If you have Lost Your Pet

Help! My Cat is Lost! What Do I Do?

  • Go to trianglelostpets.com and submit a listing. Also search the listings to see if anyone has found your cat. Check those listings daily.
  • Create a flyer at http://www.petbond.com/flyer-maker. Make sure to put a good description and include a close-up photo. Offer a reward if possible.
  • Have the flyers laminated or put them in protective covers and hang all around neighborhood.
  • Send out an email to your HOA (if you have one) with the flyer attached. Post on your neighborhood bulletin board or the Nextdoor app/website for your neighborhood.
  • Hang flyers in any local businesses that have a bulletin board, i.e., pet stores, supermarkets, libraries, etc. Take a flyer by area vet offices.
  • Contact via phone and in person all local shelters. You can find the municipal shelters on trianglelostpets.com, just select your county at the top.  Check shelters in your neighboring counties as well!
  • Alert all of your neighbors to keep an eye out for the cat and to let you know if they see him/her.  Ask if they have had their garages or crawlspace doors open and can check those spaces.  Lost kitties may seek those spaces out for safety, but then get trapped inside!!!
  • Post on Craigslist in the Pets Section as well as the lost and found section.
  • Borrow a humane trap from a local shelter and set it as soon as possible to try to capture your cat.
  • Place lost pet ads in local newspaper (newsobserver.com).
  • Place a lost pet ad on petfinder.com.
  • Set up motion activated cameras if you do not have them as part of your security system already.  WYZE cameras are inexpensive and readily available at Home Depot stores.
  • As soon as you get a sighting, set up a humane trap.

Move quickly and look close to home in places where a scared cat might hide. Check at dawn and dusk when cats are most likely to be moving around. Don’t wait and don’t give up.

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