Cat and Kitten Adoption in Central NC
Our cats and kittens are rescued from high-kill rural shelters in North Carolina.  2022 marks thirteen years
of saving lives – and we won’t stop until they all have a home!

Come see Purr Partners at PetSmart!

Purr Partners cats and kittens are in the PetSmart Adoption Centers Wednesday through Sunday in the inside units.  During the Adoptathon on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-3pm, we have more cats and kittens on the retail floor and our volunteers will be available to answer any questions and also do meet-and-greets and complete adoptions for preapproved adopters. 
Watch our Facebook page every week to see which cats will be at each location so that you can plan your visits accordingly.  We are located at Wake Forest PetSmart, North Raleigh Six Forks PetSmart, and Raleigh Capital Crossings PetSmart
If you are thinking about adopting, we encourage you to go ahead and read our adoption policies and then complete the adoption application at www.purrpartners.org/adopt.  It does not commit you to an adoption, but if you are pre-approved and fall in love with a kitty then you will be able to meet and adopt them right away!  

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Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue2022/08/09 @ 17:33
We have a cute bunch to introduce you to. Meet the A-babies.

👉Arliss is a 15-wee-old male orange and white tabby kitten, he is 1 of 5 in the litter. He loves chasing after feather toys and crumbled paper, climbing on the cat tower, or lying in the sunshine to look out the window and take a nap.

👉Arliss can be reserved at first, but once you take the time to know him, you will see him come right out of his shell. He likes to be held and have his ears scratched while giving all the purrs.

👉Arliss is getting used to his foster mom's Golden Retriever and loves to play in the foster's screened porch and climb the cat tower there and watch the birds.

👉This little guy definitely would do well with a home with another young cat or kitten to play with. Arliss’ 4 siblings are Adobe (tan color tabby, male), Addison (calico female), Anime (dark striped tabby w/calico markings, female), and Adriel (gray tabby w/calico markings, female).

It will be hard to pick just two 😹 Contact us on our website by filling out the online application. We would love to tell you all about these cuties, to ensure you pick the purrr'fect personalities for you and your family.
Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue2022/08/09 @ 11:32
We all wonder what our cats are thinking…and apparently they are wondering what we are doing with that litter box 😹😹😹
Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue2022/08/09 @ 0:37
Why do cats scratch?
🐾 Cats scratch with their front claws by dragging them downward, either on a horizontal or vertical surface – this action removes the outer husk of the claw revealing a sharp new surface underneath.
🐾 They are also exercising the muscles of their front legs and spine to keep them in top condition.
🐾 Scratching also is a way to communicate territory marking. Scent and sweat glands in between the pads of the feet mix to produce a unique smell which sends a message to other cats.
🐾 The best surfaces are fixed and do not yield with the cat's weight.
🐾 Inside cats should have their claws clipped to help prevent damage to furniture.
🐾 They also need to be provided with they own alternative scratching area which is vertical or horizontal but allows the cat to stretch to it's full length.
🐾 Each cat has their own preference for scratching surface and you will need to determine which surface your cat prefers. There are carpeted towers, sisal vertical scratchers, cardboard horizontal boxes, and more.
🐾 Scratchers need to be in an active area. If you don't go in an area then the cat probably doesn't frequent the area either.
🐾 If the cat wants to scratch in a certain area then that's where to put the scratcher. They want to be with you.

Gremlin likes his cardboard scratcher and we'll be sure to let his adopter know when he is adopted. This sweet boy's purr can be heard across the room, especially when he is getting rubs and lap time. Read more about him on the Purr Partners web site.