Adoption Policies

Please read carefully!  This should answer most of your questions concerning our adoption process.

The first step is always the application.  It is not a commitment, but once we receive it, we will contact you.  You must complete the entire application.  

    1. Please be sure all your contact information is correct. If you don’t get an acknowledgement that your application was received within 24 hours, please email us.  Our process usually only takes 24 – 48 hours to complete.
    2.  You must give us correct information for your current vet or the practice where your pet’s records are located.  We believe STRONGLY that all cats should have a yearly vet visit even if they never go outside, and we will complete a vet check.
    3. Very young children and very small kittens do not mix.  The kitten or your child can be easily hurt, so keep in mind that children under 5 need to be with kittens at least 4 months old.  We take things on a case by case basis, but in general, this is our policy.
    4. Young kittens do not do well alone.  We require kittens under 4 months go with a friend unless you have another cat in the home one year or younger.  (Some kittens may be allowed to go alone based on the personality of the kitten.  This is a case by case decision, and it does not happen often.)
    5.  Our cats and kittens are rescued from high kill shelters, and we operate solely through donations and fundraising.  The adoption fees do not begin to cover the expense of the actual care we have provided to every cat or kitten.
Adoption Fees
up to 6 months
Two for $225
6 months – 1 year
Two for $200
1 – 7 years
Two for $150
7 – 12 years
Two for $100
Super Seniors
12+ years
Special Needs  $50
Specialty Crosses
Specialty Breeds
 $135 – $150
  1. There is a two week trial period with every adoption. We encourage you to use that time to be sure the cat or kitten you have chosen is a good fit.  Don’t make a decision in just a few days – use the entire two week period.  At the end of the trial period, make a decision as to whether this is the cat or kitten for you.  Should you decide it is not, you may return him or her for a full refund of your adoption fee, or you can choose a different cat.  While we will always take the cat or kitten back, you cannot get your adoption fee back after the two week mark.
  2. RETURN POLICY:  We make a lifetime commitment to these cats and kittens, and we hope adopters will do the same.  It is VERY traumatic for a cat to lose its home, and as a rescue, this presents huge problems for us.  We are usually always full, and finding a foster is extremely difficult.  It is especially true for an adult cat.   We encourage you to find a way to keep your cat since that is the agreement you make as an adopter.  However, should you have to return the cat, please notify us.  We will ask that you provide a good picture and a write up so we can start posting your cat immediately on our website.  Our hope is to find a good home so the cat can go directly from your home to a new home without having to enter foster care.  It may take us a month or so to find a foster, and during kitten season, it becomes even harder.  Should you find another home for your cat, please contact us so we can work with the new owners to update the microchip information and add them to our database.  Our cats should NEVER be turned into a shelter, abandoned, placed on Craigslist, or placed in a home that is not approved.
    ***If possible, and unless it’s a major emergency, we ask that you do not return adult cats during kitten season.  Please make arrangements to return them between November 30 and March 15.