Wandering/Working Whiskers

Wandering Whiskers & Working Whiskers

Some kitties aren’t meant to be housecats — and that is OK!

Part of Purr Partners commitment to all cats is recognizing that some cats will never be happy indoors. For these cats we have two programs: Wandering Whiskers and Working Whiskers.

Wandering Whiskers

Wandering Whiskers is a Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) program for cats in Franklin County. The goal is to provide humane population control for free-roaming cats in the community by trapping, neutering and vaccinating them, and then returning them to their outdoor homes in their established territories where they are now vaccinated and unable to contribute to overpopulation.

Click on the following link if you are interested in speaking to us about community cats that could benefit from the program: Submit a Wandering Whiskers Inquiry

Working Whiskers

Working Whiskers is a program that rescues less “adoptable” cats that are not suited for traditional indoor homes. Without a program like Working Whiskers, these cats would normally be euthanized. But Working Whiskers helps find them the opportunity to have safe outdoor homes where they can live, work and prosper. It is a win-win situation for the cats and for their new homes.

Click on the following  link if you are interested in working cats for your farm, barn, nursery, or other business: Submit a Working Whiskers Application