Cat and Kitten Adoption in Central NC
Celebrating 10 Years of rescuing cats & kittens from high kill shelters – saving over 4,000 lives! 

PetSmart Adoption Center Locations

Wake Forest PetSmart
11835 Retail Dr, Wake Forest, NC 27587

Six Forks PetSmart
8825 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, NC 27615

Capital Crossings PetSmart
(2x Month)

2800 E. Millbrook Rd, Raleigh, NC 27604

Weekend Adoptathon Hours
11:30 am – 3 pm
Volunteers on site during weekend adoptathons.
Cats and kittens are in the Adoption Centers at all times.  

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All of our cats and kittens are fulling vetted prior to being adopted.  We test for feline leukemia and FIV, deworm, treat for fleas, vaccinate, spay or neuter, and microchip before finding these unwanted, helpless animals, permanent loving homes. We are 100% volunteer-run foster-based rescue – no paid employees and zero overhead, which means that EVERY dollar that we receive goes directly back to support the cats and kittens we rescue.  Purr Partners is self-funded through adoption fees, donations, and fundraising events and has an annual budget of approximately $175,000.

One of the benefits of adopting a Purr Partners kitty is that each and every cat and kitten is fostered in one of our loving homes. This means that we get to know each kitty’s personality and their likes and dislikes –  do they get along with other cats, like dogs,  would they make a good lap cat or are they super active?  Each of our cats is extremely well socialized because they live in a home, not in a cage.   But this also means that we don’t have a public facility or intake center where you can stop by and visit.  In order to meet our cats and kittens, you must attend one of our weekend adoption events or become a preapproved adopter to schedule a private meet and greet session.

News and Events

Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue15 hours ago
🙀It’s a basket full of cuteness!💙
Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue18 hours ago
☀️ It's going to be a hot one today! Why not stop by PetSmart and meet some 😎cool cats?! We'll be in Raleigh at Six Forks Station and in Wake Forest from 11:30 - 3pm.
Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue3 days ago
🐱 “So...my name is Lace but PURRLEASE don’t mistake me for being a “delicate” little cat. 🙄 I’m definitely a 💁‍♀️lady but I’m a lady who knows what I want and what I love and am not 💪afraid to show you! That list includes 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦humans, 🐭toys, 🥣yum-yum soft food, and a ☀️sunny window in which to watch the 🌎world. I don’t mind other 🐈felines in my home and am willing to tolerate a member of the 🐩canine species, if I must. I have long silky buff and crème colored fur with huge round 👁👁 eyes, clearly my beauty is obvious to everyone! I am 4 years young and know that is technically not a kitten...but I’m a frisky kitty and have lots of energy and 💙love to give, and boy, am I fun!😹 I adore any kind of string 🧵toy, 🧶shoelaces, 🎣feather wands, and to try and get YOU to play with me I’ll roll around and even let you rub my belly! I am an expert in making air biscuits and that’s just the start of my cute and cuddliness!😻 Meet me at the Six Forks Crossing PetSmart today thru Tuesday and see what’s been missing from your life — 💋Moi!” ℹ️ purrpartners.org/adopt #PicMe #adoptlove
Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue4 days ago
PetSmart Adoptathon May 24-26
Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Come see these gorgeous felines say #Takemehome! Meet them at #PetSmart in #WakeForest and in #Raleigh at Six Forks Station. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️Volunteers on site for meet and greets from 11:30am - 3pm, Sat and Sun. See these and all of our adoptable kitties at purrpartners.org/adopt/cats/ #MeetPurLoveRepeat #untiltheyallhaveahome #iAdopted
Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue4 days ago
🐈Meet Seuss and you’ll be smitten, this is one adorable kitten! He likes to jump, he likes to pounce, one might say he can even bounce!

🐈Once you meet Spiderman you’ll become his biggest fan! He likes to sprint and loves to climb and is an awesome little feline!

These 10-week-old brothers are like no others and have been with Purr Partners since the day they were born. Extremely well-socialized, have grown up with 👫children in their foster home, enjoy other 🐱cats and would likely befriend a gentle cat-friendly 🐶dog. They will be at the Six Forks Station PetSmart today through next Tuesday unless they are adopted first!
ℹ️purrpartners.org/adopt/ #MeetPurrLoveRepeat #PicMe #adoptlove