Seniors for Seniors Program

Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program

If you are 72 years or older, this program is for you. We sincerely hope you will appreciate the goals of this program and understand why it exists. As a rescue, the number one thing that prevents us from saving more cats and kittens is the return of cats previously adopted. Unfortunately, the number of returns has climbed dramatically in the last few years, and it is having a significant negative impact on our ability to be a thriving rescue capable of taking in many cats and kittens that need us.

We have adopted out a large number of cats and kittens over the years, and now, as many of the adopters age, we are being inundated with requests to take back the cute kittens they adopted 5 years or more ago as they are unable to keep them – for any number of reasons. So, we have made the decision to adopt only older cats to seniors over 72. It’s a perfect pairing and, we believe, a win-win for all involved. This decision was made for many reasons:

  1. Cats can live to be over 20, and if someone adopts at 75 or 80 or older, then it’s a pretty sure bet that cat will not get to live its life with the adopter. The cat will be looking for a new home at a very vulnerable time in its life where many people may not want to adopt. Losing a home and a person is very traumatic for a cat, and many do not survive it.
  2. As we all age, strength and mobility decrease. It’s just a fact for every one of us. Kittens running around are a tripping hazard, and anybody in the home risks a fall. Kittens don’t care – they are just going to be running and jumping and being underfoot. Litter, trips to the vet lugging 20 pounds is not going to be easy for someone older.
  3. Kittens are not lap kitties – they may be when they are older, but they are not interested in sitting on the couch or in your lap for long periods of time. Think of toddlers – you don’t expect them to sit around and enjoy cuddling and hanging out on the couch: well, kittens won’t either. THAT’S going to be an adult cat who will LOVE that!
  4. We are all just one fall away from being in the hospital, assisted living, or rehab. Again, the cat suffers the loss of its home and person.
  5. No, it’s unlikely that a family will step up and take on the cat left when someone can no longer care for it. Our experience tells us that no matter what family promises, when the time comes, it just doesn’t happen. We see this daily, and it’s incredibly sad for the cat and the original owner, but the truth is, the cat will end up needing to return to us.

We hope you will recognize that this program is designed to give you a cat that you will adore, and it will give an older cat a second chance. So many of them never get that chance.

Guidelines of the program:

  1. Adopters 72 and older must choose a cat for adoption indicated on the website with an S designation in the cat’s name (for example Skippy24FS). It will also be indicated in the cat’s bio.
  2. Cats available in this program have a $50 adoption fee.
  3. Cats in the Seniors-for-Seniors program are also available for our Foster-to-Adopt Program, which gives you a chance to have this cat in your home for a full month before making your final decision about adoption. You will see the F code (Foster-to-Adopt) and the S code (Seniors-for-Seniors) in those cats’ names (for example:  Skippy24FS).

NOTE: Some cats are F2A WITHOUT being available for the S4S program.