Where do the cats that you have come from?

The vast majority of cats and kittens are pulled from rural high kill shelters.  We may occasionally take in cats or kittens that are suffering and in immediate danger, but it is not our policy to take cats and kittens from individuals.  We offer a temporary foster program to help people that have found strays.  WE DO NOT TAKE PERSONAL PETS.  We believe those pets should stay with the owner.

Why does it cost so much to adopt? 

We try hard to keep our adoption fees low, but by the time we get a cat or kitten ready for adoption, we have usually spent close to $400.  Many times, we must spend much more.  They come to us in terrible condition, and we spend money and time getting them healthy and ready to go.  Adoption fees allow us to continue to save lives.

Why do I have to fill out an application to adopt?

There are several reasons.  First, we need your contact information.  Second, we need to know your living situation so we can help you make a choice that will work for you and your family and for the cat or kitten.  We know our kitties, and we want to be sure that the home they are going into is appropriate for them.  Sometimes, we recommend a totally different cat than one you might have chosen because we know it will fit better in your family.  Third, we do require our adopters provide regular vet care for their current pets.  That yearly vet visit is very important to us even if no vaccinations are given.  And last, we want to know who will be interacting with the cat or kitten.  Often young kids and young kittens are not a good fit, so we might suggest a cat that will work better.  Some dogs have a high prey instinct, and we need to know this so we can be sure you choose a cat that can be safe with the dog.  The application is about matching you with the perfect kitty!

How many employees to you have?

We have no employees at all.  We are all volunteers who donate our time, money, and efforts for free.  Every penny we receive from any source, goes directly to the care of our cats and kittens.  Most of our volunteers work full time jobs, have families and other commitments, but they believe in what we do, so they find the time to help us save lives.

Can I come to your facility to see all the cats and kittens you have? 

Currently, we do not have a central location where all of our cats and kittens are located.  We use foster homes so that our rescues can experience what it is like to be a part of a family.  Our fosters open their homes to these very special cats and kittens.  You can see them here by clicking on Adopt a Cat, or you can visit our adoption centers at the two Petsmarts since we rotate our cats and kittens through there. Sometimes a foster will arrange for you to come to their home to visit a cat or kitten.  This is their choice, and different fosters feel differently about this.

Are all your cats and kittens healthy?  What has been done?

We try very hard to be sure all our cats and kittens are healthy before they go up for adoption.  However, we can make no guarantees about the long-term health of any of our rescues.  All our rescues have been seen by a vet, tested for Felv/FIV, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, wormed, treated for fleas, microchipped, and treated for any other illness or injury that our vets have diagnosed.

  I can’t keep my own cat anymore.  Can you take it?

No.  It is your responsibility.  You made a commitment when you got the cat, and you need to find a way to keep it and do the right thing.  Once your cat leaves you, chances are it will suffer.  We do not take personal pets.  We have people who keep their cats through moves, the addition of new family members, allergies, additional pets, etc.  If you give your pet up, it is likely it will be deceased very shortly.

I have found a stray cat and/or kittens.  Can I bring them to you? 

No, we have no room for them.  We pull from high kill shelters, and so we are always full.  We can help you, however, if you are willing to be a temporary foster for us.  Please look under Resources, and click on Found a Stray?.

There are feral/stray cats living near me.  They keep having babies.  What should I do?

Please consider trapping and having them spayed and neutered, then providing food and shelter for them.  There is nowhere for them to go, and no one to take them.  If you know about the situation, you are the someone that can help.  We can provide information and point you to resources, but we cannot take the cats, and we can’t do the work of trapping and getting them in.

I went by PetSmart, but there was no one there.  There’s a cat/kitten I want to see.  What do I do? 

The first step is always the adoption application.  It is not a commitment, but when we receive it, we will contact you and make arrangements for you to meet whichever cat or kitten you want.  We have volunteers at 3 local area (Wake Forest/Raleigh, NC) PetSmart locations most weekends. See the current hours on our home page.

My child wants to volunteer.  What do I do?

We can only accept volunteers who are over 18 due to liability concerns, and they must go through training.  If you want to volunteer with your child who is under 18, then you can become one of our cleaners who work at PetSmart one evening a week.  Please complete a volunteer application either here and someone will contact you.

My child needs volunteer/community service hours.  Can he/she do that with you?

Yes, under the same guidelines mentioned above.  If your child would like to do a community service project, we have a suggested list of things that will help us and give your child the hours needed.  Go to the Volunteer tab and click Community Service Hours and Projects.