Adoption Policies & Fees

Adoption Policies & Fees

Please read carefully!  This should answer most of your questions concerning our adoption process.  

  • You must be willing to make a 20-year commitment to the cat or kitten you want to adopt.
  • Must be 21 years of age and able to provide a valid driver’s license or photo ID with your current address.
  • All pets in your home must be sterilized and current on vaccinations, heartworm meds, etc. unless there is a medical reason validated by your veterinarian. We STRONGLY believe that all cats should have an annual vet visit even if they never go outside.
  • You must be willing to provide veterinary references for current and/or past pets or at least three personal/professional references if you have never had a pet.
  • You must be willing AND able to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment, and appropriate care for your pet for its entire lifetime (i.e. annual vet visits, procedures recommended by your vet, emergency care as necessary.)
  • Kittens under the age of 4 months must be adopted in pairs unless there is currently a cat in the home that is under five years old.
  • To adopt a kitten under the age of 4 months, any children living in the home should be at least 5 years old.
  • For certain breeds and dogs that do not currently live with a cat, or at our request,  you must agree to a home visit and a dog test before the application can be approved and adoption finalized.
  • Because our cats are in foster homes and all of our foster parents are volunteers, we cannot arrange a meet and greet with a cat or kitten until your application has been submitted and approved.
  • If there are multiple applicants for the same cat or kitten, we will choose what we consider to be the most appropriate applicant for that particular animal.  Each of our rescued cats and kittens has individual personalities and needs, and we know that every home is not appropriate for every cat or kitten.
  • Applications submitted on the weekends cannot be processed until Monday or Tuesday, holidays and other factors may slow this process.  We require at least 2 business days to process the application and contact you.  Once you have submitted your application, please contact your veterinarian and authorize the release of your veterinary records.  Not all require this, but many do, and it will help speed the process.
  • We do not hold cats.  Once an applicant is approved, the adoption must be completed within 48 hours unless specific arrangements are made with the rescue.
  • If an online application is approved, and the cat or kitten is scheduled for an adoptathon, the approved adopter must show up at the beginning of the adoptathon on the day the cat or kitten will be at PetSmart.  After 15 minutes, the cat becomes available to any approved adopter waiting.

Adoption Fees

Our cats and kittens are rescued from high kill shelters and we operate solely through donations and fundraising. As an all-volunteer group, every penny goes directly back to care for our rescues.  Your adoption fees do not begin to cover the actual expenses of the care we have provided to each and every Purr Partners cat or kitten.

up to 6 months
$125 – $175  
6 months – 1 year
 $115 – $175  
1 – 10 years
$105 – $175  
10+ years
Specialty Crosses & Breeds  $135 and up  
Extra Special Cats  $50  

❤Extra Special Cats:  Cats with chronic medical conditions requiring prescription medications, prescription food, ongoing medical care and monitoring, etc.

😻$20 Discount when adopting two or more.

TRIAL PERIOD:  With every adoption, we offer a two week trial period and encourage you to use that time to be sure the cat or kitten you have chosen is a good fit.  Don’t make a decision in just a few days – use the entire two week period.  At the end of the trial period, make a decision as to whether this is the cat or kitten for you.  Should you decide it is not, you may return the pet for a refund of your adoption fee less $25 processing fee, or you may choose a different cat.  While we will always take the cat or kitten back, refunds will not be made after the two-week mark.

RETURN POLICY:  We make a lifetime commitment to these cats and kittens, and we hope adopters will do the same.  It is very TRAUMATIC for a cat to lose its home, and as a rescue, this presents huge problems for us.  We are usually always full, and finding space in a foster home can be extremely difficult.  It is especially true for an adult cat.   We encourage you to find a way to keep your cat since that is the agreement you make as an adopter.  However, should you have to return the cat, please notify us.  We will ask that you provide a good picture and a write up so we can start posting your cat immediately on our website.  Our hope is to find a good home so the cat can go directly from your home to a new home without having to enter foster care.  It may take us a month or so to find a foster, and during kitten season, it becomes much more difficult.  Should you find another home for your cat, please contact us so we can work with the new owners to update the microchip information and add them to our database.  Our cats should NEVER be turned into a shelter, abandoned, advertised on websites such as Craigslist, or placed in a home that is not approved by us.

***Unless it’s a major emergency, we ask that you do not return adult cats during kitten season.  If possible please make arrangements to return them between November 30 and March 15.***

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