Cat and Kitten Adoption in Central NC
Our cats and kittens are rescued from high-kill rural shelters in North Carolina.  2019 marked
10 Years of saving lives and we won’t stop until they all have a home!


Cat rescue can be difficult and very sad at times, but THIS picture is what rescue is about, and it makes it all worth it for us! 

Rescue is about seeing a kitten making biscuits on the arm of his new little girl — who also fell instantly in love with him.  💕  Let’s remember 2020 for moments like this, and let us help play matchmaker for you too so that we can save even more kitties in 2021!


**  2/1/2021  **

Our cats will return to all three PetSmart Adoption Centers Thursdays through Mondays starting on February 4th!  (Strict COVID rules and distancing will be in effect)

Volunteers will be available on Saturdays from 11am-1pm, and Sunday by appointment for approved adopters, starting on February 6th.

Come see us at all three PetSmart Adoption Centers! 

Cat and kittens will be in the Adoption Centers Thursday through Monday afternoons in the inside units.  Then on Saturdays from 11am-1pm, Purr Partners volunteers will be available as well.  Hand sanitizer will be available, distancing will be practiced, and please plan to wear a mask and follow all of the precautions posted on the Adoption Center windows to keep everyone safe.
Because of the very small space inside the adoption centers, only pre-approved adopters will be able to go in and handle the cats and kittens, but visitors can adore them through the windows anytime!   Our Facebook page highlights the kittens that are available at each PetSmart each weekend.  We are always at the adoption centers in the Wake Forest PetSmart and the Raleigh Six Forks PetSmart, and we are now at the Raleigh Capital Crossings PetSmart every weekend too!  
Adoption information and the adoption application is available at www.purrpartners.org/adopt and we hope to see you soon…in person!

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Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue2021/03/04 @ 0:56
Azalie is a ball of energy who loves to play. She has the look of not a care in the world, but rattle a bag and she comes running! Azalia loves to gently paw you for pets. Can be a laid-back kitty but also a little curious at times. Loves her dog friends, but other cats not so much. Sitting on the couch is where she likes to be. 🛋💕🐈
Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue2021/03/03 @ 15:37
🐱 Just a reminder that if you are interested in adoption a kitty from Purr Partners read the adoption policies and fill out an application. Meets are being scheduled with approved adopters and kitties are being adopted every day.
Approved adopters should let their application processor know if they are interested in any kitty and she will get you in touch with the foster if the kitty is available.
More kitties being rescued every day too. Fosters are busy getting them ready for adoption so watch the web site for new additions.
Until they all have a home.💕🐾🐈

Tarheel Tess is reminding you to check the web site to find out more about her and all the other Purr Partners kitties ready for adoption.
Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue2021/03/02 @ 21:31
Tigger is a gorgeous cat with a big heart for people. 🐈💕
This 9 1/2yr old boy loves to lay around the house but also play with a teaser toy, with random bursts of energy - chasing sometimes only his shadow! He still has lots of life left to enjoy since cat can live to be 18-20 yrs old.
Tigger loves to be by your side, and pets are always welcome. He would rather be the only animal roaming the house but loves his humans. A window is his favorite place to be in the house, just enjoying watching the outside life go by.
If you love to brush a kitty and have a loyal companion maybe you should meet Tigger. 🐈🐾💕

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