Cat and Kitten Adoption in Central NC
Our cats and kittens are rescued from high-kill rural shelters in North Carolina.  2021 marks 12 years
of saving lives – and we won’t stop until they all have a home!

Come see us at PetSmart! 

*** CHANGES TO ADOPTATHON HOURS (effective December 4, 2021): Starting this iweekend, our volunteers will be at all three PetSmarts on Saturdays AND Sundays from 1-3pm.  Our current hours will always be noted here and on our Facebook page. ***
Cat and kittens will be in the PetSmart Adoption Centers Wednesday through Sunday in the inside units.  But during adoptathon hours on Saturday and Sunday, we have more cats on the retail floor and our volunteers will be available to answer any questions and do meet-and-greets for preapproved adopters
Watch our Facebook page every week to see which cats will be at each location so that you can plan your visits accordingly.  We are located at Wake Forest PetSmart, North Raleigh Six Forks PetSmart, and Raleigh Capital Crossings PetSmart
If you are thinking about adopting, we encourage you to go ahead and read our adoption policies and then complete the adoption application at www.purrpartners.org/adopt.  It does not commit you to an adoption, but if you are pre-approved and fall in love with a kitty then you will be able to meet and adopt them right away!  

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Cat rescue can be difficult and very sad at times, but THIS picture is what rescue is about, and it makes it all worth it for us! 

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Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue2021/12/03 @ 16:52
Highlighting some of our adults 2+ years since there is a special adoption rate until the end of the year. Adults 2+ years are $50 adoption fee.
If your heart opens to an adult kitty now is the time to give them a home for the holidays.

Cosmic is a sweet 5+ yrs domestic short hair fellow.
🐾 He's a handsome gentleman who loves to snuggle.
🐾He came to Purr Partners with Pododermatitus (pillow foot) and miliary dermatitus, which has healed.
You will often find him strectched out on a bed or chair, but he also energetically enjoys an opportunity to play, with a wand or with spinning balls.
🐾 Cosmic would do well as an only cat, but will accept younger feline company. This affectionate cat would love a forever home of his own.

🐾🐾 Cosmic has tested positive for FIV, but that is not an issue. It is NOT contagious to other cats except through deep puncture wounds like those caused in fights by two unneutered males. It is NOT transmitted by using the same food and water bowls, litter boxes or toys, and many of us have FIV cats happily living with non-FIV cats in our own homes. FIV positive cats, with good vet care such as you would give to any cat, can live a normal life span.
Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue2021/12/03 @ 1:42
More Purr Partners kitties join the kitty krew at Petsmart on Saturday and another group on Sunday. 🐈🐾🐾
Remember the new hours on Saturday. On both Sat and Sun volunteers are available to assist with visits and adoptions from 1p-3p. 😺
Purr Partners Feline Rescue
Purr Partners Feline Rescue2021/12/03 @ 1:12
Purr Partners ADOPTATHON Dec 2-5, 2021: Kitties are back at Petsmart looking for their forever humans. Is it YOU! 😸
🐾🐾Visit Capital Crossings, and Six Forks Station Petsmarts in Raleigh, along with the Wake Forest Petsmart, Saturday and Sunday, 1p-3p. 👉 Note the time change for Saturday. Both days are 1p-3p.
Make sure you have applied and once you are approved you are all set to find the kitty that will choose you for it's forever human. 😽
Find the Purr Partners Adoption Policies and Application on the Purr Partners web site.