Cat and Kitten Adoption in Central NC
Our cats and kittens are rescued from high-kill rural shelters in North Carolina.  2021 marks 12 years
of saving lives – and we won’t stop until they all have a home!

Come see us at PetSmart! 

*** CHANGES TO ADOPTATHON HOURS (effective July 5, 2021): This summer we are trying different Adoptathon hours to see if other times are more convenient for visitors.  Our volunteers will be at all three PetSmarts on Saturdays from 10am-Noon, and on Sundays from 1-3pm.  Our current hours will always be noted here and on our Facebook page. ***
Cat and kittens will be in the PetSmart Adoption Centers Wednesday through Sunday in the inside units.  But during adoptathon hours on Saturday and Sunday, we may have more cats on the retail floor and our volunteers will be available to answer any questions and do meet-and-greets for preapproved adopters
Watch our Facebook page every week to see which cats will be at each location so that you can plan your visits accordingly.  We are located at Wake Forest PetSmart, North Raleigh Six Forks PetSmart, and Raleigh Capital Crossings PetSmart
If you are thinking about adopting, we encourage you to go ahead and read our adoption policies and then complete the adoption application at www.purrpartners.org/adopt.  It does not commit you to an adoption, but if you are pre-approved and fall in love with a kitty then you will be able to meet and adopt them right away!  

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Cat rescue can be difficult and very sad at times, but THIS picture is what rescue is about, and it makes it all worth it for us! 

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Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue2021/07/26 @ 13:42
THIS IS A TOTALLY FREE FOR LIFE CAT WITH FREE LIFETIME VETERINARY CARE! This is Tigger, a gorgeous, fluffy, sweet boy who HATES other cats and dogs as well. He has not had a good life due to his living conditions, and now things are dire for him! He must find a forever foster home within the next two weeks. It must be a home with no other animals - no cats or dogs and no plans to get any! He is super sweet with people, loving, and laid back.
Purr Partners will totally support Tigger for the rest of his life. He is 10 years old and has some mild asthma. We will provide all vet care and provide food and litter to whomever takes him. The forever foster would need to be in our area to take him, when necessary, to our vets, so it would need to be the Raleigh, Durham, Franklin County, Granville County, Nash area of North Carolina.
If you love cats and would love to have one, but vet care is a concern, here is your chance. He really is a totally free kitty- you just need to provide a loving home, care, and make a commitment to this boy to have only him as the animal love of your life!
If you are interested, please send an email to purrpartners@yahoo.com and tell us about your situation and why you are interested. Please include your contact information.
Thank you!
Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue2021/07/26 @ 12:28
By one of our Purr Partners Young Artists who has a passion for cat rescue like us.
You can have one of the young artists draw a life like portrait of your cat or pet. By submilling a photo you are agreeing to donate what ever you can manage to Purr Partners.
Come join the fun.
Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue2021/07/25 @ 20:12
Here's what you missed at the Capital Crossings Petsmart this week end.
You can donate for the kittens till the end of July. Lots of kittens = lots of medical care and food.