If you have Lost Your Pet

Help! My Cat is Lost! What Do I Do?

  • Go to trianglelostpets.com and submit a listing. Also search the listings to see if anyone has found your cat. Check those listings daily.
  • Create a flyer at http://www.petbond.com/flyerentry.php. Make sure to put a good description and include a close-up photo. Offer a reward if possible.
  • Have the flyers laminated or put them in protective covers and hang all around neighborhood.
  • Send out an email to your HOA (if you have one) with the flyer attached. Post on your neighborhood bulletin board if you can.
  • Hang flyers in any local businesses that have a bulletin board, i.e., pet stores, supermarkets, libraries, etc. Take a flyer by area vet offices.
  • Contact via phone and in person all local shelters. You can find the municipal shelters on trianglelostpets.com under the “Pet Resources” section.
  • Alert all of your neighbors to keep an eye out for the cat and to let you know if they see him/her.
  • Post on Craigslist in the Pets Section as well as the lost and found section.
  • Borrow a humane trap from a local shelter and set it as soon as possible to try to capture your cat.
  • Place lost pet ads in local newspaper (newsobserver.com).
  • Place a lost pet ad on petfinder.com.

Move quickly and look close to home in places where a scared cat might hide. Check at dawn and dusk when cats are most likely to be moving around. Don’t wait and don’t give up.

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