Foster to Adopt

Foster to Adopt

We have some terrific cats who have been overlooked.  When in a cage at our adoption events they don’t show all their wonderful qualities that we witness while they are in their foster homes.  Often the cats feel nervous or anxious or may struggle from cage stress stemming from their time in a shelter.  It is difficult for them to show how sweet and loving they are in that environment.  

Because of this, we offer these beautiful cats through our Foster to Adopt program.  What do we mean by Foster to Adopt? After becoming a pre-approved adopter you will take the kitty home for up to a month at no cost.  Purr Partners will provide the food, litter and vet care.  During the month, you will see what we already know —  these are very special kitties that just need someone to take a chance on them! 

At the end of the month, you will either complete the adoption for a reduced donation of only $50 or simply return the cat to us. 

If this appeals to you, we encourage you to consider one of these very special kitties.  The beautiful babies below are patiently waiting for their special person to come along and love them forever.

If there is a kitty that speaks to your heart please download the Foster to Adopt Agreement and email it to

DSH, Cow Cat, Male

DOB 3/28/19

You’ll never meet another kitty like Derry! * * * Read on – you’ll be glad you did. What’s to love: His sweet side: Derry jumps up in your lap, purrs, and rubs foreheads with you. These love sessions are so sweet, you’ll want to put your phone down, pet him all over, hug him, and rub faces with him until he jumps down or settles in. Your heart will be so full of love and affirmation when Derry showers you with his affection, you won’t mind the interruption one bit. His playful nature: Derry can jump so high when you engage him with the feather wand! He plays for keeps, so when he’s caught the toy, he’s not giving it back! LOL, he counts crinkle balls, ping pong balls, and catnip toys among his other favorites. His adventurous side: Derry is always thinking and likes to explore. You will enjoy watching him solve a kitty puzzle box, or figuring out how to get that treat out from a tight space it slid into. You and he can be partners in crime, watching the birds and squirrels outside the window or the fish swimming about the tank. Make sure he’s not enjoying the cozy warmth of the dryer or calculating a foray into the outdoors when you come and go

His trainability: He learns quickly what you expect of him and generally respects your wishes. After all, you are the giver of all yummies and the scooper of all yuckies! His looks: Derry is gorgeous and mysterious with his Phantom of the Opera mask, long, lithe build, and striking black and white markings. What a cool cat! His companionship: Derry greets you at the door, keeps you company, guards over you while showering, sleeps by your side, and socializes with your guests. The wrong side of a door is the one he’s on, if you’re not there with him. His enthusiasm for your affection: When he wants you to pick him up, he will do figure 8’s around and through your ankles as you walk, literally stopping you in your tracks for a cuddle-fest. If your arms are full, do the high-step over him until you can lift him and hug it out. What’s to learn: His unique purr-sonality: Derry doesn’t talk much. As his foster mom, I don’t remember ever hearing him vocalize, except to purr when he’s happy and hiss when he’s spooked. His gaze is simultaneously blank, sweet and intense and it doesn’t vary a lot with his moods. His body language is upside down – he looks calm (pupils normal, ears up, fur smooth) when he’s annoyed, but the hair along his spine and tail fluff big when he’s especially happy and excited to be held and snuggled. Maybe he got switched with his counterpart from a parallel universe, because this handsome boy seems to be all mixed up. His passion for exercising his claws: Derry is a little monkey and will take full advantage of anything he can climb or scratch. For this reason, you will want to: 1. Provide him with LOTS of tall scratching posts (the small ones and flat ones get ignored) and cat trees, 2. Use a combination of deterrents and attractants, training methods, etc., to encourage correct scratching behavior, 3. Get him accustomed to wearing plastic kitty claw caps. You can trim his claws when he’s relaxed (he’s quite proud of them and will struggle, otherwise), but we haven’t tried the caps, yet. If you can’t do it yourself, you may need to work with your vet to learn what will work best (light sedative before trimming and capping, for instance), or 4. Be okay with him swinging from the drapes and scratching where he shouldn’t (he doesn’t get why anything tempting is off-limits). * * * We correct him when we’re home, and he respects that in the moment, but we’re not home 24/7. Why he won’t be at PetSmart: The PetSmart environment upsets Derry a lot. He deals with the adoption event experience by slapping small children, hands-y strangers, and well-meaning volunteers. He has sweetly kissed a visitor one second and struck that same person with claws bared the nex

Since his truly adorable nature is not on display there, he is in the foster-to-adopt program. This allows you to meet him in his foster home where he feels most at ease, and if you decide to give yourself a chance to find out who Derry really is, you have 30 days to find out how delighted you’ll be that you did. Dogs, other cats, kids, and other considerations: Derry lives with three other cats and LOVES to play with them. His vigorous style of play can be a bit much for the five-year-old, docile male and the three-year-old mother cat in our household, but our one-year old male is a great match for his energy, and they are best buds. They all get along and have learned each others’ boundaries. Because Derry can be jumpy and lash out when surprised by sudden movements, squealy or jerky (like our printer) noises, or when he’s not feeling his happiest, he is not available to a home with pre-school children. Since he insists on close-walking with you at times, he is not eligible for a home with elderly or disabled individuals that may be tripped and injured. We’re not sure whether he would get along with dogs, but a dog test can be done with specific dogs to see if this could work.

DSH, White with Gray, Female
 Hyperesthesia, daily meds
DOB 10/1/2016
Tapioca is a gorgeous princess that loves to bask in the sun and is so full of personality and unique quirks. She has her own language of soft chirps and meows that leave you to know exactly what she is thinking. Her fur is soft and silky like a bunny. She loves to be around people and is often in the room even if you don’t notice her immediately you may hear her soft cooing purr and turn to see her silly facial expressions or her silly sleeping positions like she likes to sleep on her back with one leg sticking up in the air and her paws covering her face. She is always entertaining herself whether it’s trying to get the water feeder to bubble or whooshing a piece of food across the floor so she can chase it, wiggle her butt, pounce, then toss it again and start over until she has won her game and eats it. She loves her humans and sometimes at night cuddled in bed she will curl her paw around her foster mom’s thumb to hold her tight

So why would such an awesome cat be offered in our foster to adopt program? Tapioca appears to sometimes hurt when you touch her anywhere on her body and untreated, she use to re-actively bite and it would take a while for her to calm down. It was confusing because other days she was absolutely loving and cuddle up with you for hours. She was given a diagnosis of hyperesthesia which means she is extra sensitive to stimuli of the senses which can be treated with medication. Tapioca likes heat, it helps soothe her and she likes a routine, calm home which helps with reducing the extra stimulus. Tapioca needs a home that will be patient as she adjusts to all the new stimuli of a new home and learns her language to read her. Once you hear her unique purr it is impossible not to fall in love.

DMH, Maine Coon X, Female
DOB: 7/15/2014

This stunning beauty was found in bad shape and was taken to a high kill shelter. When PURR PARTNERS rescued her, she was very thin and had hair loss due to a flea allergy.

We traced her microchip to an owner, but they didn’t answer calls. Isabella was thrown away and left on the streets for an unknown period of time. In our care, she has blossomed into a healthy and beautiful cat. Their loss is your gain!

So… you might wonder why Isabella is on the foster-to-adopt list. If Isabella was a person, she might be described as “high strung.” She just happens to be very selective about the people and animals she lets into her life. Because she was fending for herself for a long time, she seems to have learned to be cautious about people, animals, and her surroundings.

She does not like other cats, and that makes it more difficult to find her a good cat loving home. She can become overstimulated and temperamental, at times, but as long as she is feeling relaxed and not threatened, she is more often happy and affectionate. She is curious and likes to play. She is good about being brushed.

The perfect home for Isabella is:

  • Indoors, willing to keep flea prevention on her
  • Relatively quiet – not a lot of commotion or small children)
  • No other cats or exuberant dogs (older, small, calm dogs are OK)
  • An owner with experience with cat behavior or willing to learn. Patient.

Isabella has the look that so many people want. She looks like a regal princess. We know someone wants her!