Adoptable Cats & Kittens

Adoptable Cats & Kittens

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DSH, Grey and White, Male
DOB 3/15/17
Bingo, like his brothers Bamboozle and Bruno has a great personality and enjoys playing with his brothers. He likes to roll the balls around the room and come to his foster mom for tummy rubs.  He is a handsome boy with cute gray markings across his nose and a very expressive face.  He would love to find a family he could call his own!


DSH, Grey and White, Male
DOB 3/15/17
Bruno loves to play with his 2 brothers, Bingo and Bamboozle.  He is a handsome boy with soft fur and a quiet personality.  He enjoys playing with the soft cat toys that he can pick up and carry when his brothers seem to think they should have them or roll balls around the room.  He would make a wonderful addition to any home.

DSH Orange Tabby, Female
DOB 6/30/2017
Do you want a LAP KITTY???  Because Cayenne loves laps!  All she wants is to sit on your lap and to be pet.  She is a very sweet kitten – rubbing on you and loving you all the time.  She is never aggressive.  Never bites and never scratches not even when playing.  She is really laid back, doesn’t play a lot.  Just simply wants to have a warm lap and a lot of love.   Being female and an orange tabby is very unique!  She is smaller, and has a beautiful round face.  Well she is almost perfect – she does not like other cats at all!  We have only had her a short period of time and are hoping that she will get use to other cats but right now I would not recommend a home with a cat or a family that wants more than one cat.  She would be good with children.    

Lynx Point Siamese cross, Female

DOB 7/1/15
Need some spice in your life? Chai is just the little lady to provide it. She’s packed with energy, highly intelligent, and somewhat opinionated. OK, she’s very opinionated, but unlike most Siamese, she’s not particularly vocal about it. She’s a socialite, eagerly greeting human guests while strictly observing the proprieties: limit that early interaction to head and neck scratches, please. Once she knows you well, she MAY sit in your lap or by your side, or allow a full-body massage, but at the time and place of her choosing. She draws the line at anything she considers physical restraint (a line young children are unlikely to observe). She coexists with a houseful of other cats, at times peacefully, at times playfully, at times ready to be done with them all. Perhaps one other feline companion, rather than a houseful, would be more to her taste. We’re not sure how she feels about dogs.  This lovely cat has become a source of joy and amazement in her foster home. Her personality is complex and best suited to a home with cat-savvy adults willing to let Chai be Chai. One other note: She loves to spend time watching wildlife from her foster’s screened porch, so much so that she tries to open the door by leaping up to grab the handle. No success so far, but the smart money’s on Chai.

DSH Black and White, Male

DOB 3/1/12
Charleston is a wonderful boy who gets along with everyone! He loves his other foster friends and even tries to get the kittens to play with him. His favorite toy is a crinkly rabbit that he found and now he likes to carry it around the house. He watches each evening for his foster mom to come home so he can show her how much he missed her. Charleston is a youngster at heart and would love to find a family that he can call his own.

DSH, Orange Tabby, Male

DOB 12/1/16
Cheetah is a fun little boy!  He gets along with other cats and loves to have fun, fun, fun.  He is inquisitive, loves his toy mice and rolling balls around the room.  He will sit with you and enjoy your attention.  He would love to find a forever home with someone that would enjoy a sweet kitty!

DSH, Grey/Brown Tabby, Female

DOB 3/8/17
I am Chelsea, a little grey/brown tabby with white paws, bib and face.  When I was rescued I was all by myself and only weighed 13 oz.  I had to be force fed every few hours because I was scared and didn’t want to eat.  After a diet of kitten milk and baby food, I started gaining weight and now I eat regular kitten food.  I was all alone during the 2 week quarantine, but once that was over I was able to join 7 other kittens.  However, my ‘kitty manners’ were lacking and the other kittens avoided or ran from me.  Who knew they wouldn’t like being jumped on and beat up?  With time I have learned how to behave and now they are my close friends.  I have lots of energy, and love to get in trouble.

DSH, Grey and Black Mackerel Tabby, Male

DOB 4/26/15
My name’s Chevy and I’m a good ole country cat. Just like my namesake, I’m fast and ruggedly handsome. I’m a sports model ‘cause I like to play; show me feathers, kicker, toy mice, most anything that moves and I’m ready for the game. I’m quite the lover, too. I like to find a soft lap and snuggle up real close for some TV, especially sports or movies that have some animals in them. And in bed — well, that just means more snuggle time and some warm sleeping. I do my bit around the house, keeping up with whatever is going on and helping out by being entertaining. My foster mom says I shouldn’t live with preteen children. I think dogs are OK from a distance, but I haven’t had much experience with them close up. If you are cat savvy and looking for a good-tempered companion, someone to hang out with you, I’m your boy.

Persian Cross, Male

DOB:  9/2/17
If you are looking for confirmation that cats are funny and sweet, pick me.  I am a small-sized Persian Cross with fur that is not quite white and not quite black.  I’m pretty unique in that way.  Because I am so active, I need to be in a home with another cat my size and age.   I’m great with dogs and school-aged kids, and have impeccable litter box and scratching post manners.  I have a loud meow and would love to welcome you home…especially if you have a few cat treats in your bag!  I was exposed to very sick kittens early in my life so will need a special adopter that understands that while I am 100% healthy, there is some risk of a later complication.

DSH, Brown Marble Tabby, Male

DOB 8/16/17
Beautiful, exotic, unique kitten that looks like a marbled Bengal. Corduroy is silky, soft and very adventurous. He adores fun, playing with small toys, climbing kitty trees and exploring.  He is sure to entertain you with his fast, little feet and silly, sweet nature. Petting and being held is also nice.  He is looking for a great forever family with lots of love to give.


DSH, Black and White Tuxedo, Female
DOB 7/15/17
Cricket is the ultimate lap cat! She will sit in your lap and cuddle and purr for just as long as you want to sit still. She’s a super sweet girl that has had a hard start in life, but there is not a mean bone in this pretty girl’s body. She was found under a building as a small, scared kitten, and while she is a little shy, she is quickly getting over it. Her safe place is in a lap, and she will reward you with a motor that never stops! She is great with other cats and doesn’t mind gentle dogs at all. She would not do well in a busy household and with small children. She would be wonderful in a small setting with someone who wants a companion and is willing to take it a little slow. She will brighten your days with her big eyes and big purr. Cricket wants a home of her own and a lap that she can call all hers!

DSH, Black, Female

DOB 4/20/13
Destiny, and her sister, Harmony, were rescued from a high kill shelter where very few cats make it out and even fewer black cats! Destiny is not sure why they say people say black cats are bad luck – she experienced the best luck ever – a chance to live! And, because she is so appreciative, she wants to share her luck with you. Destiny loves to be held. Cuddling is her all time favorite thing, and she can’t wait to have a family to cuddle with. She is great with other cats, and one of her favorite games is playing in the cat tunnel with her sister. Sleek and glamorous, loving and affectionate, Destiny just might be your destiny!

DMH, Black and white Tuxedo, Male

DOB  8/31/17
Enoch’s nickname is Purr Machine because as soon as he sees you, that motor starts to rumble!  This gorgeous boy is a total sweetheart who is happy, energetic, comical, loving, and just fun to be around.  He is social guy who loves other cats and kittens, and he would love to find that his forever family has a kitty brother or sister for him to play with.  His beautiful coat is soft and fluffy, and he has a mischievous gleam in his eye.  Truly, there’s just so much fo love about this cutie!  Enoch came to us sick, scared, and emaciated, but the turn around has been amazing!  He is a little cautious around new people at first, but once he figures out you are not going to be mean to him, he immediately begins to purr!  He probably would not be a good fit for a super busy household, but other than that, he will fit in anywhere.  He does need a kitty playmate.  He would be fine with a gentle cat friendly dog given the proper introduction.   As handsome as he is now, he is sure to be a stunning adult!  His coat has some filling out to do, but the beginnings are there from the ruff around his neck to the fluffy tail!  This boy has so much to offer to his forever family!


DSH, Black and White, Tuxedo, Male
DOB 8/30/17
Eskimo Pie, is a perfect name for me.  I’m a fancy kitten with a white vest draped in a glossy black fur wrap.  I try to be good, patiently waiting for my own special person to greet at the door, follow about to “help” and snuggle up to on these cold, wintery nights.  Not to brag, but I am delightful to watch spinning across the floor on my quick athletic feet.  I am sure to entertain you with my silly, playful antics as I chase balls and rod toys.  I do try to live up to my name; with a name like Eskimo Pie you must be sweet.  I am a little hesitant with strangers at first but when comfortable, I will purr as soon as I see you in hope you have time for hugs and cuddles.  So, if you want to party into the New Year with a handsome guy in a tux, then look no further, we are perfect for each other.

DMH, Female

DOB 6/5/17
Fizzy is a busy little girl! She loves to play with her kitty toys (she loves the toy mice best!). She likes to curl up in a cozy spot for a nap. She loves to be held and cuddled and ride around on your shoulder. She also likes to “make biscuits.”on her people and get a belly rub. She’s petite and sweet and isn’t shy about voicing her opinion! Fizzy gets along with cats, dogs and kids. She loves her brother Fonzie and would love to find a forever home with him. Come meet Miss Fizzy today!

DMH, Orange Tabby, Male

DOB 9/1/16
I’m confident, outgoing and handsome.  Whoever decided to drop me off at the shelter has to be regretting it.  My foster mom tells me all the time that a cat like me is a one-in-a-million cat.  I fit into my foster home quickly and completely.  I play with my new adult and kitten housemates and my new family gets a LOT of my attention.  But, hey, I’m an orange tabby.  We’re friendly, playful, intelligent, loyal, and very very curious about everything.  I might not be a kitten in age, but I’m a kitten in personality.  While I don’t have an aggressive bone in my body, there’s a chance I’ll want to be the lead cat in the house.  Every so often I have a short stare down with my foster mom’s alpha male.  We never fight or even growl, but I test the limits.  That’s who I am.  In a word: awesome.  Based on my personality and behavior, my foster mom thinks I would be happiest with another cat in the house who’s open to having mischievous fun.  You’ll hear our galloping feet around the house and smile knowing that we’re living and loving life!


DMH, Russian Blue mix, Male
DOB 11/15/16
I was dropped off at a shelter as a stray.  I’m not a stray.  I like humans and other cats very much!  I was somewhat traumatized, though, and it’s taken me a bit of time to relax in my foster home.  Now, however, I’m galloping around the house with my new cat friends and slowly becoming close to my foster mom.  She got a whole bunch of stuff in big boxes delivered to the house and she was really cool and left the empty boxes in the living room for us to play.  We jump in and out of them, play with all the packing material, and are having an awesome continuous Christmas!  In looking at me, you can see how handsome I am with my glorious soft grey fur and contrasting brown eyes.  I would really like to have a cat friend in my new home.  I bond with other cats quickly and I’m happier with both cats and humans. 

DSH, Black, Female
DOB 3/1/17
Goldie is a sweet and extremely wonderful black cat. She was named Goldie, because of her beautiful golden eyes. She is great with children, other cats, and her foster family’s dog!!!  Goldie LOVES toys and LOVES TO RUN! She loves playing with toys, and loves to be petted. She is READY TO GO to her new home! If you will come and visit with our sweet Goldie, we just know that you will want her to be part of your family.


Persian Cross, Gray and White, Male
DOB 1/8/16
This very handsome guy just loves attention! He looks forward to his foster family coming home so he can get some belly rubs and lap time. He rolls over so you can pet every inch and then he comes up for a head butt and face rub. He’s just such a love! And what about that adorable flat face and cute little white chin that just begs to be scratched. Gusto definitely has the characteristics of the Persian breed as he has a round face, snub nose, chubby cheeks and rounded ears. He’s very calm and sociable and prefers to be with people. He’s fine with other cats as well. When he was rescued, the vet noticed some flea dermatitis but his skin is clearing up and he should be completely healed soon. Since he is part Persian, the only special care he requires is brushing to keep his coat silky and smooth. 


DSH, Female
DOB 4/20/13
Harmony being a beautiful, sweet tempered, black cat considers herself quite lucky and pampered in her foster home where she and her twin sister Destiny have been living the good life since being rescued and while they look for their forever homes. This sleek mini panther enjoys being petted and brushed; and watch out cat toys, because she is quick and lively. She also enjoys hanging out on the cat furniture with her other cat friends while they listen to classical music on the radio and gaze out the window (or cat TV as they consider it). Not having been introduced to dogs or children as her foster Mom does not have any, Harmony is not expressing an opinion on them at this time. She and her sister Destiny have always been in a calm adult home where they are considered special ladies who are looking for their special home. Maybe you have been looking for Harmony.


DMH, Black, Male
DOB 9/14/17
Nothing’s as elegant, glamorous and dramatic as a show-stopping black cat with lovely gold eyes and long silky fur. This handsome guy has a sweet personality: charming, cheerful, playful and affectionate.  As a playful kitten, he enjoys active pursuits such as exploring new places, wrestling with his sisters and chasing ping pong balls across the floor. After a little fun, he adores snuggling in a nice warm lap. He is sure to be an awesome furry family member that will offer years of loving companionship.  If you provide a great forever home, he will add the love.

DSH, Grey and White, Female

DOB 6/15/15
This sweet girl suffered in silence while nobody at the high kill shelter even noticed. When Purr Partners rescued her from the shelter she was suffering from several severe infections. In addition to a respiratory infection, Huckleberry had skin infections and abscesses on her feet. Thankfully, we got her to our vet right away because she had a very high fever and had to be hospitalized for several days. We will never know what led to her injuries but we do know she is on the mend now. This precious gal is just happy to be saved and is an absolute angel in her foster home. She is very friendly and affectionate. She is laid back and low maintenance. She gets along with all of the other cats and kittens in her foster home. Please consider giving this deserving kitty a home.

DMH, Black with white, Female

DOB 11/2/17
I’m a laid back kitten working on my PhD in human psychology.  I have the most gorgeous and big eyes and I use them to observe the world all around me.  If eyes are a window into the soul, I am wise beyond my months!  I am a quiet kitten who would fit best in a slower moving home.  I’d just love to sit beside you while you work or read and I would be an excellent companion for someone who wants some company to talk to.  I have excellent litter box and scratching post manners and I purr a soft, quiet purr anytime my favorite humans are around.  I get along well with other cats and older children.  If you are looking for a cute, lap cat companion, I’d love to meet you!


DLH, Orange Tabby, Female
DOB 8/20/17
Jonquil is a beautiful orange tabby, domestic longhair kitten. Jonquil loves her alone time in the morning, but comes out in the afternoon to give so much love to her human. She loves sleeping on her foster mom’s shoulder and would be ideal for someone who wants someone to unwind with after a long day. She loves exploring and likes to climb, but has done very well sticking to scratching posts and cat towers. Jonquil loves cuddling with her brothers and sisters and would do well with one of them in her new home, if possible. She takes a little while to warm up to new humans, but once she does, she’s completely devoted.

DSH, Torti/Tabby, Female

DOB 3/1/09
Julep is the matriarch of her foster home! Being the eldest kitty she follows the house rules and expects everyone to do the same. Not much fazes this girl, she can sleep through a lot of noise and chaos, but when she talks to you it is in a quiet little voice. She enjoys catnip pillows and loves to be at your side for attention and to be petted. She is a gentle lady that would just love to find a home that allows her to be safe and be loved.

DSH, Torti, Female

DOB 7/14
Just look at this beauty! Have you ever seen such a gorgeous girl. She is a very unique peach Torti and her personality matches her looks. Jupiter was definitely someone’s inside cat and she would love to continue that role. From her first day as a Purr Partners kitty, she made herself right at home with her foster mom. She loves to be in the same room and if you sit down she will be up on your lap in no time. She also would love it if she could share the bed with you at night! She will give you kisses and touch your face every so often just to make sure you are ok. She is good with other cats, dogs and although she doesn’t live with kids now, her foster mom thinks she would be fine with them. She’s a gentle and sweet girl. Won’t you bring this pretty girl home and give her the forever home she deserves?


DMH, Grey/Brown Tabby, Male
DOB 8/1/17
Keepurr is the kitten everyone dreams of ! He is just the right amount of snuggly, sweet, purr box, ball of energy and even a little kitten mischief rolled into one. He LOVES to snuggle and loves to play. He will go straight from the hard chase of a toy to gentle snuggling on the couch and is gentle even while being toted around by a small child. He has been very well socialized in a house full of animals and kids and he loves them all. Great with kids of all ages, dogs and other cats. He is also super-sweet to his blind brother Keller and is a great “seeing-eye cat” to him. They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together and would be a wonderful addition to any home.

DMH, Grey and White, Male
DOB 8/1/17
Special Care:  Blind, born without eyes

Keller is an amazing kitten. He is sweet and energetic. He likes to play and loves to snuggle. He is fearless and doesn’t let his lack of sight hold him back at all. He amazes his foster family every day with what he can do. He scales the highest cat trees, can chase a ball or fishing pole ( as long as it makes a sound ) and plays hard with the other cats and kittens. He MUST live with at least one other cat near his age, and would love to be adopted with his wonderful brother and seeing-eye cat Keepurr. He is currently in a foster home full of kids and cats and a dog and he loves them all.  Keepurr and Keller are a bonded pair and must be adopted together and would make a wonderful addition to any home. 

DSH Black, Female

DOB 6/1/14
“Miss Licks” as she is called by her foster Mom is a lovely, sweet, and playful girl. Miss Licks had a very difficult beginning finding herself in a kill shelter, but happily rescued by Purr Partners. Upon arrival at her foster Mom’s it was quickly noticed that she had a serious and very painful injury to her tail. 2 hours later she was being seen by a Veterinarian who also discovered that she had several bite marks on her hip as well. It appeared that she had been attacked possibly by another cat. She stayed overnight for medical care, then home to her foster Mom for love and healing. Today Miss Licks is a beautiful, sleek, playful girl who loves attention and is always happy to see you. She had been terrified of other kitties but over time and trust she now has many kitty friends she plays with and enjoys time out on the screen porch with. She loves to “wag” her tail when she greets you and give lots of rubs and head butts. Miss Licks is now ready for her next step to find a loving family who will love to be loved by a tail wagging kitty!!

DSH Silver Tabby, Female

DOB 3/1/15
When Luna was rescued from the shelter she settled in quickly. She enjoys playing chase with the teenage kitties, can type, send emails and do online shopping! She loves attentions and will crawl in her foster mom’s lap gaze into her eyes and then wash her face. Luna is looking forever home and hopes you will be the one.

DSH, Tabby with White, Female

DOB 6/6/17
Hi there, my name is Macy, and I’m hoping you might like to take me home with you.  I’m a very sweet girl, and whenever you pick me up and cuddle me I will purr and purr in your ear.  I live with a lot of other cats and kittens, and I have such a good time playing with them, and I even tolerate the gentle dogs in my foster home.  I love feathers and balls and fuzzy mice and especially running up and down the stairs in my foster home.  There’s so much for a little kitten like me to play with and investigate, but…yawn…when I get tired my very favorite thing to do is to curl up at the very top of a cat tree and dream of my very own forever home.  I’m hoping that you are looking for a wonderful, sweet little girl like me to be your very own kitty.


DMH, Brown Tabby, Female
DOB 5/1/2015
Mariel is a wonderful kitty, she’s absolutely darling!  She’s a small cat, but don’t let that fool you – she’s got a large personality.  She appears to have an opinion on a lot of things, and does not mind letting you know what those opinions are!  She will start talking to you the minute you walk in the room, telling you all about her day, commenting on the weather, the quality of the food you are giving her (and whether or not there needs to be MORE of said food), what toys she likes and which are in need of replacement, and of course the high price of kitty litter.  Once you sit down, though, she will jump on your lap and start purring like crazy and loving on you.  She LOVES people and is not a shy cat, so you will not find her hiding behind the couch – she wants to be out in the open so she can comment on all that is going on, and of course get as much loving as possible!  Her favorite thing is to hang out on the sofa with her favorite person, she just needs to find that special someone.  She’s looking, and promises to be the best kitty ever if given a chance!  She’d make a great addition to any home.

DSH, Black, Male

DOB 7/1/17
This beautiful boy is super sweet and loving. He is the first to jump in your lap for naptime and as with all three, starts purring at first touch. The cutest thing he does is suckle on the tip of his tail. When he finds a favorite toy he growls as if conquering his prey. What a cutie, endlessly entertaining.

DSH, Black with White Spot on Chest, Male

DOB 7/1/17
Hi my name is Mikado!. One of my favorite things to do is warm up your lap and serenade you with my purring. I’m super excited to see you when you come home and, as my brother Michelangelo says, I’m always up for a good game of fetch! I love to play hide and go seek and am an avid fan of Amazon Prime, click here to watch me play with my new box.  If you would like me to love, purr and entertain you, then please adopt me, you will never regret it, cause I am awesome!

DMH, Torti, Female
Special Care: Declawed 

DOB 1/6/16
Gorgeous special needs cat seeks experienced cat person.  Mirage is a stunning long haired tortie that was rescued by Purr Partners Feline Rescue from a high kill shelter before she was going to be euthanized. We have no idea about her history or how she wound up there. We do know she was declawed on her front feet.  When she went to her foster home, it became  apparent why she may have been surrendered to the shelter. Mirage is a biter. This is not uncommon in declawed cats for many reasons. First and foremost, this is a painful procedure that can have long lasting psychological effects. Our vet thinks that Mirage may have been taught to play rough when she was a kitten.  We do not believe she deserves to die because she developed behavioral problems after her humans did not do right by her.  She loves and solicits attention and her behavior has improved significantly over the past several months. She likes to chase and play with toys. She rolls over and over with excitement when he foster mom walks in. She has responded well to play therapy and is food motivated.  The ideal home for Mirage is someone who understands cat behavior and is willing to continue working with her. She would like a quiet home preferably with no other pets. We can’t predict what may trigger her so would not want her to be in a home with children.  We would love to see Mirage find a home of her very own.  FOR SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, please email her foster Lisa or call 919-623-9807.


DSH, Calico, Female
DOB 2/10/17
Mistletoe is a playful, cuddly, and loving kitty that will steal your heart! She loves to cuddle with you in bed and follow you around the house wondering what you’re doing. She is the best feet warmer! Her favorite toys are her rolling balls and going through the cardboard boxes. She can spend hours watching birds from atop her cat tree. When she wants attention she will let you know by purring and letting out the cutest raspy meows you’ve ever heard! She is the biggest sweetheart that would be perfect for any loving home!


DSH, Dilute Torti, Female
DOB 9/14/17
Mouse is a sleek looking kitten with lots of spunk and can be seen running across the room and leaping onto the bed in a single bound!  She will actively engage with the 2 older cats that are in her foster home. One of the favorite things is to sleep in a box with her blanket. She will crawl on your lap and loves to have her ears scratched. She has mighty purr and isn’t shy to show it off. She has been in a busy  and active home and does great with all the activity.  She has not been around dogs but would most likely accept living with a canine friend after a proper introduction period. She is a beautiful girl with a great personality. She would be a great addition to any family, perhaps yours is the one?

Black and White, Male

DOB 4/20/17
I am a beautiful little black and white spotted kitty (mostly white) rescued from an old Army tool box along with my siblings near Jacksonville, NC. My foster family has taken good care of me until I was ready to go to my forever home. I love to run around and chase toys, but I also like to be picked up and held. I purr quite loudly when you greet me in the morning. I am very curious, and will check out everything around the room. I also love treats! I can run and jump really high to catch feather toys, and will keep you happy all the time. I am learning to get along with other cats, and small dogs don’t bother me unless they are too rambunctious, then I will just get away from them for a little while and relax.

DSH, Black and White, Male

DOB 7/3/16
I am a happy and affectionate kitty and once I have scoped out a new situation it doesn’t take me long to warm upI  I love attention and will make a a wonderful, loyal companion for you!  I’m awfully soft and a real purr box!  I am always looking dapper in my black and white tuxedo and white painted toes.  Please give me a chance to show you how special I am and maybe you will want to take me home with you.  I will adore you forever!  Can’t wait for a home to call my very own.


DSH, Silver Tabby with White, Male
DOB 6/20/17
Remus, like his brother Roman, began his life as a feral kitty in Durham and was entered into the Purr Partners program. Remus is more cautious than his brother but is slowly coming around to believing that people are to be trusted. He loves to be petted when he allows it, and we have every hope that he’ll learn that people are not to be avoided but can provide love to him. Remus gets along very well with other cats and kittens, but prefers to sit on the sidelines and watch all the activity or cuddle up in a small cat tree. He’s a beautiful boy but will need a special adopter who will take things slowly and give him plenty of time to trust.

Tabby with White, Male

DOB 6/20/17
Roman began his life as a feral kitten in Durham, but was rescued along with two siblings and entered into the Purr Parters program. He has blossomed from a feral kitten who didn’t like people to a love bug who loves to be held and cuddled. Roman would love to be a lap cat, and he gets along with other cats and kittens as well as the gentle dogs he lives with. He loves to chase feathers and play with his foster siblings, and he absolutely loves to climb to the top of his cat tree and survey the world. Roman has come so far, but he would not do well as an only kitty in the home. He needs another kitty buddy to curl up and be best friends with. He is waiting very patiently for his forever family to find him.

DSH, Female

DOB 1/18/09
Special Care:  Amputee
Rose Marie was found with an injured leg that ultimately needed to be amputated. She has adjusted to life as a “tripod” kitty and it hasn’t slowed her down one bit! She can zip up and down the stairs and jump over a fence with that one back leg, so don’t let her fool you into thinking she is handicapped!   She is a lovely Torbie with stunning golden eyes, estimated to be about 8 years old. She is a wonderful housecat, very quiet and calm most of the day, but she craves some playtime every day and will let you know if she isn’t getting enough attention! She uses her litterbox and scratching posts, and is a textbook “lap cat”, wanting to sit on your lap and lie across your work area. She will follow you into the bathroom to get some attention and always wants to be with her person. She is very smart and loves treats, and has been learning some simple tricks, as well as how to go outside on a leash and harness. She can be a bit shy and skittish in a strange place but once she adjusts, she is just the most well behaved, loving, affectionate little cat. She is looking for that special home where she can be the center of attention that she so much deserves! She gets along well with cat-friendly dogs after a proper introduction period.

DSH, Black, Female
DOB 3/1/11
Rosalyn, or Rozzy for short, is a petite and affectionate kitty.  She competes with other cats in the house for head rubs by trying to push their heads away with her own, to get her head under your hand.  Rozzy is also a talkative cat, so if you want to have a conversationalist kitty, she’s your girl!  She enjoys being held and petted.  Her brother, Barton, and sister, Diva, have found their forever homes and Rosalyn can’t wait to find hers.  Is that with you?


DSH, White with Orange, Male
DOB 2/22/17
It only takes a few minutes with Rupert to understand why everyone says he’s the sweetest boy.  He has been hanging out at a shelter for a few months giving all his love to the workers, but they didn’t get a lot of visitors so no one knew about this sweet boy.  Rupert was super excited when he heard he was going to the Raleigh area where there would be tons of people because he loves them so much.  He settled in with his foster mom immediately, there were toys, and windows to watch the birds, and comfy beds and sofas where he could find people to love on.  Rupert is playful and easy going, who will love to circle your feet and put his paw up if you somehow missed he was there and needed some love.

DSH Calico, Female

DOB 3/20/14
Hi, I am Sangria, and am very frisky. I love to run and chase toys and like to put on a show. I may even run so fast and roll across the floor! I love to be petted and loved. Please consider me for your furrever kitty.

DSH Torti, Female

DOB 12/31/12
Sienna was once considered disposable and she is lucky to be alive. She is has learned to trust, and she is braver every day. She and her sister were thrown in the dump when they were about 7 weeks old, and things were not looking good. However, they were brave enough to not let themselves starve to death, and so they were discovered, and now life is way better! Sienna does not have mean bone in her body, and while it will take a special person who is willing to be patient and kind, the reward will be great. Sienna adores other cats and kittens, and she purrs like crazy when she is petted and loved on. She’s still a little nervous about some things, but she has a brave heart, and she’s working hard on her fears. Surely someone out there will be willing to give her a chance. It’s not fair that such a horrible beginning and such cruelty from humans should prevent her from having a loving home of her own! Sienna still believes in the goodness of people!


DSH, Chocolate Tabby, Male
DOB 2/20/17
Isn’t this just cutest fat-cheeked boy ever? What a handsome hunk he is, and what a sweet, sweet boy! Smokey Joe was abandoned in a box at Raleigh Cat Clinic, and so he has had the very best medical care, but now he’s ready for his own home. He is a very sweet and gentle boy who is a tiny bit cautious at first, but that doesn’t last long. As soon as he realizes you are not going to hurt him, he will roll over and ask for a belly rub. It’s very likely he has not had a good life up until now, but everything has turned up roses for him! He is good with other cats, but he really, really loves people. He would love to have a human companion to share life with. A buddy to play with is icing on the cake! This sweetheart would probably not do well in a household that is super busy and active, but older kids would be just fine. He may look like a bruiser, but that tough exterior hides a very loving, slightly timid heart. He’s ready to offer all his love and affection to the person who promises to love and care for him always! He’s a cream puff in a tough-guy costume, and he’s hoping you’ll see and love him for both his handsome exterior and loving interior!

DSH Orange Tabby with White, Male
Special Care: Chronic Sinusitis 
DOB: 7/15/15
Sunkist is the cutest, silliest, funniest boy who loves to play and entertain. He is quite active and mischievous. He likes toys and loves to chase the broom when you sweep. He gets along very well with other cats. He loves treats. So why has he been in foster care for over a year and a half? In January of 2016, he was just a half grown kitten pulled from a high kill shelter. He came to us with a severe sinus infection where he was sneezing blood. He was treated with multiple courses of antibiotics but every time he came off of antibiotics, he would start sneezing and eventually would develop sinus and respiratory infections. We tried different antibiotics and extended courses of antibiotics but Sunkist could never stay well for long. He was even seen at the vet school but there has been no cure found for him. His infections are not contagious and are caused by damage in his sinuses from when he was a kitten so he will always be susceptible to infections. He will periodically need antibiotics and steroids. Despite all of this he is a happy boy that would love nothing more than a real home for the first time in his life. He is not a placid lap cat because he is so busy all of the time. He would love a family with older kids or other cats to play with – maybe even a dog! He is stuck in foster care through no fault of his own. We have found homes for cats with many different medical issues before and we know that there is a home out there for Sunkist. Could it be you that will open your heart and home to this deserving boy?

DSH, Orange Tabby, Male

DOB   10/12/17
I am as sweet as my name suggests.  I am a confident, outgoing kitty that loves to greet you when you first get home.  I love to snuggle on laps and am particularly patient with young children.  My favorite toys include anything with feathers and the laser pointer.  I am good with dogs and generally curious about other animals that might be in my forever home.  Come meet me!

DSH, Orange Tabby, Male
DOB 10/12/17
Tate the Great!  I am really quite regal and have perfect kitty posture. I love to cuddle on your lap and purr, especially after a nice long play session with a string or a toy mouse.  I have been around children and dogs and love both.  Do you think I’d be a good match for you?

Persian Mix, Black, Male
DOB 10/20/17
Nothing’s as elegant, glamorous and dramatic as a show-stopping black cat with lovely gold eyes, a silver ruff and flowing, long, silky fur.  This soft, furry, bundle of joy calls a greeting to you the minute he sees you.  Always ready for some cuddling he will follow you about hoping to be scooped up in your arms. Then the purring begins.  He is a Southern gentleman who is gentle, sweet and has the best kitty manners. So affectionate, Terminator loves to be with you.  Ready for fun, as a kitten he is also playful enjoying feather rod toys, small balls, play mice and pipe cleaners.  He will entertain you as he bounces and rolls across the floor chasing and wrestling with his toys. Terminator’s silky, long coat will require daily brushing to prevent tangles and keep it looking great. He is a confident kitty that likes children, other kitties and gentle dogs will probably be fine too.

DSH, Gray
DOB 10/21/17
Theadorable is a sweet little girl who loves to give you Eskimo kisses if you put your nose near her face.  When she was rescued, she was very tiny needed to be bottle fed till she could eat on her own.  She has a beautiful fuzzy grey coat that’s slowly getting silkier, possible Russian Blue cross?   Her personality is easy-going and lovable.  She plays hard all day and is happy to sleep in your lap when she gets tired.  She eats well, but has so much energy that she burns all the calories she takes in helping her to keep her long, sleek look. She lives with other cats of all ages and gets along with everyone.  One of her favorite things is a box on its side with a towel or blanket thrown over it – she will hide in the box and jump out at anyone who passes by.   Theadorable deserves a home that has the time to give her lots of love, do you have that kind of home?

DSH, Grey, Male

DOB 6/1/14
Special Care:  FIV+

Thomas is the ultimate lap kitty.  There’s nothing he likes more than to be next to you and keep you company while you read or watch TV.  He’s also great company while you work on the computer and will lie next to you on your desk and ask gently for pets and loving.  Thomas is one of those big boys who are so loving and gentle, and all he wants to do is thank you for being his rescuer.  He gets along wonderfully with other cats and kittens, and he ignores the gentle dogs in his foster home. Thomas was rescued only hours from death as he had tested positive for FIV.  This virus in cats means they have a compromised immune system, however it does not mean they can’t enjoy a long, healthy and happy life like every other cat.  FIV+ kitties can live well into their late teens, and it is not contagious to other cats in the home.  It is spread by deep puncture wounds like the kind un-neutered males can give each other when they fight for territory, and Thomas is a lover not a fighter.  It would be very hard to find a sweeter and more loving boy.  Please come meet Thomas…you’ll fall in love with him.

DSH, Grey and White, Male
DOB 10/21/17
Thriller is a little fuzzy white kitten with grey spots on his head and back and a grey tail.  He was pulled from a kill shelter when he was very tiny and was a bottle baby.  Now he’s all grown up and ready to be adopted.   Thriller is extremely playful.  After breakfast he spends the next few hours playing with his sister and the other cats.  He literally will stand up on his hind legs with his front legs raised high to look as ferocious as possible.  He runs through the house with wild abandonment, misjudging walls, doors and people’s feet!   His softer side is most adorable.  He’ll purr at just the touch of your hand.  After playing hard he looks for a soft, warm lap to snuggle in, or one of the other cats to snuggle with.   He is truly one of the sweetest most lovable kitties you’ll ever meet!
DSH, Manx Rumpy Riser, Brown Tabby, Male
DOB 3/1/17
Little Tinker is a cute, playful and VERY curious boy!!  Always exploring and checking out new toys, loves the big crinkle tunnel, and playing “soccer” batting around the little balls with his brother Treble.  Always ready to play, Tinker seeks out his friends for an exciting game of tag!! Looking for a happy, playful and sweet boy, come meet TINKER!!

DSH, Manx Rumpy Riser, Brown Tabby, Male

DOB 3/1/17
Treble is the brother of Tinker, both Manx who love to play together.  Having a big screen porch to climb on levels, run through the big crinkle tunnel or hide inside and ambush an unwary passer by, is all in a days activities for Treble.  Always aware of what you are doing, and curious to see too, Treble will always be willing to join in. Treble is ready to meet his new forever family for lots of fun and LOVE!  Come and meet Treble. 

DSH, Gray and White, Female
DOB 10/20/17
Fancy, fun, friendly kitten, that’s me.  I am a pretty girl dressed in plush grey fur accented with white paws and a white sweater. I like attention and as soon as I am in your arms you will hear me purr. Snuggling, romping, exploring and playing is what I am really good at.  I also love to eat!  After a little playtime I would love to cuddle and fall asleep in a nice warm lap.  All affection is rewarded with purrs and purrs.  Favorite toys are pipe cleaners, rod toys and little things I can bat about.  I am a confident kitty that would make a great addition to your family.  

DSH, Brown Tabby, Male

DOB 4/16
Beautiful Sweet Valiant just loves people!!  He will follow you every where you go, curious as to what you are doing and always ready to lend a Paw to help out!!  He enjoys chasing little ping pong balls, attacking the little furry mice, and curling up on the sunny screen porch for a snooze.  He will sit with you on the couch, or cuddle with you at night.  Valiant is a love bug just looking for a forever family to LOVE!!


Tabby, Male
DOB 8/17
This boy came from a shelter in Wayne County with his 3 brothers. All the brothers are great friends and love to play. He loves to wrestle with his brothers and is usually the one who starts the wild play. Winkle will run up and down and all over the place looking for fun. He is a ball of energy and is typically the last one of the group to be tired. While he loves to run and is “all boy” he also will lie on people’s lap to rest and purr. When the foster mom leaves the room and calls “the babies,” he is the first one to come running around the corner to see what is going on. He has been around high energy activities and doesn’t run and hide. He has not had access to dogs, but with his personality he should be fine.


DLH, Dilute Torti, Female
DOB 5/12/17
Miracles do happen, Zazzle is proof.  Zazzle is a precious, pretty, playful, cardiac arrest survivor.  Zazzle has proved, this show stopping long haired beauty is truly unstoppable.  In August, Zazzle’s heart stopped after she was sedated for spaying. With intensive care she survived and now is healthy and happy, looking for a special family to love.  The kitty cardiologist at NC State confirmed, what we already knew, Zazzle’s heart is perfect. A sensitivity to the sedation caused her heart to stop.  Zazzle was recently spayed, so we know she can safely have sedation and anesthesia.  Talk about a rough start, Zazzle as a tiny kitten was left alone in a high kill shelter with an eye infection that left a hazy spot.  She experienced blindness after her heart stopped but her vision has returned and though not perfect, she can explore, play, jump on a sofa and climb into a lap.  Zazzle requires no special care.  This sweet, special girl is a social butterfly and loves every day of life.  Her favorites: being with her family, lap-sitting, petting, brushing and playing.  She adores attention.   But she is not just a pretty, sofa ornament, she will entertain you chasing and batting balls or play mice across the floor and swatting at rod toys.  This one in a million kitty, will be the perfect snuggly, companion for a lucky family.

DSH Grey Tabby, Male

DOB 5/1/15
If you are looking for a big, lively, handsome boy, Zepher is ready to help you out. He’s a happy, playful fellow who loves people and playing with children. Never shy, he is active and curious, always up for a game or good run, and loves a handy window seat or cat tower for nature watching. He’d love a forever home with other kitties to play with and humans to adore him but he wouldn’t be opposed to being the one and only worshiped feline in the home either. He’s not familiar with dogs but being open-minded is willing to meet one and see if they get along. His beautiful light grey fur and soft stripes adorn his athletically masculine cat body. Zepher’s looking for the right person or family to appreciate his attributes and give him the love he’s craving.​

Your adoption fee buys you a lifetime of love and affection.