Adoptable Cats & Kittens

Adoptable Cats & Kittens

Russian Blue Mix, Dark Blue, Female   
DOB 5/1/18
Adora did not start her life in a good place.  A kind soul witnessed her being dumped in a park at night and then brought to the shelter where she was so terrified that she bit a volunteer. She did not break the skin but she was put on a bite quarantine anyway and isolated away from people and other cats. When we found her there, she was sad and dejected so we took her into our program in the hopes that we could show her what it means to be loved.  Her foster quickly realized that Adora had been abused in her former home.  She believed that when her foster reached out to pet her that she was going to hit or grab her instead.  She did not want to be picked up at all and would curl up in a ball and grab hold and bite. But she NEVER broke the skin. She was just trying to protect herself and didn’t realize yet that she would never be handled roughly, hit or hurt again.  She seemed to think that her foster was going to throw things at her or swat her with a broom and was very cautious.  It is truly heartbreaking to see a kitten react this way. After some time and patience, she started to come around and we could see that she was starting to trust us and realize that she was safe from harm.  She has come so far in such a short time and we just love her! She is strikingly beautiful with her almost charcoal coloring and her perfectly triangular face.  She is sleek and soft and loves to be petted as long as you can tell when it’s time to stop.  She absolutely loves other cats and dogs and will love her people too.  We would not recommend young children due to her history of abuse.  She does love to sit in your lap and instantly purrs when touched. She has started sleeping on the bed with her foster at night and is a huge fan of the fuzzy blanket.  She pushes and nurses on it and then curls up for a nap. Please give this girl a chance and show her that not all humans are mean. 

DSH, Black & White Tuxedo, Male
DOB 7/8/18
Hey! Hey you!  Yes, you. I mustache you a question.
Do you like really cute, playful and sweet kittens? Do you like kittens that will snuggle with you for hours while you binge watch Netflix? Do you like to be met at the door each evening by an enthusiastic buddy who will help you share your ice cream?
Well, if you answered ‘YES!’ to any of these questions then I am supposed to go home with you. I am a super-social, friendly and gregarious little guy who loves people and other cats. I’m confident, curious and a real lover boy who would fit right into your family.  So what do you need to do? Submit an application and before you know it I will be eating your cat food and purring you to sleep at night. Hurry! I’m so dang adorable I won’t be here long!

DSH, Calico, Female
 Special Diet

DOB 4/28/12
Foster to Adopt Eligible
Allyson has lived a life in pain. She was surrendered to a high kill shelter because she was urinating outside of the litter box. It turns out that Allyson was suffering from a bladder and urinary infection that her owners declined to treat her for,  over a period of years. Allyson’s entire life was turned upside down when she was abandoned by the only family she knew. Allyson was a troubled kitty when she was rescued by Purr Partners. We have cleared up her medical issues with simple antibiotics but the psychological scars may take longer to heal. She came to us frightened and confused about people. After weeks in foster care, she has slowly begun to trust her foster mom. She is living with other kitties and dogs and is getting along well with both. She is a little overweight, another sign of neglect from her previous life. Otherwise, she is a beautiful girl. Due to her tragic past, we will make sure that she has a safe home where she will never be mistreated again. She will likely need some time to adapt and some patience and understanding from her new owner. Understandably, she can be defensive, at first, but underneath she is a very sensitive girl who only wants to be loved.  Click here for more information on our Foster to Adopt program. 

DSH, Brown Tabby, Male
DOB 4/1/18
Antonio and his brother, Ansel, came to us most recently.  He and his siblings were born on a roof where their Mother left them.  He is a bottle baby which means he is very attached to humans.  Since coming into his foster family’s home, Antonio has been alert, gentle, and playful. He seems very curious about everything that is going on in the household! He is quite amusing to watch, as he is very athletic and flexible and loves to play! Antonio is a warm and loving kitten, and loves to rub his cheeks on you!

DSH, Tabby, Male
DOB   4/9/18
Augie is a sweetheart!  He came into a high kill shelter with a broken back leg, but one of the wonderful vets we work with felt that because he was so young it would heal on its own.  Kitten’s bones repair themselves very often, and Augie was one of the lucky ones.  He runs around with the other kittens in his foster home and wrestles and plays, and you’d never know there had ever been something wrong with his leg.  Augie has joined a litter that he was not born into, but he loves his siblings and will curl up with them and sleep after a play session.  He loves feather toys, and climbing up and down on the cat trees in his foster home, and he will cuddle up when he’s picked up.  His foster mom just loves him, and he will make a wonderful addition to any home.

DSH, Black, Female
DOB 8/10/18
Hi I am Aura.  My sisters were beautiful Siamese kitties and I must have been the ugly duckling.  I am Siamese, I just do not have the coloring.  My face shape is the same and my fur is soft like a Siamese.  I am very loving and will wait for you at the door in hopes that you will come in and love on me.  I like nothing better than sitting on your lap, purring (continuously) and giving you kisses.  I do play from time to time with the other kitties but if I see a human – my attention is diverted immediately so that I can come love you!  I am a lap kitty although I don’t get a lot of time on my fosters lap due to the other foster kitties.  I would be great with anyone.  I do not know dogs yet so not certain what they are or if I would enjoy one of my own.  Maybe.  My favorite toy is a pompom in a bright color. 

DSH, Orange Tabby, Male

DOB 7/30/18
If you looked up “how to have fun” in a dictionary, there would be a picture of Bennie – either playing with himself or playing with his littermates.  He has the best personality.  He is an all around great kitty – loves to play and is also very affectionate.  Love everything; people, other cats, toys, playing in the shower.  He has great manners, loves using the scratching post on the cat tree.  He gets along well with kitties of all ages.  He has beautiful tabby markings that are so symmetrical.  If you are looking to add some fun and excitement to your life, Bennie is the kitty for you. 

DSH, Torti, Female

DOB  3/28/18
Come melt into my eyes! I am a quiet girl ready to shower you with attention. I love a warm lap, a snuggle, and just chilling with people. I get along great with other cats, kids who play gently, and am tolerant around calm dogs. I have perfect litter box and scratching post manners. I’d be great in a mellow home with people looking for a soulful companion. I’d love to meet you!

DSH, Black, Male
DOB 5/9/18
I’m so soft my fosters can’t keep their hands off me!  And I don’t mind a bit!  I love all the attention and snuggles. I love to be petted and have my head scratched. I also love to chase my brothers and sister around, climbing and jumping or playing hide and seek!  I am a super sweet, beautiful little kitten who is looking for a forever family to play and snuggle with me!


DSH, Dilute Calico, Female

DOB 9/1/17
Candace is a wonderful girl! Purr Partners rescued this former stray at the last minute and she has proven to be a real gem! Candace adores people and will gladly accept all the attention and affection she can get. She also likes sleeping on the bed next to her foster mom. Candace has excellent litter box manners and is past the “crazy kitten” stage. Don’t let her petite size fool you; Candace can hold her own! She gets along with other cats after a proper introduction and is getting used to the gentle dog in her foster home. Candace is no trouble at all and will be a terrific addition to any home. Come to meet her!

DSH, Black, Male
DOB 5/9/18
I am a super soft, super snuggly, super lively little black ball of fun!  I love chasing around my brothers and sister until exhaustion kicks in!  Then I crave lots of snuggles and attention from my foster family. I am great with kids, adults and other cats. It seems I’ve never met a stranger. I also love to chase laser pointers all over and can jump nearly halfway up the wall, if I’m challenged!  I am one cool kitten!!!

DSH, Dilute Calico, Female

DOB 6/1/18
Catalina is a stunning kitty.  She has the most beautiful eyes and very unique coloring.  In addition to her good looks, she has a calm, sweet disposition.   She loves to hang out on the couch, snuggling up next to you, waiting for you to rub her chin.  She gives lots of head butts, marking you as hers.  She is a talker and will always greet you when you come into the room.  She has a playful side too, gets along well with kitties of all ages.  Catalina is a confident little kitty and is waiting for someone to fall in love with her and take her home. 

DMH, Gray & White, Male

DOB 7/8/18
Cenzio is one of the lucky ones.  When he was a tiny kitten he showed up in someone’s yard all alone.  There are so many bad things that can happen to a very small kitten when they are outside by themselves, but Cenzio was picked up and found his way to Purr Partners to be safe and find a forever home.  Cenzio is a very sweet kitty who will purr the moment you pick him up to cuddle him and then snuggle right in.  Cenzio is on the quieter side, but he does like to play with other cats and kittens, and being very curious, he loves to investigate wherever he is.  One of his most favorite spots is up at the top of a tall cat tree so he can look down and see everything that’s going on.  Feathers also rank right up there on his favorites list, but you have to shake them gently.  Cenzio is such a sweetheart and a real love bug. 

DMH, Brown Tabby, Female

DOB 3/1/17
Charisma and one of her friends were rescued from a shelter along the coast right before hurricane Florence struck.  Charisma was quiet during her long ride in the evacuation traffic anticipating her foster home and has shown her foster mom every day how happy she is to have survived.  She came into her foster home late that night with the same happy attitude that she continues to show.  She loves to play with her foster friend and the multitude of toys in the room.  Some days she has a lot to say while other days she just enjoys sitting with foster mom and getting lots of attention.  Charisma is hoping for a home of her own in which she can spread her joy with others.

DSH, Gray & Brown Tabby, Female

DOB 3/8/17
Foster to Adopt Eligible
Chelsea is a beautiful little girl with a pink nose and striking eyes.  She came to us when she was a few weeks old – all by herself, no littermates or Momma.  The first two weeks she was quarantined to make sure she was healthy so she only had humans for playmates.  While she likes other cats and gets along with them, she is more comfortable being close to humans.
She will take all the attention you can give her.  When she is in a loving mood she will climb on your lap, put her paws on your chest and touch your nose with hers!  Sometimes what happens to a kitten early in life determines their personality – and Chelsea will be cautious at first, but once she knows you and trusts you, she will be a little love bug and a loyal friend.
She is curious about the world around her and can spot a fly or ant from 10 feet away.  She loves to watch the birds and bugs outside a window and will make little-chirping noises when something comes close to the window.  Chelsea will play with any toy you give her, but she especially likes the beam from a laser.  Chelsea would do best with a couple or single person – where she can feel safe, can accept your love and give you all hers in return. Click here for more information on our Foster to Adopt program. 

DSH, Mackerel Tabby, Male

DOB 4/26/15
Foster to Adopt Eligible
 Prescription Diet
My name’s Chevy and just like my namesake, I’m fast and ruggedly handsome. I’m a sports model because I like to play; show me feathers, kicker, laser light, almost anything that moves and I’m ready for the game.  I like to find a soft lap or to snuggle up real close for some TV, especially sports or movies that have some animals in them. I’m a terrific companion kitty and am looking for a human that would enjoy my company. I have a cat tree beside the window at my foster home for cat TV and napping and do hope my forever home will have one too. I do my bit around the house, keeping up with whatever is going on and helping out by being entertaining. I’m looking for a forever home with adults or older children. I haven’t had many kitty friends but with some very gradual introduction, I’m willing to give it a try. I think dogs are OK from a distance, but I haven’t had much experience with them close up. If you are cat savvy and looking for a good-tempered companion, someone to hang out with you, I’m your boy! 
Chevy is on Urinary Food to prevent urinary tract problems that are common in male cats. His toilet habits are excellent.  He has very short hair and almost no shedding, a definite advantage. Chevy is not fond of PetSmart and the foster to adopt program gives the opportunity to see his real personality. Click here for more information on our Foster to Adopt program. 

DSH, Black, Female
DOB 5/9/18
I am the only girl in a litter of five kittens!  So I’ve already put up with a lot in my short life!  But I am super chill and one adorable little black fur ball. I love playing with my brothers, chasing, wrestling, climbing and jumping until we are all exhausted. And then it is time for snuggles and lots of purrs!  And please rub my soft belly!  That is my favorite!  I am a beautiful kitty with loving big green eyes who is great with kids and other cats. And I’m looking for my forever home!

DSH, Black, Male

DOB 8/4/18
Super friendly, playful, glossy black kitten, with the softest, silkiest coat you’ll find.  For Carolina fans, here is a miniature black panther to cuddle up with while you watch the game.  Coley also loves sports – he will be there lickity split ready for action. He’ll entertain you with his playful leaps, twists and spins trying to catch toys dangling from rods.   With the skills of a soccer player, his fast little feet chase and bat balls across the floor. After some play, Coley will purr in your arms wishing for a full body massage.  Need “help”?  Coley is right there always keeping you company. His confident, out-going personality gives him all the essential qualities to be a great furry family.

DMH, Torti/Butterscotch, Female

DOB 6/20/16
Are you looking for a cat that is beautiful, talks, likes laps, loves to be petted and is playful?  Search no more, you have found your kitty.  Coral is all these things and much much more. When Coral was pulled from the shelter and came to her foster home she came in the door and gave her seal of approval by giving a little meow and going right to the toys.  She especially likes the wands, with no feathers, that she can grab and pull on like a game of tug of war, rolling balls across the floor and catnip pillows that she can wrap her legs around are fun too. She doesn’t mind having her fluffy fur brushed or having her claws clipped because it gives her another chance to sit on your lap. Coral would love to have a family of her own where she can run and play, and best of all just hang out with her new family, maybe find a new lap or two that is calling her name.

Siamese Mix, Blue Point, Male

DOB 8/12/18
Cream is a gorgeous Blue Point Siamese mix with sparkling blue eyes and four white paws. He is the handsome, shy, sensitive type. It takes him a moment to snuggle and purr. He loves to play and have his neck scratched. He would love to be adopted with his brother Chowder. Please come meet Cream and give him the forever home that he deserves.


DMH, Tuxedo, Male
DOB 6/4/18
Cruiser and his little cousin, Posh, came to us through a Veterinarian from Nash County who trapped them from her feral colony located on their land. They were already de-wormed and given all of the care that was necessary before being transferred to us.  When we received them, Cruiser was immediately neutered and sent home to be with his new foster family. His family thinks that he’s just so sweet, and he is very much a LAP KITTY–almost as soon as you walk in the door!

Cruiser is very special, as he gives gentle nibbles followed by licks. It is his way of expressing himself. Children who are gentle with other such kitties will do just fine with him, just as long as they know that he is just expressing himself. His foster family started introducing him to their dog today and is just beginning the process of introductions to their other cats, as well.
Cruiser is quiet, gentle, outgoing, and very loving. We know that you will love him just as much as we do!

DSH, Brown Tabby with White, Male
DOB 8/8/18
Dancer and his brother, Dasher, came to us from the Nash County Shelter. He is quite outgoing, and quite often gently insists to be near you. He prefers to be so close to you that he will tuck his face into your neck and just stay there.  He loves to lay on your lap if you take the time to sit with him, and will purr for long periods of time without ceasing.
Dancer LOVES to play! He is creative in finding the “toy” in found objects such as a paper ball, empty box, or paper tube that you have strategically placed in his space.
Dancer will also never get tired of being near you! He is happy from the time he wakes up, to the time he goes to bed. He also loves the companionship of other kittens and cats and will do well as a new member of an already pet-friendly family home.

DLH, Gray with White, Female
DOB  5/1/2005
Daphne was surrendered to a shelter after a family had her for 13 years.  Why someone would surrender such a sweet lady is hard to imagine.  Daphne is a beautiful long-haired girl and may be part Maine Coon.  She has a wonderful temperament and enjoys spending her day watching out the window, and curling up with her foster mom in order to receive lots of pets and love. Daphne is currently taking applications for someone seeking a sweet, gentle lady that enjoys the attention that only a human can give.

DSH, Gray with White, Male
DOB 8/8/18
Dasher and his brother, Dancer, came to us from the shelter in Nash County. He was shy at first, but it didn’t take long before he warmed up to us. He is SO sweet and gentle and loves to lay on your lap if you sit next to him on the floor. 
He is quiet and plays quietly, but can be quite silly to watch when introducing a new toy to him. Dasher loves greeting you just as soon as you step through the doorway, and will continue to stand by your side until you properly greet him.
Dasher is beginning to be slowly introduced to our dog and cats, and he not shown any apprehension to either. He will be quite content in any household that can give him the gentle love that he needs. With only a short amount of time, he will be outgoing and perfect for any family.


DLH, Silver Creme, Male

DOB: 7/1/2015 

I’ll bet you’ve never seen a cat like me before! I have silky silver and gray fur with a long tail and ear tufts. Oh, and check out my black eyeliner! Somehow I wound up in a high kill shelter and was rescued by Purr Partners. Sure, I am not longer a cute little kitten but you won’t find a sweeter boy anywhere. I am a friendly, passive, low key type of guy. I admit I am shy at first but that won’t last long. I just need a little time to adjust to all of the new and scary things that are happening to me. My foster mom said I need to gain some weight. She also said that I will be GORGEOUS once I get some good food and TLC. I love to have my chin and behind my ears scratched. Would you please consider giving me a permanent home where I won’t be abandoned again? I will blossom for you.

DSH, Gray & White, Male
DOB 5/25/18
Ernie H. (a short version of Ernest Hemingway!)  is an awesome little boy with super big feet and thumbs!  Like the Hemingway cats of Key West, he’s a polydactyl, but while that’s very cool, the best thing about Ernie H. is his super personality.  He is playful and entertaining, but he is also very much a cuddler and a lap kitty.  When you sit down, he’s there.  He’s all about snuggling and being close… really close, to you.  However, he’s still a kitten, so he has lots of energy and he adores toys and running and romping.  He loves his foster playmates and there’s nothing better than a good game of chase. He is wonderful with all cats, and people, he meets.  Ernie H. is confident and brave but gentle without a mean bone in his body.  It’s very hard to understand why this cutie would have been dumped at a county landfill, but that’s where he was – and as soon as the caretaker of the feral colony showed up to feed, he proclaimed his presence – and need for rescue – loud and clear.  Ernie H. is the perfect kitten if you want tons of love, lots of smiles and laughs, and kisses and cuddles galore! 

DSH, Buff, Male
DOB 4/3/18
Fajita loves to play with his foster friends and realizes that everything is a potential toy. He will chase balls around the room, throw mice in the air and wrestle with any kitty that wants to join in the fun. When the fun and games are over he will let his foster mom cuddle him and listen to him purr while he enjoys the attention. Fajita will make a wonderful attention to any home.

DSH, Orange Tabby, Male
DOB 4/3/18
Flame is an energetic little guy who loves to hang out with his foster mom for attention and belly rubs. While he is getting pets he is watching the other kitties and waiting for them to play a game that he would like to join and when he sees it, watch out, he will jump in with all four paws.  If you want laughter and love then you need Flame as a member of your family!

DSH, Agouti Tabby, Male
DOB 4/3/18
Foxy is a rare, handsome Agouti (non-striped tabby) boy with a wonderful personality. He is playful and enjoys wrestling with the other kitties, hiding in the cat tunnels and jumping out scaring the other kitties. After playtime, he loves to climb to the top of the cat tree and taking a nap with the sun shining on him. He would love to have a home of his own, is it yours?

DSH, Brown Tabby, Male
DOB 6/2014
Gallagher is a very loving short haired tabby who is almost 4 years old.  He is a gorgeous male cat with very pretty markings.  Gallagher is a very shy boy at first but once he opens up (takes about a day) he is such a lover.  He loves belly rubs and laying on laps.  Gallagher is great with babies, children and other cats.  He has not had any experience with dogs but will likely be okay with a little time.   He is such an easy cat and very well mannered.  No behavioral issues.  He needs a good home with lots of love to give and he’ll give lots in return.  Ideally, Gallagher would love to find a home with his sister, Glitzy.  They make a great team, but they can go separately.

DSH, Brown Tabby with White, Female

DOB 6/30/18
Gaylen means “tranquil or calm.”  This little girl is so sweet!  She enjoys playing with her kitten toys, cuddling and napping in your lap.  She likes climbing cat towers and being with people.  Gaylen is good with kids of all ages and gets along with other kitties.  If you are looking for an affectionate and fun kitty, Gaylen is for you.


DMH, Tabby and White, Female
DOB 6/2014
Glitzy is a sassy and spunky medium haired cat with an absolutely gorgeous face.  Glitzy doesn’t walk, she prances.    She is a very friendly almost 4-year-old cat and loves being scratched underneath her chin.  Glitzy, like her brother Gallagher, loves fancy cat toys but her absolute favorite thing to play with is a water bottle cap.  Glitzy has the ability to hear you open a bottle of water anywhere in the house and will come running to get the cap. Glitzy is great with babies, children and other cats.   She has not had any experience with dogs but will likely be okay with a little time and proper introduction.   She is very easy going and well mannered.  No behavioral issues whatsoever just a sweetheart.   She simply needs a good home with lots of love to give.  Ideally, she would love to find a home with her brother, Gallagher, but it’s not a necessity.  They make a great team and do love each other, but more importantly, she wants a loving home with cuddles and kisses.

DSH, Black, Female
DOB 5/10/18
Hannah is a curious kitty. She has to check everything out before snuggling up with you. She loves her toys and other cats. She is great with kids and loves to play in her water bowl. She usually gets her sisters wet after putting her paws in the bowl and then shaking them, leaving her sisters to dry themselves! She will definitely keep you laughing!

DSH, Black, Female
DOB 5/10/18
Highlite is a big mush. She loves to be held more than most cats. She is the first to greet you when you enter a room and never wants to leave your side. She loves running around chasing a string of yarn and playing with her sisters. She is great with kids and other cats. If you want a great snuggle buddy and loyal companion then she is your girl.


DSH, Torti, Female

DOB 6/1/17
Hiya! I am a sweet, people-lover! My kittens and I were rescued just in time from Hurricane Florence. I am such a sweet and selfless cat and I looked after my own kittens as well as a few whose own mom didn’t make it. Now that I have made sure that that my brood are are all well-fed, clean, and ready for the big world, I am ready for my chance to snuggle with you! I have excellent litter box and scratching manners. I have done the whole motherhood thing, so I’d really like a quieter house where I can be the center of attention for a change. Can this house be yours?

DMH, Orange Creme Tabby, Male
DOB 4/15/17
This is to inform you that you are reading about the most loving cat EVER!  Honey Bear is beyond adorable and just like everybody that meets him, you too will fall in love!  This is one super special boy!  He is a cuddler extraordinaire, and he will make you feel like you are royalty.  He is sooooo sweet and so loving, and besides that wonderful personality, he is gorgeous!  What a hunk!  Honey Bear likes other cats and loves to play.  His best friend is Justina, but he pretty much likes every cat he meets.  He does like to romp and play, so a playmate would be good.  But, he adores people and being petted and loved on, so just know that you are going to lose your heart to this guy!  He’s a gentle soul, laid back and easy going, but sometimes a gleam comes into his eye, and he’s off on an adventure – climbing, chasing balls and those fabulous toy mice, running, and working hard to get the other fosters to play with him.  He likes toys and stretching out full length on the carpet.  He’s a confident, curious cat with a heart as golden as his fur!  

DSH, Black & White, Female

DOB 9/1/18
Just like my name suggests, I am full of hope and promise! I’m looking for a home with lots of action where someone has the energy to play with the ball and maybe even teach me a few tricks! I am very smart and eager to please. I love to play any game involving a string. I hope to find a place where I belong and can show you how much I love you by rubbing up against your legs and purring.

DMH, Black & White, Female

DOB 9/1/18
Yeah, I’m a girl and have half of a milk mustache and I own it! If you are looking for a cool cat with high self-esteem aspiring to be a kitty comedian, I’m your kitty. I’m also pretty useful to have around. I have been known to clean up water spills with my tongue and chase away any stray dust bunnies from the corner. I’m confident around other kitties, dogs, and kids, and would fit in almost any kind of home.

DSH, Buff Tabby, Male

DOB 7/30/18
Imp is a handsome buff tabby with white boots. He has the most beautiful markings.  He is friendly and loves to be wherever his humans.  Imp’s favorite toys include balls, balled up pieces of paper and mesh tunnels.  He loves to sit on the couch with his humans, waiting for you to rub his belly.  This boy loves kitties all ages and gets along with everyone.  He is waiting for his forever family to fall in love with him and take him home.  

DSH, Buff Tabby, Male
DOB 4/5/18
This buff baby is so gorgeous in real life. He is a bundle of energy who loves to play with his siblings. When a toy on a string is presented he can’t control himself and leaps into the air trying to get it. He loves to wrestle all the time with other cats. He is very curious and seeks out other cats when you can hear them but not see them. He has not been around young children or dogs but appears to be fearless. Is this bundle of energy new addition to your family?

DSH, Buff Tabby, Male
DOB 4/5/18
Irish is a buff tabby with a huge personality. He loves to play with his brother and sister and other cats at his foster home. He’s also very curious and when you sit on the floor he will come up to explore what you are doing. He likes to play with puffballs and chase a string. He has boundless energy and is always seeking something to do. He has not been around dogs or small children but very much enjoys being around people. He likes to have his head rubbed and will reward you with a loud purr. He could be just what the doctor ordered after a long day of work.

DSH, Black, Male

DOB 3/27/18
Looking for a funny, sweet little companion?  Jake’s your little man.  This little guy loves to play and never tires – you’ll give up before him.  He loves all kinds of toys, the laser pointer and anything on a string.  He jumps in the air with wild abandonment, so you have to be careful there isn’t a wall or anything hard or sharp nearby so Jake doesn’t hit it.
Jake is very sweet, loves to be held and purrs as soon as you touch him.  He is persistent, especially when it comes to treats – he will sit by your feet and literally squawk until you give in and give him a few.  He shows all signs of being a ‘talker’.  He also gets along with other kitties.
Once we were looking all over the house for him, but couldn’t find him.  Then we noticed something pink on a black table – and attached to that little pink tongue was all black Jake, sound asleep!  Jake often has the tip of his pink tongue sticking out – asleep and awake!  He also has beautiful amber eyes which stand out from his shiny black fur.
If you’re are looking for a funny, lovable little guy  – just ask for Jake!

DSH, Orange Tabby with White, Male

DOB 9/24/16
Judah is a beautiful orange tabby boy with eyes that are similar to his fur color!  He is very sweet and loves to play.  Judah enjoys kitty tunnels and chasing a pulled string.  He likes being brushed and petted.  Sometimes, when you are done petting him, Judah will reach out with his paw to tell you not to stop.   Judah is a terrific companion kitty.  He likes to get your attention for a few pets or a few minutes of play time, and then he goes off to sit in a window and watch the birds and squirrels go by.
We believe that Judah has had a rough past and needs a patient family to love him and show him that people can be trusted.   He loves to play with other kitties.  Judah has not yet had the opportunity to meet dogs so we are unsure of how he would react.  He is fine with older children.  Can you offer this boy what he has been dreaming of – a forever home with a loving family?

DSH, Tabby, Brown w White, Female
DOB 5/15/17
This sweet little girl is the purrfect size for your lap! She’s a gentle kitty who loves the good life, away from the awful shelter – snuggling and lounging on her soft pillow is where she is most content.  She’s also an avid nature lover and can often be found in a sunny windowsill watching the birds and wildlife. It’s all just so fascinating!  Though she has a calm demeanor, she is not shy and will always let you know when she is nearby or hungry. She has the sweetest little meow and when you call her she will answer you back. She’s always so happy to see her foster mom and she really wants to be in the middle of the action with the other foster kitties.  Please consider this little love bug to be the wonderful fur baby your home is missing — She’s JUSTina, what you’re looking for!

DSH, Brown Tabby, Female
DOB 6/22/18
Kizzy is a very tiny, petite girl.  She came to Purr Partners at less than a month old, and she had to be syringe fed for a week or so.  She is such a loving kitty and begins to purr as soon as you pick her up.  She’s an active girl, though, and loves to run back and forth in the hallway, and roll and wrestle with the other kitties she lives with.  Kizzy also loves feathers, and she loves to have someone shake them so she can pounce and jump.  This is one little girl with the sweetest face and the personality to match.  Kizzy will eventually get to full cat size, but it will probably take her a little longer to grow because she is so petite.  Everyone knows that the best things come in small packages.

DSH, Black & White, Male
DOB 6/22/18
My name is Krypton but my foster mom calls me Cowboy because my heart is as big as Texas!  I am the sweetest most loving fellow that will play hard with other kitties then jump on your lap for snuggles and kisses.  I was bottle fed so I am very friendly and social with people and will interact with any kitten.  I love to play but am gentle so could be a great big brother to a smaller kitten.  I am very athletic, love to run and jump.  My very distinctive markings make me a very handsome fellow that will steal your heart forever.

DSH, Black & White Tuxedo, Male

DOB 6/20/18
Laser is a wonderful kitten!  This boy is incredibly affectionate and has a loud purr! He loves to play with other kitties and then looks to people to love him.  No such thing as too many cuddles for this sweet boy.  He is a lapcat through and through.    He hasn’t been around children or dogs but we are pretty sure that he could learn to love them too.  His foster family treasures him and knows that he will make a wonderful addition to any home.

DMH, Tabby with White, Female
DOB 5/15/17
Layla is a beautiful and sweet cat.  She is incredibly affectionate and loves to interact with people.  Layla likes to chat about her day and really looks forward to hearing about yours.  She has been a wonderful mom and is looking forward to the rest of her life.  Won’t you open your home and life up to this marvelous mom?

DSH, Gray & White Tabby, Female

DOB 6/20/18
I am a very playful girl!  I hope that my forever family has another kitty about my age so I can play and wrestle with them.  Then, when the fun is over and done, I am full of purrs for my peeps.  I just love to be cuddled and petted.  Are you looking to add some fun to your home?   If so, I am your girl!


DSH, Black, Female

DOB 3/16/17
If you want a cat that is playful, but not bothersome…cuddly but not needy, and an all-around great companion, you have to meet me! I am a gorgeous sleek girl with the biggest green eyes. I am sweet and very people friendly. I run up to you when you get home and purr and meow “hello.” I’d be great in a home with a dog, or as an only cat. 

DSH, Gray Tabby with White, Female
DOB 9/30/17
Lindy is a sweet and beautiful kitty.  She loves to “chirp” and talk with people.  Super affectionate and cuddly, Lindy would make a wonderful companion for someone.  Can you help Lindy find her forever home?

DSH, Brown & White Tabby, Female
DOB 6/20/18
Lulu is super sweet, affectionate and likes to play!  When playtime is over, she snuggles up to nap with you.  Sofas, chairs, anywhere you want to cuddle.  While she is a kitten, she is calm and more laid back than most.  She hasn’t been around dogs or children but does enjoy her time with other kitties.  Lulu would be a delightful addition to any home.

DSH, Blue Tabby, Female

DOB 3/1/15
Foster to Adopt Eligible

When Luna was rescued she settled in quickly. She enjoys playing chase with the other kitties, can type, send emails and do online shopping! She loves attention and will crawl in her foster mom’s lap, gaze into her eyes and then wash her face. Luna is looking forever home full of love and cuddles, could it be yours?  Click here for more information on our Foster to Adopt program.


DSH, Gray, Male
DOB 4/27/18
Mako, unlike the shark he shares a name with, does not have multiple rows of razor-sharp teeth or will attack you when you are swimming. In fact, he is really is the perfect gentleman. He is very good with other cats, uses his cardboard scratching boards and isn’t going to wake you at 3 AM for no reason.
He is playful but also sort of chill and likes to hang around with the family.  Mako is a beautiful steel gray with just a hint of tiger stripes in his fur. He is very handsome. Come to meet him and see for yourself.

DSH, Orange Tabby, Female
DOB 5/28/17
My foster mom calls me Mandy Candy and it suits me down to the ground.  I’m a sweetheart of a cat!  Being orange, Mandarin is a great name for me, but Mandy is more my personality.  When I want your attention, I chirp and trill and will flat out ask for attention with a gentle headbutt.  I also watch TV.  If the TV is on CNN or ESPN, I’ll chase the bottom banner and bat at it trying to catch it.  I’ll also try to tackle football players with my mighty paw.  When I get tired of that, I’ll take a nap on the TV stand.  I also love the trackball toy.  One thing, though – out of my foster mom’s five cats, I get along better with the male cats than the female cats.  Go figure!  But if I needed to be an only cat, that’s perfectly fine.  I’ll be happy as long as I have love from my forever family!  I will return that love a dozen times over, I promise!

DSH, Brown & Black Tabby, Female
DOB 11/20/16
Matilda is a beautiful, loving young cat.  She studies your face with her big green eyes as if she can tell what you are thinking. She was a stray that was taken in this past Jan during a cold spell by a very kind woman in Greensboro.  A few weeks later Matilda gave birth to 6 kittens.  The woman’s HOA only allowed 2 cats, so she called Purr Partners asking for help.  We had some room at the time so we gladly took Matilda and her kittens.  She was an amazing Momma and now that all her babies have found homes, it’s her turn.
Because Matilda was an outdoor cat, she can be shy around humans, but she warms up quickly.  She loves to be brushed and to have her back and neck scratched.  When you scratch or pet her, once you stop and as you pull your hand away, she will reach out with her paw and grab your hand letting you know she doesn’t want you to stop!  She is also showing signs of being a talker.
She gets nervous when you hold her, but if you are willing to be patient with her and show her you can be trusted she will come around.  She will sit next to you or on your lap when it’s quiet time.  Matilda is a wonderful, sweet kitty who with a little patience will be a loving friend for her human.

DSH, Brown Tabby, Female
DOB 6/5/18
Life didn’t start out very good for Maya.  She was born in the county landfill and spent the early part of her life struggling to live.  Her mother did the best she could, but she was extremely malnourished, and so her kittens were as well.  However, mom brought her babies out when they were about 8 weeks old, and so they got lucky – and got trapped.  Maya determined from the start that she was not going to be a feral cat, that she wanted  a home and the good life, so she has quickly opened her heart to her rescuers.  She is very sweet and loving, and she is going to be someone’s best friend and constant companion.  She loves to be with you, will follow you around, and watches you with those big eyes as if to say, “Are you my person?”  Maya is not feral at all.  She is cautious with new people, but that quickly passes, and then she is anxious to bond.  Whomever chooses Maya will truly have a friend for life!  A busy household is probably not the best setting for her, and she is not a huge fan of pushy dogs because of some early bad experiences, but if you are looking for loving kitty that will be your shadow but never in the way, you’ve found her!  Maya believes, because we have promised her, that there is someone out there for her, and she is waiting patiently, and a bit worriedly, to be “found.”  If you are Maya’s person, please let us know so we can keep our promise to her!  

DSH, Black & White Tuxedo, Female

DOB 4/23/18
Minnie is a friendly, inquisitive kitten with a delightful personality.  When she is in a playful mood, which is most of the time, she is very energetic, making sure she is at the center of all the action.  She goes crazy when the wand toy comes out and will chase it with gusto until she is completely exhausted.  When in a new situation, she gets nervous at first and needs time to adjust.  Once she is comfortable in her new surroundings, she is very affectionate and turns into a total cuddle bug.  She purrs constantly and likes to be carried around.  Come to meet this adorable girl and fall in love.

DSH, Black & White Tuxedo, Female

DOB 8/15/18
I’m all decked out for the holidays in my lush fur tuxedo, my manners are perfect, and I would love to go home with you to be your new best friend.  Charming, curious, and adorable describes my sweet personality.  I am a little cautious until I feel comfortable but soon I will be lying in your arms purring away.  Snuggling in someone’s arms actually makes me feel safe and will be rewarded with appreciative purrs. As a fun-loving kitten, I enjoy active pursuits such as pouncing on feather toys or chasing balls across the floor.  After a little fun, I adore curling up for a nap at the top of my cat tree.   I will make a great furry family member for a quieter family or a  preteen/teen that wants to mother a sweet kitty. 

Mister MO18
DSH, Brown Tabby, Male
DOB 4/15/17
Foster to Adopt Eligible

Mr. Mo was abandoned by his “forever family” when they moved away from the apartment complex where they were living.   He was kept safe by a good Samaritan but was in a bathroom most of the time.  After being rescued by Purr Partners he is now getting the love and attention he was missing and is a terrific kitty!  This handsome tabby is curious and playful, he has been loving all the new toys at his foster home.  He also enjoys watching the birds and lying in the window sunning himself during nap time.    He is dog-friendly and ready to try again with a family who really understands what it means to be part of a family – forever.  Click here for more information on our Foster to Adopt program. 

DSH, White, Male

DOB 8/1/18
Beautiful and unique, Moonbeam has lovely, baby blue eyes gazing out of a snow-white fur coat.  Such a love bug – playful, cheerful, friendly and affectionate.  Moonbeam is confident, out-going and loves to explore.  He is always ready for fun.  Agile and athletic, Moonbeam enjoys climbing cat trees, playing with fishing rod toys and chasing his kitten buddies across the floor.  Lucky, Moonbeam has his hearing intact, unlike many blue-eyed, white kittens who are born deaf.  Looking for a furry companion?   If you provide a great forever home, Moonbeam is sure to be your new best friend. 

DMH, White with Gray, Male

DOB 8/11/18
I was found, alone, in a field after hurricane Michael blew through. I was emaciated and very sick. A good samaritan brought me to a vet clinic for help. The vet contacted a Purr Partner’s foster home who brought me home to help me get better and gain weight. I have a scar on one of my eyes from a bad infection. Otherwise, I am a very happy and healthy little guy. I love playing with toys and running around like any normal kitten. I’d love to have someone to play with. The cats in my foster home are older and they don’t want to play with me, even though I try. The dogs here are nice to me so I am not afraid of dogs. Some people think I look like a Turkish Van. My foster mom says I have a kink in the bottom of my tail so I might be part Siamese. I am 100% special and adorable. 

DSH, Torbi, Female
DOB 6/25/16
Nicole is a sweet, sweet girl!  She loves everyone, just wants to be on your lap and just wants a home of her own.  She’s very inquisitive and will watch everything you do with her brilliant green eyes.  She loves to play and snuggle and is just absolutely darling!  Please don’t let the poor skills of the photographer fool you, she’s absolutely gorgeous!  Nicole has very firm beliefs, and one of them is that she shall be the one-and-only princess in the household and any other felines shall be jumped upon and bullied into submission, therefore, we do not recommend an adoption to a home with another cat (that is, of course, unless you really don’t like your other cat).  She also tends to sound stuffy a lot.  Our vet says that her “stuffiness” is due to an issue when she was a kitten and will remain with her for the rest of her life, but it does not bother this brave girl at all.  She may sneeze occasionally and sound congested, but our vet assures us she’s fine.  Our hope is that someone can overlook these very small quirks in a very unusual girl (have I mentioned she has more toes than most on her front paws – YES!  She’s polydactyl!?).  She will make a fantastic companion to what we hope is a wonderful person who is looking for a very special girl.   

DSH, Tortie, Female
DOB 8/15/18
Nolani came to PurrPartners when she was only 2 days old.  It was touch and go for a while.  As you can see she has grown into a healthy playful girl.   She has the most beautiful tortie markings, especially on her face.  When she is ready for a nap, she loves to sleep on your chest.  She is a very playful kitten, loves mouse toys, a laser pointer, her cat tree and hiding in the sheets.  She gets along well with all cats, regardless of age.  She travels well in the car, is not afraid of strangers or new environments.

Siamese Mix, Lynx Pt, Male
DOB 3/4/17

This blue-eyed handsome boy will roll over to get his tummy rubbed, bump you so will notice him and give him some love and attention or if that doesn’t work he will make some cute little noises to be noticed.  He enjoys sitting on your lap or beside you with his head on your leg while he takes a short catnap.  He has made some great kitty friends in his foster home and they love to hang out together sometimes chasing for the same toy or jumping out of the tunnel to scare each other.  OKeefe is a joy to have around and he will make you smile at the things he will do.  OKeefe would love to have a home of his own and his own special family.

DSH, Gray Tabby, Female
DOB 5/11/17
Olivia is so precious.  She was turned in to a high kill shelter with four of her own babies and one orphan that the shelter had put in with her to nurse.  She was such a good momma, and she took care of the orphan as if he were her own.  All of her babies are older now, and it’s time for Momma Olivia to find a forever home of her own.  She is a quiet, gentle girl who loves to be petted.  She gets along with other cats and kittens and is not overly demanding.  She’d just like a home where she can have a soft bed to curl up in, a window to look out of, and someone to love her.  Could that home be yours? 

DSH, Solid Gray Tabby, Female

DOB 7/6/18
Parasol is so beautiful with her soft, classic tabby swirls and stripes just a slightly darker gray than her solid ash gray coat.  And just look at that gorgeous face!  Beauty has its strengths, and she is a little tomboy when wrestling her brother, Pewter.  Parasol is a little shy around dogs but seems confident enough to be willing to give a friendly one a chance.  She is bold, playful and adventurous with adults, cats, and kids, and will bring spunk, joy and sweet snuggles to her new forever family!

DSH, Brown & Gray Tabby, Female

DOB 9/26/15
Paris came to Purr Partners with 4 baby kittens which she has raised.  She was a terrific mom but now wants to just be a lap cat.  She is extremely sweet.  She is very quiet but does speak from time to time especially when she wants your attention.  She loves everything – playing, pets, being held and sitting on your lap.  She does not play a lot but does like to play a little.  She has not met a person she does not love.  Purr Partners thinks she was dumped because she was pregnant, but before that she must have been someones pet.  How sad she must be to have her family get rid of her.  She needs a family that will always love her.  Although she may be a little older, she will definitely make a great pet for anyone!

DSH, Brown & Gray Tabby with White, Male
DOB 8/29/18
Hello I am Peanut, one of the triplet kitties!  I am what you might like to call a romantic.  I love being held, giving kisses and having my belly rubbed.  I love to play all the time (which is about an hour then I am exhausted and want a warm lap!) Do I prefer one person over another you ask?  NO I love anyone that can sit pretty still for a period of time.  For playing I like to play with toys and about anything – strings, soda lids, balls you name it – I am not picky!!!  

DSH, Gray & White Tuxedo, Male

DOB 7/6/18
This cute kitten loves giving kitty kisses and snuggling in a lap – any lap!  He will hug your leg and look WAY up at you as if to say, “Well, pick me up, I’m ready to cuddle!”  Pewter seems curious about the dogs he sees when out and about and seems confident enough to make a great companion for one that will be friendly with him.  He is comfortable and playful with everyone he’s ever met; adults, cats and kids, and he’s sure that he’s welcome anywhere.  This little guy has what it takes to fill his new home with happiness!

DSH, Orange Tabby, Male
DOB 8/20/18

Pineapple is everything a kitten should be… and a little more!  He’s a very high energy kitten who is totally fearless and believes anything and everything can be climbed, jumped on or over, crawled under, or rolled on.  He is a joy to watch as he romps and plays with his siblings, Puck and Promise.  He and Puck are a blur as they chase and roll.  Pineapple is such a sweetheart on top of all that energy, and he is a super happy kitten.  You can’t be down when he’s with you!  He purrs at the touch, will give you snuggles and kisses, but then he’s off!  He’s going to need a playmate for sure – a kitten his size who can hold his own.  He wears out the older kitties in a short amount of time, so he’s not going to do well unless he has someone to play and party with!  But, he truly is such a loving kitten with a heart for people and cuddles.  He’s so much fun, and he’ll be sure to keep a smile on your face and warm place in your heart.  He’s a special guy!

DSH, Gray Tabby with White, Male

DOB 8/29/18
There are three kitties that are “triplets” – look exactly alike… But I am the more reserved shyer one.  Please don’t get me wrong, I am very affectionate once I get to know you.  I just really like being with my mama.  I have a beautiful face like my brothers (as we are exactly alike) and I love to be held but it takes a little longer for me to warm up.  My foster mom LOVES me and says I make her laugh all the time!  I do tend to like to sneak up on things (most of the time in the wide open area where I can easily be seen) and POUNCE!  I am a really good hunter of balls and feathers – they don’t have a chance with me around.  I would make anyone a wonderful life long friend! 

DSH, Buff Tabby, Female
DOB 8/20/18
Promise is not only a beautiful kitten,  loving and sweet, but there’s much more to her than that sweet, purring, demure girl – she’s completely fearless, can hold her own with her brothers Pineapple and Puck, and loves nothing better than to run, jump, climb, wrestle, and be the life of the party!  She has tons of energy, and she uses it to rock and roll  – purring all the while!  With her beautiful soft coat and green eyes, she’s a looker with a bit of the scamp hiding behind that sweet face.  She loves to be cuddled and held, will give kisses and smooches, but she definitely will need a high energy playmate.  No wallflowers and shy kitties for her – she’s the belle of the ball, and she’s looking for love and a place to call her own castle!

DSH, Buff Tabby, Male
DOB 8/20/18
Puck… is just wonderful!  With his soft, buff fur and his blue-green eyes, he’s a stunning kitten, but he’s not just a pretty face – he’s Mr. Personality as well!  He adores being in your lap and is a nonstop purr machine, but watch out!  He is the Energizer Bunny in disguise!  He and his brother and sister are super active kittens who just don’t wear out.  They are so much fun to watch and Puck is adorable in every way!  When he’s in your lap, it’s amazing how much he can do – roll, wrestle, cuddle, give kisses, climb, flip, more kisses, purr… you will never be bored with this boy in your life!  Like his brother and sister, Pineapple and Promise, he is going to need an active playmate.  He loves other cats, but he is sure to irritate cats that won’t play with him.  If you like to be entertained, like to laugh and smile, love kisses and snuggles and hearing purrs against your neck, Puck is the guy for you!  

DSH, Torbie, Female
DOB 4/2008
Grain Free Diet & Daily Medication
Hi!  I’m Ragamuffin and I am a mature, distinctive tortie tabby lady. You may want to change my name because I went from Rags to Riches.  My foster rescued me from a feral colony where I had been looking for food. She knew I shouldn’t be there because I needed medical help, so she called Purr Partners.  Now I’m healthy and I don’t have to scavenge for food anymore! My road to recovery hasn’t been easy, but I’m feeling much better and my beautiful tortoiseshell coat has grown back to its original beauty. I’m super sweet and I have lots of head bonks and nose boops to give! I’m also the BEST biscuit maker ever!
I’m happy here in my foster home and the other cat ” housemates” but I’m ready to find my forever home to spend my golden years with someone to sit with and give me chin scratches and an occasional treat.  I’m low key, love sunbathing on the screen porch, but really want a warm lap to sit in. Even though I’m much healthier, I sometimes have some tummy trouble.
I’m a special lady with just a little bit of a challenge, but I know my person is out there! Are you my special person? I’d love to meet you. You can even foster me to see if we are compatible… I would love to meet you!  Click here for more information on our Foster to Adopt program. 

DMH, Orange Tabby, Male

DOB 9/23/17
Raider is an energetic boy who runs around the room chasing things no one else can see.  He has a funny little hop he does when he pounces on his current favorite toy.  He enjoys sitting at the window watching the great outdoors and likes to be with his foster mom helping her with whatever chore she doesn’t seem to be doing correctly.  Raider is looking for a family that would appreciate this quirky boy.

DSH, Torbie, Female
DOB 3/24/18
Rally has beautiful tabby stripes with tortoiseshell coloring.  She is a Tortoiseshell Tabby or “Torbie”.  The gorgeous blend of cinnamon and white markings on her face, combined with her long slender frame, give her a unique look that is captivating.  Spend some time with Rally and you will, no doubt, be charmed by her sweet disposition and cute kitten antics.  She has an amusing habit of carrying her favorite stuffed toy around the house in her mouth and tossing it into the air to entertain herself.  She enjoys batting around bits of paper, chasing balls, and wrestling with her playmates.  She purrs easily and is comfortable around the friendly dog in her foster home.  If you decide to take this sweet girl home, she will become a loyal, affectionate companion that will fill your home with joy, entertainment, and love.

DSH, Silver Tabby with White, Male
DOB 6/20/17
Remus, like his brother Roman, began his life as a feral kitty in Durham and was entered into the Purr Partners program. Remus is more cautious than his brother but is slowly coming around to believing that people are to be trusted. He loves to be petted when he allows it, and we have every hope that he’ll learn that people are not to be avoided but can provide love to him. Remus gets along very well with other cats and kittens but prefers to sit on the sidelines and watch all the activity or cuddle up in a small cat tree. He’s a beautiful boy but will need a special adopter who will take things slowly and give him plenty of time to trust.

DSH, Torbie, Female
DOB 3/24/18
Reva will steal your heart with her winning personality and sweet temperament.  This outgoing, athletic girl loves to tumble and play with her friends, chase feather wands, bat around toy mice, and watch birds from the screened porch.  After some fun, she is happy to settle on a lap to get some cuddles and show off her loud purr. She is friendly and confident and gets along well with the mellow dog in her foster home.  Her foster parents absolutely adore her and know her future family will too.  Reva is very social and would be happiest in a home where she has a kitty companion that she can chase around the house and take breaks with on a window sill.  You will not regret adding this awesome girl to your family.

DSH, Black, Female
DOB 8/29/16
Rue is a friendly girl with lots to say!  She has an opinion about everything and loves loves loves attention. As you can see she has striking eyes and shiny black fur and along with her great personality she makes a delightful kitty.  Rue would love to have a home of her own and hopes that she will get her forever home soon as she has lots of love to give a very special person.

DSH, Cinnamon Tabby, Female

DOB 9/23/17
Rylee is a regal, pretty princess at first glance. You will see her watching her fostermates from afar, too prim and proper to be bothered with messing up her fur.  But, turn your head and Rylee will pounce on an unsuspecting kitty or be swatting at their tail when they walk by! Rylee is a fierce little competitor when she is in the fray, so don’t let her sweet innocent expression fool you into thinking that she is not a tough cookie! Take some time to meet Rylee and you too will fall in love with her sweet personality. 

DMH, Black, Male
DOB 7/28/18
Salvatore, like most kittens, wants to play, play, play. He wants to run with his siblings playing chase, and rolling the balls around and just enjoying all that life has to offer.  Salvatore has a great disposition, is inquisitive and would love to be a member of your family.  

DSH, Dilute Calico, Female

DOB 3/20/14
Sangria has been in foster care her whole life. Her mother was rescued by Purr Partners and promptly gave birth to 5 kittens, Sangria is the only one left.   She was the shyest out of her litter and remains quiet and reserved with people. She gets along well with other cats and has been with other cats her whole life. She is a beautiful, unique looking girl with vivid green eyes who has been overlooked. Sangria would do best in a relatively quiet home with a patient person who will take the time to let her become comfortable at her own pace. If you are that special owner, please consider completing an application for Sangria today! 

DSH, Torti, Female
DOB 8/15/17
Sashay came to Purr Partners with her seven little babies.  She was a very good mother to her kids, but is now looking for her own home and lots of rest!  She has beautiful green eyes, soft fur, a wonderful attitude and enjoys being petted, what more could you want! She enjoys being around her foster mom, but would now like to find out what a new home, without her kids, has to offer.  She is friendly, talks to you, especially if you are ignoring her, but most of all she is a gentle, loving girl.  Take a chance on Sashay and you will find that she makes a great addition to your family.

DSH, Dilute Torti, Female
DOB 4/24/18
I am a petite beautiful little girl who loves to run and greet you when you come home. I like to play, running after my toys you throw. I get along with other cats. I also like some down time just sitting on your lap.



DSH, Buff & White, Male

DOB 7/28/18
I’m a sweet, fun treat for any time of the year!  My idea of the perfect winter evening is curling up on a warm blanket next to you.  I’m a happy, cheerful, playful kitten who enjoys snuggling, romping, exploring and playing.  Favorite toys?  Well, just about anything I can bat about.  I also love to eat!  After a little playtime I would love to cuddle and fall asleep in your arms.  I am a gentle, confident kitten that gets along with other cats, and gentle older children.  All in all, I’m a spectacular kitten looking for a great forever home.

DSH, Torti, Female
DOB 7/28/18
How can you resist that cute little face?  Sheena is one of those kitties that you just want to hold and cuddle.  She is quieter than her siblings, but she still is fierce when it comes to toys and games.  Sheena likes to play with the other kitties and of course, play with the toy mice and rolling the balls around.  Sometimes, she just likes to hang out with her foster mom and have a nap.  Sheena is a joy to foster and will make someone a wonderful friend.

DSH, Dilute Torti, Female

DOB  10/1/17
Silverbell was surrendered to a shelter because she desperately needed medical attention for her injured eye. Purr Partners quickly pulled her and within the week her eye was removed and is now completely healed.  Throughout the entire ordeal Silverbell never lost her love for people.  She enjoys playing with the toys along with some of the other cats in her foster home.  Silverbell would love to have a home of her own and is hoping it is yours!

DSH, Orange Tabby with White, Male

DOB 8/22/18
If I were a fortune cookie, I would read “be the fun!” I absolutely love humans and want to interact with you. I am up for whatever you want to do as long as I can have a little toy beside me! I am great with kids, especially young kids, and I have a sturdy constitution that will likely work with a family dog too. I’d be great in an active household where there is always something to watch and do!


DSH, Black, Male
DOB 7/28/18
Skywalker was the smallest of his family when they were rescued.  His foster mom gave him lots of TLC and now he likes to sit with her when she is in the room.  He is fearless and loves to jump on his siblings to show them who is really the boss.  He running, jumping and playing, he especially enjoys laying in the cat tree and taking a little nap, because being cute wears you out.  This sweet guy will make a wonderful addition to your family.

DSH, Dilute Torti, Female
DOB 4/24/18
I am a beautiful thin sleek kitty.  I love to chase after toys, and will leap into the air to catch them when thrown. I also love to be picked up and have some snuggle time and purr. I will run and greet you when you come home. 





DSH, Torbie with white, Female
DOB 6/2016
OH HAI! Are you this “light at the end of the tunnel” I keep hearing about? Are you my purr-ever home? Are those adoption PAPERS you’re signing? And do they say “SMOOCHIE” on them? That’s MY name! (scrunches eyes tight) Please don’t let this be a dream…please don’t let this be a dream…
Smoochie is a laid-back, relaxed kind of girl that likes to hang out with the family.  She is as sweet as sweet can be and was an outstanding mother to a beautiful litter of kittens. Now that her mothering duties are over she is looking to retire to a nice, comfy chair in a home where she can be appreciated for her elegant poise and ladylike manners. She has some scar tissue in one of her eyes from a very old injury but she sees just fine and it doesn’t bother her in the least.  She is a beautiful girl with striking swirls of tabby and calico in her soft coat.
Smoochie’s foster family says she is a joy to foster and gets along well with everyone.   She is gentle, loving and just an all around nice kitty. She isn’t pushy or demanding but will follow you silently around and sit next to you until you notice her.  Sometimes she will let out a tiny little meow to let you know she is there. Won’t you be the light at the end of the tunnel? Won’t you be her purr-ever home? Please be her dream come true. 

DSH, Dark Calico, Female

DOB 8/22/18
I am a woman of high taste. I enjoy classical music, long walks to my litter box, a sensuous plate of room temperature tuna, and wondering if my kibble is “raw, organic vegan.” I insist on sleeping on top of a human until they start cramping up. I purr especially loudly when you are on the phone. I am excellent with children, the elderly, and both small and large dogs…mostly out of respect for my loyal subjects. I’d fit in any household looking to elect a benevolent dictator.

DSH, Brown Tabby, Female

DOB 8/22/18
If I were a spice in real life, I would be “sweet heat” because I love to be with you, and I am a lap cat. When I am not cuddling you, I am a quiet girl who watches the world with big eyes and a Mona Lisa smile. I am totally chill with big dogs and other cats. I’d fit in great in a calmer setting where someone is looking for a soulmate.

DSH, Black, Female
DOB 7/28/18
Stallone is an energetic, quick and fun little girl, who will make you laugh at her antics.  She is a tomboy at heart (hence the name) and enjoys the rough and tumble games with the other kittens.  She loves running, playing and climbing on her foster mom or the cat tree, whatever is the closest.  Stallone will bring lots of joy and laughter into your home.

DMH, Silver/Gray Tabby, Male
DOB 10/1/16
Sterling joined Purr Partners the night of Hurricane Michael.    He is a beautiful, 2-year-old silver tabby that was found in a feral colony.  The only challenge was that he is not feral!  Sterling is really sweet and loves to be petted. When he talks, he uses his whole face to say what he wants to say.  Sterling loves to give head bumps and craves attention.  He is waiting for someone to fall in love with him and make him part of their family.  Will it be yours?

DMH, Torbie, Female

DOB 8/22/18
With a shock of orange fur up top, I look downright presidential! Without getting too partisan, I can tell you that I am running on a strong platform of affordable kibble for all, and boosting the economy in the toy mouse manufacturing sector (Detroit!). I am relatively immune to the poor press hounds that I have met (who are literally, hound dogs) and would be fine in a house with dogs, kids, or a high activity level for any other reason.  I have excellent litter box and scratching manners and am looking to acquire a new property in your area!

DSH Orange Tabby with White, Male

DOB: 7/15/15
Chronic Sinusitis
Sunkist is the cutest, silliest, funniest boy who loves to play and entertain. He is quite active and mischievous. He likes toys and loves to chase the broom when you sweep. He gets along very well with other cats. He loves treats. So why has he been in foster care for over a year and a half? In January of 2016, he was just a half-grown kitten pulled from a high kill shelter. He came to us with a severe sinus infection where he was sneezing blood. He was treated with multiple courses of antibiotics but every time he came off of antibiotics, he would start sneezing and eventually would develop sinus and respiratory infections. We tried different antibiotics and extended courses of antibiotics but Sunkist could never stay well for long. He was even seen at the vet school but there has been no cure found for him. His infections are not contagious and are caused by damage in his sinuses from when he was a kitten so he will always be susceptible to infections. He will periodically need antibiotics and steroids. Despite all of this he is a happy boy that would love nothing more than a real home for the first time in his life. He is not a placid lap cat because he is so busy all of the time. He would love a family with older kids or other cats to play with – maybe even a dog! He is stuck in foster care through no fault of his own. We have found homes for cats with many different medical issues before and we know that there is a home out there for Sunkist. Could it be you that will open your heart and home to this deserving boy?

DMH, Gray & White Tuxedo, Female
DOB 4/27/18
Even though Sunshine is a gray kitty, we had to name her Sunshine, because she has such a sunny personality  She’s a non-stop purr machine, and she absolutely loves to be around her people.  Sunshine will follow you from room to room, purring the whole time.  She gets along wonderfully with other cats and kittens as well as the three gentle dogs in her foster home.  Do you need a helper when you’re at your desk…Sunshine will be there.  Would you like a companion on the couch…Sunshine will be your buddy.  If she can’t be right there with you you’ll find her lying on a sunny windowsill enjoying the sunshine or running around and playing with one of her kitty friends.  This is one of the sweetest, most beautiful little girls you’ll ever find, and she’s hoping someone will come and take her home.

DSH, Orange Tabby, Male
DOB 8/1/18
Superman to the rescue to liven up your home spreading cheer and fun wherever he goes.   Never be bored again. He is a ginger cat like Puss and Boots, curious, affectionate, and playful.  After some relaxing purr and cuddle time…. let the games begin!  Just name your favorite toy and I bet it’s his favorite too.  He loves to play, anytime, anywhere, rod toys, balls, mice or romping with other kitties.  Superman also is very affectionate adorably purring and snuggling in your arms.  Faster than a speeding bullet he is in your lap as soon as you sit. He will greet you at the door asking to be held.  Superman has it all:  good looks, charm, snuggly and lots of fun.   He is sure to make a great companion for any family.

DSH, White w/ Calico Spots, Female

DOB 10/1/16Tapioca is an friendly, petite cat with a personality like no other! She walks up to just about anyone just to say hello, and will follow you around just for the company. She wags her tail nonstop, and chases it like a dog. Although she doesn’t like being held for very long, she loves being anywhere people are. Tapioca gets nervous when she hears dogs, but she’s great with kids and is very affectionate. If you’re looking for a funny, loyal cat to spend time with you, Tapioca’s your girl!

DSH, Dilute Torti, Female
DOB 4/19/18
Tess is the cutest and sweetest kitty! She is a little shy at first, but soon warms up and loves to snuggle and roll over onto her back for tummy rubs. She is a quiet, gentle little girl who is good with other cats and children and would love to have a forever home!



DMH, Black, Female

DOB 8/5/18
Sweet kitten who only wants to be held and loved was thrown away to die in a Food Lion dumpster when she was 3 weeks old. This is truly a trash to Treasure story. Lucky for Treasure someone heard her desperate cries. Purr Partners rescued and after many weeks of intensive care this amazing kitten survived.  After her rough start, Treasure is now healthy and ready to find a special person to love  forever.  She is gentle, sweet and adores being in your lap or arms.  Her favorite place to be is where ever you are. Treasure likes to chirp, meow and purr to tell you how happy she is to be with you.  When you are busy she entertains herself tossing small play mice and chasing jingle balls across the floor. Treasure likes other kitties, gentle older children and will be a great addition to a family seeking an affectionate, furry family member.

Manx Longy, Light Brown Tabby, Male
DOB 6/20/18
Whiffle is a confident, playful and lovable kitten.  His tabby stripes and spots are so unique in their chestnut coloring and placement. He is a stunning kitten! He and his sister came into our rescue from a shelter and were just minutes from death.  We are so glad that we saved him because he is a wonderful boy.  As most Manx cats, he is intelligent and affectionate. He will keep you entertained but when it’s time for sleep, he will seek a lap or comfy bed next to you.  He gets along well with other cats and the dog in his foster home. Please consider this amazing boy to become the next member of your family.