TV, and likes to follow you around like a little puppy. She loves to snuggle up close to a warm body at night. And is fun and playful during the day. She loves to chase after strings and stick her cute little paws under the door to tease you. She is sure to make sure you never feel lonely as she is always eager to greet you and stay close when people are near.

DSH, Black and White, Male
DOB 7/3/16
I am a one year old very happy and affectionate kitty!   Once I have scoped out a new situation I am soooo very friendly!  I love attention and will make a lovely companion for you!  I’m awfully soft and a real purr box!

I am a black and white tuxedo with white painted toes.  Please take me home with you.  I will adore you forever!  Can’t wait for a home to call my own.

DSH Dilute Tabby, Female
DOB 3/7/15
Pastel is a stunning cat, her fur is a very soft, creamy, greige that is all the rage this season and says that and she would look amazing in a pearl collar!   She is quite affectionate and comes running when you call her name.  Pastel is a snuggle bug and will cuddle up with you and purr away while your read, watch TV or sip your wine.  Like any beautiful girl, she prefers to be the center of your world and will do well in a home where she can be the star!   She is very playful and will entertain you with her antics.  Pastel also enjoys playing with and is good around children.

Pastel is FIV+. This means that she has a compromised immune system, however, as an indoor cat, she can live a long happy life.   Won’t you be her knight in shining armor and give her the life she has always wanted and deserves?

DMH, Tortoiseshell, Female
DOB 1/6/16
Prada was brought in to a high kill shelter as a stray, and once she got into rescue she thought her life was going to be full of happiness from then on.  Unfortunately the person who adopted her from us became too ill to take care of her any more, so Prada has ended up back in foster care.  She is a wonderful kitty, though, and we just know her real forever home is out there looking for her.  Prada gets along well with other cats and ignores the two gentle dogs she lives with.  She loves to be petted and brushed, and will purr whenever she’s picked up.  Prada is on the small side even though she is an adult … she’s a purrfect lap size!  She’s really a very sweet cat who has had some bad luck in her life, and now she’s waiting very patiently for her “someone” to find her and take her home forever.

DSH, Orange Striped Tabby, Male
DOB 7/21/17
Who doesn’t like fall? Halloween, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes, and Pumpkin Kittens!!!! Hiya, I’m tiny orange tabby Pumpkin! I’m the perfect little bundle of fluffy happiness for the autumn season, and my stunning eyes and handsome stripes will steal your heart. I am the ultimate Purr Machine — I will snuggle up in your arms or on your lap, and I’ll let my loud purrs calm you down when you’re worried and lift you up when you’re sad! I’ll cuddle up to you to keep you warm in these cold autumn months, and my sweet, playful antics will bring a smile to your face and warm your heart! My favorite toys are those soft wool dryer balls, and my foster BFF Fabio and I love to play sports and games, rolling around our kitty toys! Come meet me and let me melt your heart before winter comes!

DSH Torbie, Female
DOB 5/5/14
Revlon was born along with her 3 siblings in a high kill shelter and remained there until they were rescued and brought to their foster mom, 4 weeks later. As she was ill when she arrived, Revlon required a great deal of care and love to recover and has blossomed into a beautiful, sweet, purring little girl. She loves to be held, snuggled and played with. She has developed a strong bond to people and loves to be close and be as helpful as she can in whatever it is you are doing!!! She is also very social with other kitties and loves to chase toy balls and mice around. Please come and meet sweet Revlon – she has kitten kisses to share!!!

DSH, Orange and White, Male
DOB 7/12/17
Rococo is a super friendly, fun-loving, affectionate kitten who loves to wrestle with his littermates, bat around toy mice, chase balls, and watch birds from the screened porch. Honestly, he is just an awesome kitty – overflowing with charm and personality. He purrs easily and after a good play session, he is happy to settle on your lap or next to you for a nap. He is comfortable around his foster family’s large gentle dog and would probably play with her if she would allow it. Rococo is very social and would love to be adopted with his sister Roulette or another kitty close to his age. This sweet boy will fill your home with love and entertainment.

Tabby with White, Male
DOB 6/20/17
Roman (Reed) is a favorite with his foster family. He has blossomed from a feral kitten that didn’t like people to an absolute love bug. He loves to fall asleep on your lap and likes to watch football and Wheel of Fortune.  He enjoys wrestling with his friend Lillypad, chasing ping pong balls and snuggling with the older cats on the couch. He has excellent litter box skills and always uses the scratching post.
Reed wants you to know that if he makes you his forever human your lap will always be warm and you will always fall asleep to purrs. Although a little shy at first once he has a belly rub and some chin scratches he will become your best friend. Reed is a sweet boy who would love to be adopted with Lilly or would like a younger kitten to play with.

DSH, Black and White, Female
DOB 3/17
I’m Rosalinda, a black and white little girl. My family call me Jumper because I can jump higher than any of the other kittens. Me and the other 7 kittens spend our days playing with our toys, playing hide and seek, and chasing one another. At quiet time, usually after I eat, I love to snuggle with humans. I’m usually one of the first to want to be held or lay on a lap. If you would like to meet me, contact Purr Partners and my foster Mom will set up a time and place that’s convenient for you to hear my awesome purr. Hope to meet you soon!

DSH, Female
DOB 1/18/09
Rosie was found with an injured leg that ultimately we had to amputate but she has adjusted completely to life as a “tripod” kitty and it hasn’t slowed her down any! She can zip up and down the stairs and jump over a fence with that one back leg, so don’t let her fool you into thinking she is handicapped! She is a lovely torbi with stunning gold yellow eyes, estimated to be about 8 years old, and is a wonderful housecat, very quiet and calm most of the day, but she craves some playtime every day and will let you know if she isn’t getting enough attention! She uses her litterbox and scratching posts, and is a textbook “lap cat”, wanting to sit on your lap (on her own terms!) and lie across your work area, or will follow you into the bathroom to get some attention, she always wants to be with her person, but when she has needed to be secluded in a room for her own safety, or gets shut out of the room where everyone else is, she is so good and doesn’t cry at the door to come in like most cats, just waits patiently for you to come and find her. She gets along well with cat-friendly dogs with a bit of “getting to know you” introduction time, but can be territorial and a little aggressive with other cats, so would definitely be best as an only cat. She is very smart and loves treats, and has been learning some simple tricks, as well as how to go outside on a leash and harness. She can be a bit shy and skittish in a strange place but once she adjusts, she is just the most well behaved, loving, affectionate little special cat, and she needs a special home where she can be the center of attention that she so much deserves!

DSH, Buff, Female
DOB 7/12/2017
This gorgeous girl will steal your heart with her winning personality and beautiful round eyes. She is talkative, playful, and loves to get cuddles. She enjoys batting around bits of paper, chasing feather wands and wrestling with her brother, Rococo. Whenever there is a lap available, she is happy to snuggle up, soak up attention, and show off her loud purr. She is adventurous and gets along fine with the Golden Retriever in her foster home. Roulette would thrive in a house where she gets plenty of human attention and has a kitty playmate – preferably her charming brother Rococo, who she loves dearly. You won’t regret adding this adorable little girl to your family.

DSH, Female
DOB 7/24/17
Sabina is a very striking little girl with unusual markings on her face, with a black body sprinkled with brown, white and orange patches. The black stripe down the bridge of her nose makes her unforgettable. She has a very sweet personality and loves to be near you. When you are sitting down she will jump in your lap. When she gets tired her favorite place for a nap is on the top of the pillow on the back of the sofa. If you are looking for her most times that’s where she’ll be. She spends her days running and playing with her three sisters and one brother. She can find so many things in the house that amuse her, but she really loves when someone plays with her. She would be a great addition to any family.

DSH Calico, Female
DOB 3/20/14
Hi, I am Sangria, I come from a litter of 7. I am very frisky. I love to run and chase toys and like to put on a show. I may even run so fast and roll across the floor. I love to be petted and loved. Please consider me for your furrever kitty.

DLH, Black, Female
DOB 7/24/17
Sasaparilla is a beautiful black female kitten with the softest fur. She lives with her four litter mates and four adult cats so she has learned to share and get along with other cats.
She has a sweet disposition, is very playful and loves to snuggle especially when she gets sleepy. Her favorite plaything are sandals – she will fall over and snuggle the sandal and your toes for as long as you let her. If you have an old pair you no longer need be sure to let her have them!
She is very secure in her environment and is usually one of the first to explore something new.

DSH, Female
DOB 7/15/15
Miss Shayla is a twin, blue/grey, approximately 7 months old. Shayla is super sweet and loving. She was rescued from a shelter and placed in a foster home, with her twin sister Miss Sklya, the foster families’ 2 cats and a golden retriever named Ruby. When she first arrived, it was discovered that Shayla had been in some sort of a accident and was injured. Purr Partners stepped up and paid for her surgery at the VHS hospital. After her recovery, she is doing really well, running, playing and reminds us of a monkey! She is missing some hair, from the surgery but it is growing in. She needs to go to a active home with other cats and cat friendly dogs. Would love for the twin sisters to go to their new home together, if possible! Both are wonderful!!

Orange and White Tabby, Male
DOB 4/14/17
Sherbert was rescued along with his brother Snuggles in which they were bottle fed together. They only know humans as being their moms or dads and are extremely loyal to anyone that feeds them. Sherbert likes to take time to play but he also enjoys looking out the window and taking long cat naps. He loves being held and being able to see everything happening around him. He’s great with cats, kittens, kids and even dogs and would love to be adopted with his brother, Snuggles.

DSH Torti, Female
DOB 12/31/12
Sienna was once considered disposable and she is lucky to be alive. She is has learned to trust, and she is braver every day. She and her sister were thrown in the dump when they were about 7 weeks old, and things were not looking good. However, they were brave enough to not let themselves starve to death, and so they were discovered, and now life is way better! Sienna does not have mean bone in her body, and while it will take a special person who is willing to be patient and kind, the reward will be great. Sienna adores other cats and kittens, and she purrs like crazy when she is petted and loved on. She’s still a little nervous about some things, but she has a brave heart, and she’s working hard on her fears. Surely someone out there will be willing to give her a chance. It’s not fair that such a horrible beginning and such cruelty from humans should prevent her from having a loving home of her own! Sienna still believes in the goodness of people!

DSH, Female
DOB 7/15/15
Miss Skyla is a fun loving, playful grey/blue kitten. Born July 15, 2015 with her twin sister, Shayla. Rescued from a shelter and now in a foster home, with her twin sister and her foster family plus Ruby … a golden retriever. She races to the screened in porch to watch the birds and hang out during the day. At night she snuggles with her sister and plays with everyone!! Would love for Skyla to be adopted into a active, other cat/dog home and possibly with her sister!! They do love each other. 🙂

DSH Orange Tabby with White, Male
Special Needs
DOB: 7/15/15
Sunkist is the cutest, silliest, funniest boy who loves to play and entertain. He is quite active and mischievous. He likes toys and loves to chase the broom when you sweep. He gets along very well with other cats. He loves treats. So why has he been in foster care for over a year and a half? In January of 2016, he was just a half grown kitten pulled from a high kill shelter. He came to us with a severe sinus infection where he was sneezing blood. He was treated with multiple courses of antibiotics but every time he came off of antibiotics, he would start sneezing and eventually would develop sinus and respiratory infections. We tried different antibiotics and extended courses of antibiotics but Sunkist could never stay well for long. He was even seen at the vet school but there has been no cure found for him. His infections are not contagious and are caused by damage in his sinuses from when he was a kitten so he will always be susceptible to infections. He will periodically need antibiotics and steroids. Despite all of this he is a happy boy that would love nothing more than a real home for the first time in his life. He is not a placid lap cat because he is so busy all of the time. He would love a family with older kids or other cats to play with – maybe even a dog! He is stuck in foster care through no fault of his own. We have found homes for cats with many different medical issues before and we know that there is a home out there for Sunkist. Could it be you that will open your heart and home to this deserving boy?

DLH, Black and White, Female
DOB 8/31/16
Hi, my name is Tap Dancer! I am silky soft – you will love stroking my
luxurious fur and gazing into my gorgeous, deep gold eyes. I am a little
shy at first; my foster mom thinks I was teased and tormented before I was
picked up while roaming outside with my kitten. I need to wait and watch a
little before I decide what kind of person I’m dealing with, but when I know
that you’re not going to mistreat me, I am friendly, loving and oh so
playful! We will have so much fun together playing “catch the feather wand
toy,” and I will jump up in your lap or lie on top of you from time to time.
I am learning to trust people to hold me for a short time, but I do not like
to be carried around. I get along fine with other cats that can take
charge, but sadly, more timid cats find my antics irritating and we do not
get along well. I have not met any dogs in my foster home, so “dog testing”
me is needed if you have one. My temperament is well suited to respectful
school age children and adults. I have plenty of love to give and I know my
person or family is out there somewhere, looking for me. I hope you find me
soon so I can fill your heart and home with my beauty and fun, chatty

DSH, Grey and White Tabby, Female
DOB 6/1/17
What a beauty this girl is.  She has such a beautiful face.  Like her sister – I think she knows that she is beautiful.  She has very expressive eyes that beg you to pick her up and love her.  This girl is very curious and has inspected every inch of the kitty romper room she lives in.  When you walk into the room, you will see her head pop up just before she runs to greet you. She and her littermates had a tough start in life.  Purr Partners got them from a shelter after they were dropped off without their mom.  They had to be bottle fed for a few weeks, but as you can see they have responded well to the love and care they have received.  Like her littermates, she enjoys toys of all kinds, cat trees and hanging out with humans.  You can’t go wrong with this girl!!

DSH, Black and White, Male
DOB 6/1/17
Tempo has such a unique face – when he looks at you, it is as if he is looking into your soul.  He has a calm disposition and enjoys hanging out with his littermates.  This sweet boy loves to be where you are. You don’t have to worry about him hiding when friends come over.  The top of the cat tree is his favorite spot.  Loves to play with any kind of toy.  Chasing the laser pointer is one of his favorites.  He and his littermates had a tough start in life.  Purr Partners got them from a shelter after they were dropped off without their mom.  They had to be bottle fed for a few weeks, but as you can see they have responded well to the love and care they have received.  Tempo gets along well with kitties of all ages.  He would be a great addition to any family.

DSH, Grey, Male
DOB 6/1/14
“Toe Tapper Thomas” is  the ultimate Lap Kitty!!  There is nothing that he likes more than to be next to you and keep you company in whatever you may be doing.  He loves to lay beside the computer while you work, nudging your hand as you type, and misspell your words!!  He also enjoys bird watching and the squirrels racing across the yard from his screen porch.  No matter what you are doing, watching TV, reading a good book, he will give you  gentle “tap” to remind you its time for a chin rub or pat. This Big boy has so much love to give, please came and meet THOMAS!!

Thomas was rescued only hours from death as he had tested + for FIV. The virus in cats means that they have a compromised immune system. However it does not diminish a long and happy life, many FIV kitties live well into their late teens, enjoying a long and loving life. For more info on Thomas please contact Purr Partners. Thomas is waiting for his furrrrever loving family.

DSH, Bobtail, Brown Tabby, Male
DOB 3/1/17
Little Tinker is a cute, playful and VERY curious boy!!  Always exploring and checking out new toys, loves the big Crinkle Tunnel, and playing “Soccer” batting around the little balls with his brother Treble.  Always ready to play, Tinker seeks out his friends & brothers for an exciting game of Tag!! Looking for a happy, playful and sweet boy, come visit with TINKER!!

DSH, Brown Tabby, Male
DOB 3/1/17
TRAVOLTA the “Entertainer”-  he just Loves to perform no matter where he is!!  He will draw you in with his antics, reach out to touch you and have some pats.  He is the bravest of the 3 boys, Tinker & Treble, always the first one to lead the “pack” out on an adventure, find new places to hide and then ambush!!  Travolta loves attention, snuggles and being a part in what you might be doing.  Travolta will entertain you, make you laugh and brighten your day. Come and make his dreams come true and be his forever family!!!!

DSH, Bobtail, Brown Tabby, Male
DOB 3/1/17
Treble is the brother of Tinker, both Bobtails who love to play together.  Having a big screen porch to climb on levels, run through the big crinkle tunnel or hide inside and ambush an unwary passer by, is all in a days activities for Treble.  Always aware of what you are doing, and curious to see too, Treble will always be willing to join in. Treble is ready to meet his new forever family for lots of fun and LOVE!!!!  Come and meet Treble. 

DSH, Buff Tabby with White, Male
DOB 4/5/17
Uno is a handsome young fellow that has an incredibly friendly personality! He is constantly purring and loves attention! He is always inches away from the action. Uno is definitely still a little kitten at heart as he thoroughly enjoys play time! He is great with kids and would be great with other cats as well as long as they are willing to accept him. Although he was born to a feral mom, it is clear that he truly longs for a family and craves that attention as it does not take him long to fit right in and become comfortable. Uno would love to be part of your family!

DSH, Orange Tabby, Male
DOB 7/18/17
Little Man, as he’s known by his foster family, is an adorable little bundle of joy! He was all by himself in a cage at the shelter when he was just 5 weeks old. He joined his foster brothers and sisters who were all older and much bigger than he was but that didn’t bother him at all! He jumped right in to play with the big kitties. He is full of personality and wants to be where you are. He gives kisses and purrs up a storm! He’s great with everyone and doesn’t have a timid bone in his cute little body. He loves the other cats, the dog and would be great with gentle kids. He is ready for his forever home now and will reward you with so much love!

DSH, Brown Tabby, Male
DOB 4/16
Beautiful Sweet Valiant just loves people!!  He will follow you every where you go, curious as to what you are doing and always ready to lend a Paw to help out!!  He enjoys chasing little ping pong balls, attacking the little furry mice, and curling up on the sunny screen porch for a snooze.  He will sit with you on the couch, or cuddle with you at night.  Valiant is a Luv Bug just looking for a forever family to LOVE!!

DSH, White with Tabby and Solid Patches, Female
DOB 5/10/17
Lovely Vivian, pictured here with her BFF Irma Jean, is a perfect angel and has the wings to prove it. (Note the pattern of the fur on her sides.) When she was rescued from a feral colony, she immediately melted into her rescuer’s arms and started purring. That was our first clue that she would become a lap cat of the first order. She loves to play – especially with her buddy – but at other times she figures there’s nothing better than a warm lap. And when foster mom gets a little distracted by “things” that need to be done, Vivian reminds her of what’s important by flipping over on the floor in front of her for a belly rub. Vivian is an introvert, though, so strangers and loud noises send her in search of a safe hiding place. That just makes it all the more special when she climbs into your lap.

DMH, Grey Tabby, Male
DOB 8/20/17
This boy came from a shelter in Wayne County with his 3 brothers. All the brothers are great friends and love to play. He loves to wrestle with his brothers and is usually the one who starts the wild play. Winkle will run up and down and all over the place looking for fun. He is a ball of energy and is typically the last one of the group to be tired. While he loves to run and is “all boy” he also will lie on people’s lap to rest and purr. When the foster mom leaves the room and calls “the babies,” he is the first one to come running around the corner to see what is going on. He has been around high energy activities and doesn’t run and hide. He has not had access to dogs, but with his personality he should be fine.

DMH, Grey, Male
DOB 8/20/17
He is the smallest of the brothers who were pulled from Wayne County Shelter. When you walk into the room for breakfast he will look up at you with his big eyes and start to “talk” to you.  While he likes to play with his brothers typically he is the first one to find a person to snuggle up to. His favorite spot to snuggle up on is your neck area. He will just plop down, roll over, and purr. Within seconds his body is relaxed and he is asleep.  His sweet face reminds you of a teddy bear. He is good around older cats as he will walk right up to them and they will begin to groom him. He stands there almost as if he expected nothing less. He has been around teenagers and adults. He has not been exposed to dogs. With this adorable face it is hard not to fall in love with him.

DSH, Buff Tabby, Male
DOB 9/15/17
Zander with his pretty buff coat is a fabulous kitten.  He came to Purr Partners, tiny, skinny and hungry.  With lots of tender loving care, he has blossomed into a very active sweet kitten.  He is super playful and loves to wrestle with his foster brothers and sister.  He gets along well with kitties of all ages.  Since he has had so much human contact, he preferred sleeping spot is your lap, however a pile of kittens will do if a lap is not available.  He loves to play with all sorts or toys, real or imagined!  He is not shy at all and loves to be where is humans are.  Zander would be a wonderful addition to any family, especially one with a playmate for him.

DSH Grey Tabby, Male
DOB: 5/1/15
If you are looking for a big, lively, handsome boy, Zepher is ready to help you out. He’s a happy, playful fellow who loves people and playing with children. Never shy, he is active and curious, always up for a game or good run, and loves a handy window seat or cat tower for nature watching. He’d love a forever home with other kitties to play with and humans to adore him but he wouldn’t be opposed to being the one and only worshiped feline in the home either. He’s not familiar with dogs but being open-minded is willing to meet one and see if they get along. His beautiful light grey fur and soft stripes adorn his athletically masculine cat body. Zepher’s looking for the right person or family to appreciate his attributes and give him the love he’s craving.

DSH, Brown Tabby with White, Male
DOB 6/10/17
Hi, I’m Zodiac, I’m sure are signs are aligned and we are super compatible.  From my awesome white paws to my white vest to my gorgeous thick, soft, fur coat, I’m very handsome.     I adore people and we will  quickly be best friends. I would love to hang out with you and snuggle warm and cozy in your arms.  Always ready to play or cuddle, I am known for my gentle, affectionate and fun personality.  Belly rubs are especially nice.  I adore attention either snuggling or playing with balls, feather toys or my kitten buddies.  I’m a sweet love bug that will be great with gentle children and other cats.

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