FIP – Breaking News That You Should Know!!

FIP – Breaking News That You Should Know!!

FIP Is Not a Death Sentence!

Up until as recently as 2017, a diagnosis of FIP for a cat or kitten was an automatic death sentence because there was no cure or even any treatment.  However, after years of research, there is now a treatment – and a cure – for FIP.  So, if your cat or kitten receives this diagnosis, there is hope, and you need to get started now!  The hero of this cure is Dr. Niels Pedersen who has been researching this disease since the 1960’s.  Please read the links at the bottom of this page to learn more about him and how this cure was discovered.

Be aware that many vets do not know about this treatment, or do not support it, so if you get a diagnosis it is imperative you find a vet in your area who is familiar with the treatment and will work with you.  If you are a former adopter of Purr Partners and in our area – Raleigh/Wake Forest/Durham/Franklin County – then we can recommend a vet for you who we know is supportive of the treatment and will help you through it.  Veterinarians are in a tough spot because legally they cannot prescribe these drugs even if they know about them since they are not FDA approved, but we do work with the vets who are supportive to the extent they can be, and we will refer you to them.

If you receive this diagnosis, the first step you must immediately take is to get on Facebook and join FIP Warriors 5.0.  Joining THIS group is imperative and speed is essential.  Explain your situation and an admin will be assigned to you.  They will work with you to get the drugs you need to treat your cat or kitten.  They will guide you through the entire process, and best of all, you will become part of a community that supports each and every kitty and owner going through this treatment.

The drug, while held by an American company, is produced on the black market in China because the American company (Gilead) is not seeking a patent for this drug for use in cats since it is very similar to Remdesivir that is used to treat COVID-19.  The drug is given to a cat or kitten for a total of 84 days by injection or pill.  It is a tough treatment for both the cat and the owner, but the pay off is a cure.

FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) is one of the corona viruses.  The link below explains more about this disease and why this drug is difficult to get.  With advent of COVID-19 on the world scene, people have become more acquainted with corona viruses and the drug Remdesivir, whose first cousin GS-441542 is the cure for FIP.

After contacting the FIP Warriors 5.0 Facebook group, read through the following links to get informed and started treating your kitty:

We always try to keep this information up to date, but if their Facebook group gets hacked or shut down and the name is forced to change, the safest thing to do is use the Contact Us section on their website, which will NEVER change.  Explain your diagnosis and situation, then they will contact you to get you started.  DO NOT WAIT to initiate contact.  You can then answer the pre-treatment survey and start to read their FAQ  and Resources.  DO NOT simply google and join just any FIP group on Facebook.  Wait for contact from the FIP Warriors website and then follow their lead — they have assisted Purr Partners with all of our FIP cats and kittens.

If you adopted a kitty from Purr Partners that has been diagnosed with FIP and you have any additional questions or need information about local veterinarians that support this course of treatment, please contact us ASAP at!

(Information is current as of April 2022)