Trupanion: Medical Insurance for Your Pet


Regardless of where you adopt your cat or kitten, we strongly encourage you to consider medical insurance.

We recommend that you get your new cat or kitten established with a vet immediately after adoption by scheduling a wellness exam.  Once your cat gets a clean bill of health, you should enroll in medical insurance right away because then they won’t have an pre-existing conditions!

If you adopt from Purr Partners, you will receive a flyer that tells you how to set up one month of FREE insurance coverage from Trupanion. Your free month will start immediately after that wellness exam, and then you can continue coverage on your own.  See full  details here:  Cat & Kitten Insurance – Health Coverage for Injury & Illness | Trupanion

Pet ABC Infographic

Vet costs are expensive and like everything else they are going up every day!  Walking through the door at an emergency vet for minor issues easily costs $500-1000, and possibly more for diagnostics to identify the problem before treatment even begins.  Major emergencies like broken bones, eye enucleations and urinary blockages in male cats can easily cost $2000 or more, as can long term illnesses like cancer. Having insurance coverage can literally save your pet’s life in a medical crisis!

Regardless of where you get your pet or which company you choose, please consider medical insurance for your new best friend!