Found a stray?

Found a Stray and need help? The Purr Partners Foster Program can help us to help you!

Purr Partners operates a little differently from most rescues. Our mission is to save cats and kittens in the greatest jeopardy of losing their lives, so every week, we visit local high-kill shelters that regularly euthanize large numbers of cats and kittens.  We try to work in shelters where few rescue groups are active.  We are a series of foster homes of average people who love cats and have made a commitment to work to save those who would otherwise have no hope, so our space is always limited.

We realize that many people find cats and kittens as strays and want to do the right thing to help them, so we receive hundreds of calls and emails a week.  It is heartbreaking for us to have to say, “No, we can’t help. We have no room.” But since everyone in our group houses these animals in their own homes, most times we are full, and since we operate through donations, we have limited funds.

If you are able to serve as a foster parent for the cat(s), we can help you through our Foster Program.  If this sounds like something you are willing to do, please download and complete the application, then scan it in and email it back to us as an attachment, or you can mail it to Purr Partners, P.O. Box 905, Youngsville, NC 27596, and someone will contact you to discuss this further.  Before making this decision, please read the guidelines for this program below.

If you are not interested in this option, please check out other rescue groups in the area. You should be aware that most cats and kittens surrendered to shelters are euthanized due to space concerns especially during kitten season (April to November).  Thank you for caring about these cats and kittens!

Fostering Guidelines and Agreement

We appreciate your interest and willingness to foster the cat or kitten you have found until it can be placed in a loving, forever home.  Without you, most likely there would be no hope for this furry feline. Thank you for caring.

Please read over the guidelines carefully.  In order to find a home for your foster(s), we need to work together.  This is a partnership that you must be willing to enter into with us, and it requires commitment on both our parts.  Before we can get started, you must have made an effort to find the owners of this cat or kitten.

  1. Did you check with your neighbors?
  2. Did you post flyers in your neighborhood?
  3. Did you post to your NextDoor site, Facebook, Craigslist, Triangle Lost and Found Pets?
  4. Did you contact the local shelter to see if the cat is missing?
  5. Did you take the cat in to an area vet or PetSmart to see if it is microchipped?

If you have made an honest effort to find the owners, all the while keeping the animal safe and secure, and you’ve had no luck, maybe we can help.

Since we are rescue group with limited funds, we require that the cat or kitten you are bringing into our program be tested for FIV and Feline Leukemia BEFORE final admittance to our foster program.  If the results are negative, the cat will be accepted into the program. You have two choices about how to do this test:

  1. You may give us a non-refundable check for $30 per test, and we will schedule an appointment at our vet for the testing.  
  2. Or you may have the test done at your vet and provide us written documentation of the results.  If this is a litter or group of kittens, all kittens must be tested unless they are with their mother then only the mother needs testing. .

Once your cat/kittens have been tested, Purr Partners will provide all additional required vet care at no cost to you as long as we have the funds available.  Any financial help is greatly appreciated and may be required.  We receive no funding of any type; all expenses are paid through the rescue’s fundraising efforts and donations.   This includes the following:

  1. All vaccinations
  2. Worming and ear mite treatment
  3. Flea preventative
  4. Spay or Neuter surgeries
  5. Any other vet care necessary once the cat or kitten is in the program

We will also do the following to ensure the cat(s) or kitten(s) find a loving, permanent home:

  1. Post a picture and bio on the following websites:,, and
  2. The cat/kitten will be rotated through our PetSmart Adoption Centers in Wake Forest, Six Forks Station in Raleigh, and Capital Crossings in Raleigh.
  3. We will conduct interviews and home visits as necessary when an adoption application is submitted for the cat or kitten.
  4. Complete and process all paperwork and the adoption.

If you need supplies, the following will be loaned or provided to you:

  1. Cat carrier
  2. Litter box and scoop
  3. Pet Bed
  4. Dry cat food  (you will need to provide canned food as necessary unless we have sufficient donations)

The next part of this information lists the things you need to know to make this work.  Please read over this carefully and be sure you understand what you are agreeing to.

  1. The cat/kittens must be housed indoors at all times.  
  2. Your own personal cats must be UTD on vaccinations, spayed or neutered, and have been tested for FIV/Feline Leukemia.  
  3. You must be willing to provide transportation to and from our vets (Bunn Animal Hospital and/or Rolesville Animal Hospital, or Zebulon Spay/Neuter Clinic) as scheduled.
  4. You must be willing to transport your cat or kitten to and from PetSmart as scheduled.
  5. You must be willing to maintain records and keep them updated and available. (We will provide the record but you must record all care).
  6. You must provide a picture and a bio about the cat or kitten (check our website for examples).  Send the bio and up to 4 pictures of the cat(s) to  Also print a copy of the bio and bring the first time your cat is scheduled for PetSmart.
  7. You must be willing to drive to our cat center on days designated for vaccinations, food distribution, and medications.  You will be assigned a team leader who will give you more details.
  8. You must be willing to check your email at least twice a day and respond to inquiries.  We utilize Facebook groups for communication and require that you become a member of: Purr Partners Foster Group and Purr Partners Medical and Info Group.  These are closed groups, so if you become a foster, you will be sent a link and then be admitted to the group upon request.  Once you are done fostering, you will be removed from the groups.
  9. If you do not use Facebook and do not want to get an account, you will be unable to participate in our fostering program.  
  10. You must be willing to stay on as a foster for 1 month after your cat or kitten is placed due to our return policy.  If the cat or kitten is returned during that time period, you must be willing to take it back and continue to foster until it is placed again.
  11. Once we have started vet care for your cat, if you decide to drop out and/or keep the cat, or you find a home for the cat, you will be required to pay the full adoption price of between $115- $150 depending on age, breed, and how much we have had to spend on the cat or kitten.   Once your kittens or cats are in our program, any home you find must be approved via our application process. If you decide to keep the cat you brought into our program, you will required to pay the full adoption fee and there is no return policy in place for this cat.
  12. Adult cats with preexisting medical conditions that will require lifelong medication and special care will not be accepted into the program.  We do not have the funds to care for these cats. Personal pets are not accepted. We believe that personal pets are a lifelong commitment, and our program is dedicated to helping strays and abandoned animals.

Please know that we will do everything we can to place your cat or kitten as quickly as possible, however there is absolutely no guarantee about the time frame.  It could be as quick as a week or a month or as long as a year. There is just no way to know. Every cat always gets a home, but we can make no promises about how long this will take.  

Please send an email to indicating you have read and agree to all the items on the Foster Agreement. Include a picture of the cat/kittens if you haven’t already done so.  Once we receive that and your Foster Application, we will begin scheduling your cat or kitten and working to find that perfect home!

Thank you again for caring about this cat or kitten.  We appreciate you and want to work with you to make sure that this leads to a very happy ending.

Purrs to you!

Foster Coordinator